Beowulf Piece By Cameron

#1 letter


12/1/900 AD
To: Beowulf
Hi Beowulf,
I would like to ask you to come to help me defeat Grendel the man eating monster. So if you do decide to come to Denmark I would be very happy.
Thank you,

#2 letter 
12/2/900 AD
To: hrothgar
From: beowulf
Hi Hrothgar,

I would love to come help you defeat Grendel. One problem though – who should I bring? Just me or all of my men?
Thank you,

Beowulf and Hrothgar in Modern Times – by Hannah

After receiving a Skype request from Hrothgar, Beowulf wondered what might be happening that his old friend is suddenly requesting him. He set up a Skype call for after dinner. When the time arrived, he opened his Mac and saw Hrothgar was on. After a few moments he received a video call. He accepted the call and sat up-right. The picture came into view it was evident that Hrothgar was older than the last time they saw one another.

After a moment of awe, Hrothgar got a serious look upon his face and spoke the words, “ I need your help!” Not a moment went by that Beowulf would pass up a challenge.

Without giving Hrothgar a chance to tell him what it was he needed help with, Beowulf said, “Yes! I’ll do it and bring my best shooters.”

Hrothgar looked surprised and joyful for a short moment, then said, “Although your offer is noble I must tell you what my problem is before you make the journey. ”

Beowulf looked surprised. Something ferocious had to be going on.”The bar in my hotel has been broken into late at night lately. ”

He continued,  ”Guests have been kidnapped and killed,” he said with fear in his eye… a fear that Beowulf had only seen once before. The fear he saw was the one he had seen in himself when his mother and father were taken into custody by the police, then killed. Being a noble man with a good heart he accepted the challenge. Hrothgar offered to pay for him and his men to fly first class to the hotel, but Beowulf refused and said, ” My men and I will fly on our private jet there as it will take less time.” With that they ended the call.

Hrothgar sat up all night hoping no one would be taken that night. meanwhile Beowulf was packing and e-mailing his “dream team”. When he finished that, he got the best night’s sleep he ever had. Back at The Hrothgar Hotel, three men and two woman had been talking. When Hrothgar heard the news he hoped the people surrounding him didn’t understand the impact of the occurrence. He was having a heart attack. By the time Beowulf landed, he had five missed Skype calls, all from Hrothgar. Wondering if something was wrong, he called back. No answer he decided to go to the hotel and see what the problem was. When he arrived Hrothgar was just becoming conscious again. When the two saw one another there was a tear in their eyes for it had been so long since their last meeting.  Then Hrothgar’s wife, Wealtheow, broke the silence not knowing who Beowulf  was and what he was doing there she said with an attitude, “ Excuse me, this is for family and friends. You must have the wrong room number.”

” I don’t believe how you’ve grown,” said Hrothgar. “

“And you have changed quite a bit I’d say,” said Beowulf in a soft tone.

Obviously confused Wealtheow said,  “Hon, would you like to tell me who this might be?”

With another glance at Beowulf, Hrothgar said, “An old friend. An old friend.” With that Beowulf introduced himself and began catching up with Hrothgar. Then Beowulf and his men slept there that night. There was not a kidnapping nor a sound. At breakfast Beowulf asked Hrothgar if any of the bodies were found.

“You know, thinking about it, they have just been missing.” said Hrothgar.

“Then how do you know that they were kidnapped and killed?”

Thinking for a moment Hrothgar said, “The text says so.”

Beowulf asked to see the text. When he did he recognized, the number but from where? “Isn’t that the number you gave me if  I ever needed to get in touch with you?”

Hrothgar thought then said “Well that can’t be,” he said as Sintha slipped out the door, ”That’s Sintha’s number.”

My Beowulf Story ‘The Sea Hag’ By Rebecca


The Sea Hag was the mother of a feared monster that roamed the land of the Danes. This monster, was named Grendel. The Sea Hag raised Grendel as her mother had raised her. She taught him how to kill and to frighten people.

However, her son Grendel was very depressed, so when he heard the laughter and fun coming from Hrothgar’s Hall, he sought to end it. The Sea Hag was proud of how he scared them, brought fright to them, killed them, how many had tried to defeat him, but all had failed.

But then, then everything changed. The Sea Hag had heard of Beowulf, and how he had come to fight Grendel. She knew her son would be able to kill him as he had everyone else. But then, then Grendel came back, and something was terribly wrong.

The Sea Hag watched as her son Grendel walked into her underground cave bloody and weak. Though, even covered in blood, she could see his pure, black, scaly skin, and glowing red eyes. Grendel collapsed to the rocky floor, and lay still.

