Google Yourself By Sebi

Week 4 Activity 2

For todays challenge I decided to Google myself and I got some creepy results. I found a picture of me from last year and from my graduation. It was scary as I saw a picture of me when I was 4. That’s just weird! I was not expecting that. I also found a picture of my friend Tucker at a pool party.  I realized that you’ve got to think about what you post on the internet. It’s a big tool and if you post something on the internet it’s like a footprint to an Instagram, Facebookor Twitter account. It shows your pictures and all about you (sometimes your phone number) but it’s scary.  And that’s what I did as my challenge.

Challenge 1 Activity 3 By Sebastian

This is my minecraft Character. I chose to create him is because in the fall of 2010 I started playing this new game that nobody knew about named minecraft. Back then there were only like 5,000-10,000 people playing the game. But over the years there have been 16,000,000 more people who bought the game, so it has increased in ratings. So this was a game that I loved playing and just enjoyed creating houses and bases and more. I mod my game sometimes for just the extra creativity like sometimes you can add planes and cars fish dragons and a lot of cool stuff.
I’ve dedicated 2 years of building destroying and slaying yes minecraft has evil creatures. The game was also made in sweden and recently bought by microsoft. It was a sad thing to hear for the people that have been playing for years. and thats why i made my avatar my minecraft character.

Week #4 Activate #3 By Sam

Week #4 Activity#3

In this challenge you download  Ghostery Extension. It shows if people are tracking you on websites. When I read the blogging challenge I thought that it would be hard to find people tracking me on websites it is a little creepy. But then I went on a website that I always go on and I was being tracked by five to eight people, and I started to feel very weird. Than I clicked on Gosterly and I saw that different Google web sites, Amazon, and even Twitter were trackers. I was surprised. Than I went on school sites and at least five people were tracking me there too. When I started to look at more websites, I saw that a lot more people are tracking me and I was scared and interested at the same time.

week 4, activity 2 By Quinn

Week 4, activity 2

On the internet we had to Google ourselves. What interested me the most is that the third website was a page about a picture I drew at the Garden Road School when I was in first grade. I had said that it was a picture of a rock in a storm at sea but it looked more like a blue piece of paper with a gray dot in the bottom left corner.  When I looked at other images I did not find a picture of me.


Week #4 Activity #2 By Mollie

I tried to search myself on Google, but Nothing came up. What I did find was a picture of Leonardo Dicaprio, No idea why his pitcture came up. I also found some cooking utensils and a bunch of other people i never met before.  I Googled my sister and  some of her drawings came up. I think she had a digital footprint because she uses social media. I never use any social medias. I hope at the end of the year I will have a digital footprint.

Week#5 By Mike

This week I chose to do activity number 2 .

A few things that I thought were interesting about the video were…

  1. they used clips from different Disney™ movies to make various sentences.

  2. they went over many different rules of copyright(©) law.

  3. they went over the  actual law not just fair use.

The only bad thing about this video was that it was a bit hard to understand what it was saying.

Week 4 activity 3 By Memphis

For this activity we had to download this app called Ghostery Extension. Which basically tells you how many trackers are tracking you for each site you are on and enables you to block the trackers. I went on 5 of my favorite websites and was amazed at how many or how little trackers there were. On one of my favorite gaming sites ninja kiwi there were 9 trackers. In another gaming site cool math games 6 trackers edublogs the site I get the challenges from 7 trackers and for twitter 0 and youtube 1 which surprised me. Why don’t you download ghostery trackers and go to your favorite websites see how many trackers you have.

Week 4 Challenge 2 By Matt

Week 4 Challenge 2 By Matt

I googled myself today, it was very fun because I got to see what I could find about myself.

So, when I searched myself I discovered there were a lot I mean A LOT of Matthew Luzzi’s and it was a little hard to find myself, but after a while of searching I found a picture on my IPhone that got through from Instagram.

In all I found that you should be really careful what you do on the internet because people can see it!


Edublogs Challenge Week 5 Activity 1 By Matt

Today, I watched a video about copyright. Some things I learned were …

You cannot just use a photo off the internet because there could be a copyright licenseon it, that means that you can either (when it is copyright) find the license where you have to give attribution to the creator, or the license where you can not use the photo or video! You can use creative commons to find photos or videos that you can use but you have to give attribution to it’s creator.


Week #5 Activity 2 By Khalil

Week #5 Activity 2

In this activity I had to watch a remix of fairy tales based on copyright and fair use. I think this video is very funny and gives lots of details. Although, for someone who has no clue what copyright is, I think the video would be very confusing. What I like about this video is how they used the characters from movies and exactly what they said. The way they put the lines together was really cool and it sounds like they are all having a conversation about copyright. In this video they also explained fair use which is really important. One thing I really don’t like about this video is the speed. In my opinion the characters were talking too fast so it becomes more of a challenge to comprehend what they are saying. I had to watch the video a couple of times before I could understand what they were saying completely. Overall I think this video is a great source of information and gives great details so you can understand the Law of Copyright and Fair Use.