Buddies By Matt

The moment I stepped into the preschool room I was trembling, because it had been awhile since I worked with little kids. Basically, I got three kids to do things with. The first, was a little shy and didn’t like a lot of the 6th graders. The second didn’t like a lot of the older boys in the 6th grade. When we played Duck Duck Goose, she refused to get tagged by a boy, so she wasn’t that great for me. Finally the third, LIKED ME FINALLY! I got to play with her a bit.

The first we did was follow around Anna, we went in the forest playing a “magic game,” that was really fun. A little bit after that we ran around a bit with Jane, we played a “fairy” game so we did a lot of running after “getaway pixy dust.” That was all very fun and that was the time I had with the preschool.

Buddies – By Memphis

On 9/23/2014, my teacher Shirley said that we were going to have buddies and I was so excited. If you don’t know what buddies are, they are when an older child from sixth- eighth grade is assigned to a younger child from pre-k to third grade. The sixth grade this year got paired up with the pre-k and the k.

When we got to the pre-k and k classroom, no one was there. All of the 4 and 5 year old kids were outside on the playground. As soon as we opened the door it was time to for the Pre-K and K kids to come inside. They all sat on the rug so our class joined them. When we were all seated the Pre-K and K teacher Amy asked us two questions: the first question was, What is your name? The second question was, What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

After everyone answered the questions we got to play in the room. I met a kid named Barley and he was really nice. We played with play-doh, went in the block area and did a puzzle. After that it was time to clean up and then go outside but first we had to go over to Shirley who told us who our buddies were.

When Shirley told me my buddy was Barely, I was sooo excited. When we got outside, Barley and I pretended to sell magic dust. We did that for awhile after that we pretended to be paleontologists and we looked for bones. When we did that, my friend Julian and his buddy Malcolm played with us. We did that for maybe ten minutes. After that we had to go inside and leave. So I gave my buddy a high-5 and left. I had so much fun that day.

Buddies By Josephine

I go to PDS and we do a lot of fun activities and challenges. One thing that we do here is called buddies. Buddies is a program that lets us hang out with the kids in the lower school. We are in 6th grade and are working with the pre-k and k and it is really fun and cute. It helps a lot of people who are not the best at working with kids better. I really like this program and today was our first day.

My buddie is a little 4 year old girl named Gia. She is really cute and I had a lot of fun with her. When we got into the room we all sat in a circle and said our names and our favorite ice cream. I said, “Josephine and chocolate.” I sat down next to Anna and Jane and I hung out with a little girl named Gia. She showed Jane, Anna and I some of her projects and we just talked. Then again we sat in a circle and were assigned our buddies. I got Gia and I was happy because she is so cute and a lot of fun to hang out with.

After getting assigned our buddies we took a picture with them, then we went outside to play. We played at the swings, and in the trees we found fairy dust-sand. Then Matthew joined our group, so after that we played Duck, Duck, Goose and Hide and Go seek and other games. So we really got to know each other and I had a really good experience today with my buddies

Buddies – Shane

I loved being with my buddy. It was really fun and Ross is really cute. I loved playing wall ball with Ross. The little buddies were tiny and funny to watch. We went with Ross on the swing and pushed him really high. He loved it and he was laughing out of his mind. Next we went on the tire swing. Mike my partner pushed Ross and I and it was very fun.

indexWhen we were inside, we played with blocks and made a parking lot and pushed cars on it. Then we made paper airplanes. Mine flew really well  good, and so did Ross’ planes. Then we played with the cars. It was very funny and fun. I had a Nissan GTR rally edition. Then we left to go back to our classes.

It was really fun to play with our buddies and we will have it again on the next F Day. I am looking forward to playing with them again.


Buddies – By Sam

At PDS we have a buddy program. We buddy up with the kids in the lower school, like pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. We either play with them outside or inside or we read to them. This week we started out in their classroom in a circle, and we shared our names and our favorite flavor of ice cream. I said anything with sugar.index

My buddy’s name is Mattie. He likes mine craft and he has a lot of energy, like me. When we met he was quiet for a little while we played inside. Then when we officially became buddies, he became a little more comfortable. He wanted me to chase him and then we turned it into a little game of tag, and it was really fun. We also played in the sand box, and Mattie pushed me on the tire swing and I went really high. It was so cool.