The Sea Hag touched his body, his body that was missing an arm. Grendel was dead. With rage, she vowed to avenge her son, her son that had made her so proud with his evil doings.

Why, he had just done what he was taught, and the humans just killed him for it? She would show those humans the feeling of grief, she would kill someone they loved. Then, and only then, would her son be avenged. And nothing in the world would stop the Sea Hag from doing it, for Grendel, her son.

Then, on a night when there was no moon or star out, and the night was almost as dark as herself, the Sea Hag set out across the fields and headed towards Hrothgar’s Hall. All who looked out their window at her passing only saw a small patch of darkness darker than any black, so dark, in fact, that it held emptiness.

When the Sea Hag reached the hall, she opened the heavy wooden doors as easily as a human tosses a piece of paper. She scanned the rows of benches for the one Hrothgar held dear, the human named Aeschere.

Spotting him in a far corner, she reached over and grabbed Aeschere, Hrothgar’s chief advisor, and as he screamed in fear, she ran off into the distance. When she reached a tall hill, she grabbed his head with one hand and his body with another, and pulled them apart, taking the body with her to eat, and discarding the head on the ground.

She ran back to the lake and dove in, swimming down through the murky, dirty, troublesome water. All the animals avoided her. She clutched Aeschere’s body in her hands. When she returned to her cave, she ate the body, throwing the bones into the corner of the cave for later consumption. Still, she did not feel her revenge was good enough. Was it?

The day went on something like that. Then, the next day went something along the lines of the last. The Sea Hag went out into the water and hunted down a walrus. But before she could eat it, she smelt the smell of a human man entering the water.

She waited behind a rock for the man to appear. When he did, she saw that he had brown hair, muscular arms, and piercing eyes. A delicious snack, she thought. She charged him from behind.

Then, she smelt her son Grendel’s blood on the man, faint, but it was there. This man must have been the one who had killed him! She fought with a new burst of energy. She would kill this man, for what he had done.

Why had this man come to kill her, when he had already killed her son? Was he so cruel? She would have left them alone, those humans, since she had gotten even with them. She never would have bothered them if they hadn’t even killed Grendel! Humans were the worst kind of creature’s ever, always seeking blood, always trying to kill, to destroy.

Their struggle moved into the Sea Hag’s undersea cave. The man tried to strike her again and again with the sword he had brought with him, to no effect. He finally abandoned the sword onto the ground.

The man looked at the sword hanging on the wall, and grabbed it. Then, as the Sea Hag launched herself at the man, he rose the sword the was her property, and struck. She felt it go right through her neck, and she collapsed to the ground, and died.

In her last thought, she had wished she never had taken the man Aeschere, but, no. He deserved to die. He may have been innocent, but so had Grendel. The only regret the Sea Hag had, was not being able to kill the man, Beowulf, who had so cruelly and unjustly killed them both, and had no pity for the innocent, which, in truth, were herself and Grendel, and the guilty, him.


A Different Beowulf Story By Sam

There was once a monster that prowled in the night with a thirst for human blood. This monster was the night crawler. It lived in Denmark not far from Hrothgar’s kingdom.

One night, after five years of preying on travelers coming to the sea, it left the cave in which it was born to go to the Kingdom of Hrothgar. It was a great city with plenty of people but the night crawler went straight to the mead hall where the Dane’s were feasting. It broke in the door and ran into the hall, it grabbed all the men it could and took them back to the cave to feast.

After months of this happening night after night, Beowulf the great hero from the land of the Geats was asked to come help them. Beowulf sailed immediately to aid his father’s friend. Once Beowulf got there he went straight to the mead hall where he found the old king who told him about the monster.

That night Beowulf and his men feasted until the moon rose high in the sky. They then got in their positions to fight. They didn’t have to wait long before they heard the great footsteps of the night crawler. The warriors heard the wooden door creak then it burst off the hinges squashing to men and trapping Beowulf. The monster grabbed three men that were shooting arrows at him and ate them whole. After seeing that Beowulf couldn’t take it any more. He charged at the beast with all his speed, he leaped onto its back and slashed at it with his sword but it just shattered in his hands sending fragments of gleaming metal raining down. The monster threw Beowulf off his back and picked up another warrior devouring him whole. The monster was an unstoppable storm of claws teeth and fury anything in his way was destroyed the hall looked as if a hundred tornadoes had blown through at once. The fighting went on for hours but finally with one last hope Beowulf launched himself at the monster but it was ready for him. When Beowulf landed on him the monster threw him into the fire.

