Murphys Recap By Mollie

Murphys Recap

I really enjoy One for the Murphys. I think it is a very emotional and interesting book. The characters in the book are really deep. The book is about a girl named Carley whose mother is in the hospital and needs to go to a foster home. She feels guilty because she feels like her foster family is actually her own family.

The book is very good. The last chapter I read was about Carley and Daniel becoming even closer friends.

The Murphys – Heroes By MIke

I think that one of the real heroes in One For The Murphys is  Mrs. Murphy.

I think this because Mrs. Murphy saved Carley from her having to deal with possibly abusive foster parents or even going back to her step dad and may have saved her life. Mrs Murphy is also a hero because she took control of the situation when Michael Eric had the seizure.

Another hero is Carley’s mom for the most part. This might be because she stuck out for Carley most of the time. She also treated Carley like a friend instead of an unwanted child.

Murphys Recap By Mike

Some of the things we have been reading in One for The Murphys are very important, such as Carley and Toni becoming friends again. Other important things include Carley helping Michael-Eric and her going to Daniel’s first basketball game. I think that after some time Carley is starting to like the Murphys more than her mom.

Other things we have read that are not so important are things like, Toni and Mr Murphy fighting over baseball teams, again. Rainer being a jerk, again and Carley being a hero, again. Many of these things have already happened in a similar way.

Some of my thoughts and predictions and thoughts include… I think at one point Carley’s mom will want her back. I don’t know why I say this but it would be an obvious plot twist. I also think that Rainer might have a reason for not being a “simp.” Lastly, I think that Carley will choose the Murphys over her mom after being with them all this time.

One for the Murphy’s – Recap by Memphis

Our class has been reading One for the Murphy’s. This book is this years Global Read Aloud, where students from around the world read a certain amount of the book. Every week you talk about the what you read in class or with other countries around the globe.

The main antagonist Carley Connors is left with a foster family(the Murphys) while her mom is in the hospital. But she hates it there and hast to get used to get used to the foster home. She also has to get used many other things including school and friends.

The other antagonists in this book are: Julie Mrs. Murphy, Jack Mr. Murphy, Daniel oldest son, Adam youngest son and Michel Eric the youngest son. This an amazing book and I definitely think you should read it whenever you get the chance.

Update on The Murphys by Khalil

In the last couple of chapters a lot has been going on. In the last chapter we read Carley and Daniel were practicing when they heard Michael Eric crying. When they got there a boy wearing overalls was picking on him. The thing I liked about this next part was how Carley stood up to the boy and hung him on a tree by his overalls it was pretty funny.

One thing I really like that is that Tony and Carley are becoming closes friends. They are starting to talk a little more personally to each other and finding out that they both think the same and that they can overcome their challenges together. Also I think Carley is learning from Tony on how to put people in their place like she did to the boy who was making fun of Michael Eric.

As this book goes on and on it is becoming more and more interesting. My prediction is that when Carley’s mom comes out of the hospital that Carley will not want to leave and she will stay with the Murphys for ever and Carley’s mom will think about what she has done.

Murphy’s Update…By Julian

Today, in my reading of One For The Murphys, Tony came to Carley’s house and Tony had a fight with Carley’ s foster dad about which baseball team was better (Red Sox or Yankees). After they had the “trash talk war”, Carley, Tony and Carley’s dad sat down on the couch and listened to music. While they were listening to music, Tony asked Carley about how she became a foster child.

In the next chapter, we read that Carly and Daniel were taking a walk and they heard Michael Eric crying. They saw some kid standing over him. When Carley and Daniel got to them, Michael Eric ran to Carley and Daniel and told them that the other kid had hit him. Carley got very mad and took the boy by the straps of his overalls and hung him from a tree like a Christmas ornament.

After that they went to Michael Eric’s basketball game and Carley gave Michael Eric a pep talk. The pep talk seemed to help Michael Eric because he played very well during the game. Michael Eric made two baskets, which is good because usually he is not very good at basketball.

One For The Murphys – By Ibrahim

One For The Murphys

I think One For The Murphys is a great book. Readers can relate to almost everything Carley experiences throughout her time with the Murphys. Sometimes we all think our parents don’t love us and that we would rather run away to another family. I know I feel like that sometimes. Being brought into an all new extremely different environment, Carley took it much better than I personally would have.

I really like this book. It ties emotion with comedy in a way that intrigues readers and will make them keep flipping pages. Sad parts, happy parts, funny parts, this book is the the proof that miracles still happen. Mrs. Hunt constructs One for the Murphys with feeling and enough grace to make swans look clumsy.

I think One for the Murphys is a good book for people of all ages. It has the action and surprise that seem to entertain little children, as well as the morals and words of wisdom that older folks seem to crave. Overall, One for the Murphys is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time!

One for the Murphy’s – Heroes – Ethan

Who do think are the heroes so far in One For The Murphys and why?

The heroes I think are in One for the Murphys are Carley for taking care of the boys especially Michael Eric and also Mrs. Murphy for taking Carley in from the foster home and caring for her. I would not forget Jack the firefighter as he rushes into burning buildings to save people or just put out the fire.

One for The Murphys By Eden

So far the book One for the Murphys is totally amazing. I really like how the author Lynda Mullaly Hunt gets into detail about every character. My favorite character is Toni. I like Toni because she has such a great attitude. I think that Toni has a great attitude because she can stand up to someone like a bully for her friend, when they had just had a big fight. Another really great character in the book is Daniel. At first Daniel hated Carley like and wanted her to leave because he felt she was not part of the family. Then Carley started teaching him how to get better at basketball and how to really believe in himself and he started liking her.

I thought the beginning of the book One for the Murphys was kind of confusing and boring. I thought that because the author was just piling up facts and facts about all of  what you needed to know for the story to make sense. These facts did pull you into the book so you wanted to read more, but for some reason they were still confusing for me. Now that we have gotten three quarters of the way through the book I am understanding a little bit more but some of the facts I think she did not need to add. I don’t think that Lynda Mullaly Hunt should have portrayed Carley as such a bully because she really is not, and she just really wants her mom back.

In the book, Carley just hung a little boy by his overalls on a tree because he hit Michael Eric. I think this was a horrible move that Carley did and I wish that it never happened because this was a little boy who she did it too and she never let him down. In the book it explains how Carley just leaves the boy hanging on the tree trying to get down and how she walks away smiling. In the book, Rayner, a kid who is a total bully started throwing carrots at Carley, then Toni walked over and started threatening Rayner and warning him that she will fight if she has too. Finally Rayner backs away. I think that shows how good a friend like Toni is. I am really excited to read the rest of the book.