Halloween at My House By Zach

By Zach

Every Halloween me and my family do a haunted house. But we do not do our entire house, we only do our  garage. This year will be our 6th year of doing the haunted house (garage). In our haunted house,  we use a lot of animatronics to scare people. Our animatronics jump out at trick-or-treaters because the ghouls sense movement. We have some that jump and some that are standing and shout out scary noises.


Picture by: Joel Carpenter

We also do a haunted graveyard for the little kids.  It is not as scary. The way that we normally work it is that my mom does the graveyard, and I sneak up behind people in the garage. When they reach for the candy,  I scream at them and that activates the animatronics and really scares them. This year we are using other things besides candy that have no sugar. That is our normal Halloween.



Week #4 Halloween from 5 to 0 by Milaura

I went trick-or-treating with 5 of my closest friends Hope, Lily, June, Samatha, and Gracelyn. June wanted Tiffany, so we met up at Jane’s Ice-cream. Then we started trick-or-treating. I’m at the 27th house, I have not seen them since 22th. I got really scared so I went back A bit. Phew! I found them 3 houses down at a creepy house I had not seen that one before. They rang the doorbell, It opened. I saw only 4 of the six left. They ran faster than a cheetah. they took them! they took them! so the five of us ran to my house. When I turned back only 3 out of 4 were there. Then I saw the last 1 disappear. That is how I lost 6 people in one night.

Haunted house Olivier Noirhomme via Compfight

Creepy Crawlies – Week 4 Activity 4 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

Creepy Crawlies are everywhere,

Don’t worry, it’s fine to be scared,

The creepy crawlies will hunt you down,

They’ll search for you up in the air, but also on the ground!


They define a whole class of things,

Things with legs and also with wings,

The most disgusting creatures out there,

They will surely give you a scare!


Another Cricket Iain Tait via Compfight



Last Week Challenge- Our Favorite Posts – Bella

I think that my favorite blog post would have to be Week #4 of the Blogging Challenge. This is because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I got to share how fun my Halloween is every year. But it was really hard choosing one post. I loved all of them. Being apart of the Blogging Challenge was an amazing experience. I have learned so much. I’ve learned how to make better comments to people and much more. Over all I have learned to be more self aware when I’m online. I would definitely do this again.



Jack-o-Lanterns 2013 (#1564)Creative Commons License regan76 via Compfight

Week #4 Blogging Challenge -Activity #3 By: Annie

Activity #3: Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween.

My Family and I celebrate Halloween by dressing up. Sometimes we do group costumes but most of the time I only dress up. I’ve been a lot of things in the past, like princesses when I was little, Hermione in my Harry Potter phase and a lot more! This year I’m going to be a pinata.  We also go trick-or-treating with my friends. I tend to eat all of my candy before the night is over! I love seeing everyone’s costumes, as it’s just a lot of fun! After Christmas, Halloween’s the best (in my opinion)!

piñata costumeCreative Commons License Nate Steiner via Compfight

This is not me, but  it is a general idea of what I’m going to look like.

Week #4 Activity 3

Since 2nd grade I have been going trick or treating with my best friend Katie.  She lives in a big neighborhood so we go to ALL the houses. There’s this one house that gives out apple cider and brownies. Then there are the really scary houses that have a lot of scary pop ups. After we trick or treat we dump our candy on the floor. We both have our guides to get the candy that we want and find new tactics every year. Also we share a love for starbursts and always fight over them.


Evil Pumpkins! Starburst



Great Beyond via Compfight                        Christina B Castro via Compfight

Blogging Challenge Week #4 Activity 3#

During Halloween , my family and I go trick or treating in my aunts neighborhood. Her neighborhood is big so we usually go there to trick or treat. Before that we all eat dinner together and then go trick or treating. Anyway, this year my parents friends invited us to a  Halloween party (on halloween of course). We’ll go trick or treating after. This year for halloween I am going to be a hippy. I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!


Jack-o'-lanternCreative Commons License William Warby via Compfight

– A carved pumpkin