“I am Grendel the night crawler, the man eater and I have destroyed Beowulf,” Yelled Grendel.
Grendel stormed out of the hall crushing everything in his way eating any who tried to oppose him.
After he saw a distant island, he saw the fires burning. When Grendel saw that he knew that there were other people there so he jumped into the water and began to swim. After days of swimming he finally reached land. When he looked up he was under a cliff top town, So Grendel climbed the mountain to the town where he feasted all night. When the sun rose again a number of soldiers came past so Grendel followed them. After about an hour he came to the castle of the Geats. He charged in and at all who lived there but when he got to the mead hall he was hail fired by arrows but no matter for no mortal weapon could kill him. So Grendel destroyed that hall also and on he went looking for more food and that is what will happen to all the people to the world until another being strong enough to defeat came but that is another story for another time.

My letter – James

Greetings Beowulf,

I need a brave hero such as yourself and I need someone to protect my kingdom and me.
What I’ve seen from you shall be a great force for me and my kingdom. Your mother is my sister. My Kingdom is in danger you must help. You can become a fighting leader. I want you to help me protect the kingdom. I’m a part of the Danes.

Thanks, Hrothgar


King Hrothgar’s Journal by Molly


King Hrothgar’s journal: 2 days after Grendel’s glorious death.

Beowulf has defeated the monster Grendel. Here is how it played out:

The locks on the palace door were no match for Grendel’s monsterous strength. He ripped down the chains and bust the door open in one, smooth motion. One of Beowulf’s most trusted members, was the first to jump up from his slumber. He drew his sword and threw a hard swing at Grendel. The sword crumbled into bits and all that remained was the handle, which hadn’t touched the beast and remained in the warriors trembling hand. Grendel, not seeming to be even the slightest bit bruised, jumped towards the man,who was kneeling catching his breath. Grendel picked him up  by the leg, and tore him apart into bits. Then  Grendel stuffed the limbs in his mouth. By now, Beowulf had wakened and was lunging for his sword, which he had set down at King Hrothgar’s seat. Now, Beowulf, sword in hand, also lunged at the night monster. Beowulf’s sword had no luck with the monster either. Beowulf threw the sword to the ground, jumped up and held on with all his might, on to the monster’s arm, as Grendel tried to squirm free. Beowulf yanked a little harder and Grendel’s arm, with a squish and a rip, came clean off. And there you have it. Victory!

Beowulf Letter by Julian


Dear Hrothgar

I will come to your land and help you fight off the monster Grendel, for I owe you a debt. I would also like to make peace between the Danes and the Geats. For shall I not only kill the beast for you, but I will protect your kingdom from anything that may harm you. I am Beowulf and my father is Ecgtheow. I have the power of 30 men, so my thanes and I will take down the beast and have its head.




Beowulf Story by Petra

Life without Beowulf

One day Petra went to class. Shirley took out a book. The class was super excited about our first class book Shirley was going to read to us.  She said the book we are going to read is named Hrothgar and the Monster Grendel. She started reading the book, Once there was a king named Hrothgar. There was a very terrible monster named Grendel. Hrothgar and Grendel were not friends, in fact they did not even like each other. They actually could not even stand each other. They went to battle one day because Hrothgar could not find a knight who was brave enough to fight Grendel. So he did himself. They went to battle and Grendel had won the fight. Sadly Hrothgar got killed. Grendel won and was happy that his enemy was gone. That was the end of the story. So really the story had no spark. Nothing really good happened. Beowulf makes the story have something for the reader to read about. The story would not be worth reading if there was no Beowulf.

Grendel’s point of view from the story Beowulf by Alexander


As a young boy I loved to play in the long wide open fields. I would run around there for hours every day enjoying myself. On my 300th birthday I was ready to become a full grown troll. I knew that I would have to take a 100 year slumber, but it was all worth it. So I left the fields to return to my home in an underwater cave. When I finally got home my mother Fredhead was waiting. She had made me a lovely blanket knitted with thousands of sunflowers blooming in a cool breeze. Fredhead also knitted my name Rickashay (as that was my name ) in big bold letters just at the end where my head would be. I jumped in bed and fell asleep.


Finally, after a 100 years I awoke as a full grown troll. The first thing I thought of doing was to go out and see what had changed. After all it has been a whole century. For the next 3 days I went all over the land admiring the new world. Then I thought I would go to the fields that I loved so much as a kid. But when I got there, I thought I had taken a wrong turn. There were tiny houses and one, the biggest of them all made of stone. There were people everywhere and right where the fields used to be was this huge hollow hill made of stone. There was colored water in clear bottles and a table almost as long as I was tall. I couldn’t believe this I told myself. I must be dreaming..yeah that’s it, dreaming. I will come back tonight and this will all be gone.