Mattie is nice. He is energetic and likes to play. He can be excited and than be quiet but he is always awesome. He reminds me when I was little. Outside Mattie did a lot of things, most of them included  including me chasing him or him chasing me, but he went on the swings, then he went in the sand box and he went on the jungle gym. He did everything. After our activity, I learned that I have an amazing buddy and I am going to have fun for the entire year.

Buddies – By Quinn

The mentor buddy program is an activity at PDS where sixth graders hang out with pre-k and k kids.  We went to their classroom and sat down. Everyone had to say their name and favorite ice cream flavor.  After that we hung out with kids. I was with a boy named A.J. and he was awesome. He is awesome because he is like a mini-me.index

Luckily I got him for my buddy.  I feel lucky to have A.J. as my buddy and I found out that he liked cops.  Eamonn and I kept getting arrested nine times (by A.J and Eamonn’s sister) for running away. After we let them get us, we realized that we actually had to TRY to get away.  Luckily Ibrahim made a bunch of mass breakouts.

Then we all played handball with Bastien, Wynn, Sebi, Sam, and one other k kid named Ross.  A.J. was so good that he got me out twice!  Unfortunately we don’t have another buddy class for eight days… waaaaa.

Buddies – By Mollie

Our class had Buddy time with the little kids in. They were so cute. We each got paired up with a little kid and we call them our buddies. We spent our morning with them. They were a little violent rambunctious during play time though. I was playing with a little girl and she started shouting because I put a cow in her pig farm. It was a little scary but cute at the same time. We also had time to play outside.

I lost my buddy a few times.And it was a little hard keeping up with them because they go into small spaces.     index

I was supposed to play and take care of this one girl, but she left me for a different buddy – still she was very cute. Some boys were also going around selling magic dust (sand) for wood chips. It was pretty funny.

I am not too good with little kids, so I hope this buddy activity will help me be better with them. All in all, I had a great time with them and hope to hang out again soon.

Buddies – By Reese

My class started buddies with the pre-k and k today and there was 15 of them and 20 of us. The thing that all of us did is We introduced ourselves then said our favorite flavor of ice cream. My favorite was key lime pie. Then we played with the play dough then block drawing and then puzzles. I did the drawing and I made paper airplanes with the buddies then we got our own buddies.index

I paired up with Analyah and Matt helped me, but she was very scared. Matt and I waited a while and then we got new buddies. I got Gii Gi with Audrey and Matt got Gia. The first thing we did is play in the woods and then we played on the swings. After that, we played Duck Duck Goose. Next we played hide and seek and then we went in.

We then left the buddies. It was such an exciting time with the buddies. If I had to describe them, it would be funny, tiring, amazing, fun and loves to play.

Buddies – By Khalil

Here at PDS we have something called Buddy Mentor program. Basically, older kids get to work with the children in the lower school. We get to do activities and play with them. This year is my first year ever working with a buddy so I am excited.

First, my class had a meeting about the buddy program during humanities. After the meeting it was time to go to the Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten students’ classroom. When we got there the children were outside. Their classroom looked cute. When they came inside, we all sat in a circle and shared our name and favorite flavor of ice cream. It was very funny. Ater our sharing we started to play with the kids. My indexbuddy’s name was David and he has a big imagination. He wanted me to build a house out of blocks that he could “live” in it and after I was done he just knocked it over. After playing inside we went outside. Outside we did a lot including attacking Ibrahim a couple of times. We also bought some magic dust from Memphis and his buddy to destroy androids.

I think this whole buddy program is lots of fun and it helps the little kids feel more comfortable  around older kids. Even though it was tiring, I still had a great time and plus we get extra recess. I am looking forward to the next buddy day so I can work with David again.

Buddies – By Julian

At our school we have a program called buddies. Buddies is when us 6th graders go and hang out with the Pre-k and kindergarten. We do a lot of things with our buddies but today we went outside with them.

It was fun playing with the Pre-k and K kids. My buddy’s name is Malcolm. I made a paper airplane and we flew it off the slide. After that we looked for “dinosaur bones” which were actually just sticks.index

I think it was fun. The Pre-k and K had a very good time as well. We were all very sad when we had to leave.