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My Favorite Place – By William

  My favorite place in the world might have to be Le Loup in Bar-sur-Loup France. It is a nice river 10 minutes away from where I grew up. It is icy cold and the temperature is 17 degrees celsius. It takes about 5 minutes to get used to the water but it is very […]

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Out of My Mind – By William

Out of My Mind is a great book about a girl named Melody. Melody has a serious case of cerebral palsy, so she has a hard time communicating with others. When she is around 4 years old her mom decides to put her in school. The room class that she goes to is for disabled […]

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My Day – By William

I usually wake up around 6:25. I get dressed, take a shower, brush my teeth, and usually go downstairs around 6:45. My mom makes me breakfast, and it’s usually toast and hot chocolat. I finish breakfast at 6:55, brush my teeth, and get ready for the bus. My mom or dad drives me to CLS […]

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Bullying by William

  Bullying is a big problem right now. One out of five kids in America are bullied. There are different ways of bullying such as physical bullying, emotional bullying, etc. I read on the news that two kids were arrested for bullying a 12 year old girl who recently committed suicide. I knew a kid […]

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My Connections – By Will

I chose activity #2 I am about to tell you how I am connected. Well first of all my dad is from France and my mom is from Missouri so it’s hard to go everywhere. I usually go to France because I grew up there and I have lots of friends there (France has a […]


Sobia’s Challenge 5- World Hunger

Challenge 5 (World Hunger) I believe that one main issue about human rights is world hunger. I think that it is an issue because a lot of people are starving and are in fact dying from starvation. There are a lot of organizations for world hunger, although some people forget about these organizations, and then […]

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Sobia- My Favorite…

I have a lot of favorite colors, animals, hobbies and a lot more stuff. My favorite color is probably red but sometimes red isn’t as pretty as other colors. Sometimes I like turquoise. All the colors are pretty but some are prettier to me. My favorite animal is any type of cat like lions, pet […]


Digital Footprint (Activity 4)- Sobia

I preferred the Privacy Student Intro video better than the other video because it was more for me. This is because it had examples and that helps me sometimes in picturing what the video is talking about. Also in the other video there was a person talking and I couldn’t understand that person very well. […]


The Cost Of Challah – By Sarah

                       To defy someone’s rights of free religion is a violation of human rights. During the years 1939 through 1945, the Jewish people were prosecuted and put in concentration camps. Today that would be a violation of human rights, but some time ago when the Holocaust happened  is was not raised up on a gold […]


My Family – by Sarah

The first to come to the USA in my family was Julius Lewit. His wife was Camilla Lewit. Julius came four generations ago. Camilla (Julius’s wife) maiden name was Abeles. Then she married Julius and came to America from Bohemia. They had five children Bertha, Harry, Richard, Martha and Walter. Walter met and married my […]

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