I had the weirdest dream. Now to return to the fields where I’m sure there is nothing but the fields. But when I got there I saw that what I thought as a dream had been true all along. The huge hollow hill made of stone. The colored water in clear bottles. A table almost as long as I was tall. But how,… why? Although, this time something was different. At first I thought that the hill had grown, but then I noticed that there was a sound that had not been there before. It was faint. As I moved closer to the hill the sound started to sound like laughter. Within  a few  more steps I was at the door and I was certain. There were men by the hundreds laughing. Laughing at me! Laughing at me because my favorite place in this land was destroyed. Laughing that I had still cared about this place in my past. They made me so mad that when they were all getting ready to go to bed I broke down the doors screaming. I picked up one of them and ate them whole. All of a sudden everyone was in panic. They all grabbed their swords and frantically waved them at me. But none of them could harm me. The next thing I knew half the men’s blood on the floor and their bodies traveling slowly down my intestines. I stood there watching the rest of men running away. As I left I told myself that I would return every night to eat and kill all who dare to laugh at the all mighty Rickashay.  Ever since then men called my mom the Hag and me Grendel for what reasons, I haven’t a clue.

For the next few years Grendel killed all who laughed at him. Until……………………………………..


 A few months back,  men stopped laughing at me, but I still walked over every night just to make sure. I also went out in the morning to get some more food for my mother Fredhead who does not like to leave the house in the underwater cave. As I walked over to the best grounds to hunt for wild boar I noticed something odd. Since I was 10 ft, tall I could see the nearby ocean. But today there was the largest floating rock I have ever seen. There were also at least 100 armed men on this floating rock. I also saw one man bigger than the rest in front of this group that met up with another man on a horse ( my favorite snack ). Then all  100 men followed the man on the horse up a familiar dirt road. Wait a minute, I suddenly remembered. This was the path that went directly to the stone hill. The stone hill that was placed on my favorite fields. I started to get angrier by the second. They’ve come to laugh at me. I know it, now more furious than the day that forsaken hill was put on the fields I hold so precisely in my memories. Well they’ll get it tonight. Every last filthily one of them, I said with drool and spit flying out of my mouth.



For the past 2 hours I have been sitting outside of this stone hill. Listing to those men laughing at me.Waiting for them to go to bed. Since then, the sun has grown old and it has become as dark as the night could be. It has also grown terribly colder since the sun was no more for the night. It seemed like they would never stop laughing. So I decided to close my eyes. The next thing I knew, I have been asleep for at least 3 more hours and all was quiet.  I knew the sun would be upon the sky in only a matter of time. I got up and headed to the door. I pounded at the door only to find it has been locked. With a few more pounds on the door it broke into several pieces and fell upon  the ground. I picked up one man and ate him without a thought. All of a sudden there was a stirring as the rest started to wake up and grab their swords. As I reached for my next victim I remembered that this was the man that stood in front of all the others, the biggest. The next thing I knew I was in the most painful arm lock that I have ever felt. It was my next victim refusing to let go. With one yank I failed to shake him off. With another fail I tried once more and this time my armed was ripped off my body. I yelled out the loudest scream I could. Then I ran away with half my arm’s missing, still with the aching pain in my shoulder. I refused to look at it with knowing that it was still bursting out Gallons of hot red gooey blood with every step I take. By the time I got to my home and fell into Fredhead’s hands I could barely keep my eyes open. The last thing I saw was Fredhead’s dark green eyes staring into mine. Then right then and there I died  in my mom’s arms.


Grendel’s Diary-Mia

Grendel’s Diary – Day 109

Dear Diary,

Last night I went for a little snack at Hrothgar’s hall. I don’t want to eat people, but walruses taste even worse than rock and bat stew. I’m sure you’re thinking that rock and bat stew can’t be that bad, right? Well it’s worse than you think. You’re not supposed to skin the bats first, partly because they’re still alive. So just imagine this wiggley, flappy, furry thing running down your throat. Well walrus is even worse. They are bitter and rubbery. Now humans, MMMMMMM. Humans are sweet and tasty, plus they are high in vitamin C! I like to only eat one human a night at the most. Humans eat a lot. So they are very fattening. Also They never hurt me. Well not until about 15 years ago. I guess Hrothgar got a bit freaked out that his men were being eaten by a tall hairy guy, so he sent people to attack me. I may look scary on the outside, but really I’m a pretty nice guy. So eating people is really an unwanted obligation. I heard that Hrothgar’s old friend Beowulf is now a big warrior who is coming to kill me. But I’m only 1,500 years old! I don’t really know how to fight off a huge human! Luckily I have skin that no weapon can get through, (It runs in the family) so I’ll just show up and have dinner for a week.

Well, I get to that, wish me luck!
-Sincerely Grendel