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Time For A Break Challenge By Sebi

  Week 3 Time For A Break Today in humanities 10/6/14 we chose a  challenge to play and write about.  I chose the Take a Break Challenge where we play games and learn about awareness of the Sudan kidnapping. It was interesting. Then there was one where it had disasters and I had to stop […]


Time For A Break By Mollie Schmitz

Time for a break  After playing Darfur Is Dying I learned that some parts of Africa are very scary. The game taught me that people living in the small village need to go into the desert to find water. They also said that their is some kind a crisis going on there. The people looking […]


Week 3 Time for a break

Week 3 Games on Time for a break On Edublogs week 3 – Time for a Break there is a game called Refugees in Sudan. In the game you have to be a member of big family and once you pick that family member and use him/her to get water with a jug but the […]


Challenge #2 activity 5

Mini-Memphis diary Challenge 1 activity 5 Day 1 An explanation Hello diary! My name is Minnie-Memphis and I am here to talk to you about the Land of Smalls. I live in the tiny town of Smallville. In Smallville, everyone is a mini. If you do not know what a mini is then I will […]


week #3 time for a break

Week #3 Time for a Break So this year in my school we are doing challenges and right now i am doing a challenge where i write about games i played on the web site the teachers gave us. So this first paragraph is going to be about my first game and my first game […]


Challenge Number 1 – Activity 2 -Josephine

Challenge number 1 Activity 2 Hi! I am Josephine. I’m 11 years old go and to PDS. This is my first year here as I just moved back from Ireland and had lived there for 6 ½ years It is only my second year living her even though I have lived here before. In PDS […]


One for the Murphys – Heroes – Josie

In One for the Murphys one of my heroes is Mrs.Murphy because it feels to me that she saved Carley. I think that Mrs.Murphy is a sweet person in general, but especially to Carley even when she is being sarcastic, rude and heart full.  I know that in the book you can tell that she […]


CHALLENGE POST – Week #3 – BY Eamonn

Week#3 Tow and Country  For me I will always prefer the small town. My main reason is that in the city there is no woods or big spaces to go out and explore. In a small town you can have and do the exact opposite from what you can do in a city. For example, […]


Week 1 Avatar By Ethan

 Week #1 This is my avatar. I chose these colors because they are my favorite colors. My avatar is a Minecraft person because I like Minecraft and because the website is a very good website. I also forgot to do the back and sides because I didn’t see them.  


Week 3, activity 5 By Quinn

Week 3, activity 5,  Town and country A con for living in a city is the population.  I think this because when places are heavily populated it gets loud and distracting.  Also usually there is a lot of traffic which makes traveling slower. A pro for living in a town is produce.  In cities fruit, […]


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