Holiday Post By Fiona

Winter holidays are my favorite holidays. Although I only take part in two of them, I enjoy them a lot. I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

I celebrate Hanukkah because my grandmother is Jewish. I celebrate Christmas, even though I am not religious. I celebrate it because my family just enjoys all of the happiness during Christmas. Both of the holidays are quite fun. Although during Hanukkah I don’t receive presents, I enjoy lighting the candles every night. What I enjoy about Christmas is that everybody in my family is generous and gives gifts. I give a gift to everybody in my family but most of all I enjoy my whole family coming over and eating delicious food. Holidays are not about gifts and food, they are about family.

So basically in my opinion, winter holidays are the best!!

Here is a link to a cool holiday blog


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Cedar’s Holiday Post

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In my family the winter months, December and January in particular, are a time for merrymaking. We celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years. Each Chanukah my mom and I give each other presents each one of the seven nights. For Christmas I love to set up a tree, decorate it, then put presents under it. I usually get present from my parents, my friends, and Santa Claus. Then for New Years sometimes I stay up all the way till midnight so I’m awake for the beginning of the new year. Also we have a tradition to eat black colored food on New Years. One other New Year’s tradition that we do is we make our own white currant jam from currents that we grow in the summer, and then we eat it on New Year’s Day. I love the winter holidays and can never sleep on Christmas Night because I’m always too excited! What winter holidays do you celebrate? This is a link to a wikipedia page about Christmas. 

Holiday Post By Caidin


Holiday Post

I love all holidays, even the ones I don’t celebrate. The reason I love all holidays is because of the feeling that’s in the air. I also love all holidays because of the memories you make with your family. One of my favorite holidays is christmas not because of the presents ( well yes I do like presents) but because I love the time everyone takes getting lights up and decorating trees. I love baking cookies with my family and reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas eve night. Reading The Night Before Christmas the night before Christmas is a tradition. Overall I just love holidays no matter what! I hope you have a good winter holiday (whichever one you might celebrate) but if you don’t celebrate any winter holidays I hope you have a good winter!


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My Holiday Post By Zsofi

Christmas At My House

My mom is an immigrant from the Czech Republic, and my dad is an immigrant from Hungary. Each of these places have different traditions for Christmas, and for some crazy reason my parents decided to celebrate them all. On December 6th, we celebrate Mikulas (the Czech and Hungarian Santa), who comes and fills your shoes and stockings with gifts. He was a Greek bishop, known as the protector of children. Then on Christmas Eve, I celebrate Jezisek. While writing this post, I just found out that apparently Jezisek is Baby Jesus, and he conjures up presents. Odd, I know. Last but not least, there is Santa. If you do not already know who Santa is, on Christmas morning he comes and gives you presents. Santa is pretty much an Anglicized version of St. Nick/the original Santa. It seems every country has its own version of St. Nick.  

Here is a link to a site where you can find more about different holiday traditions.

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My Holiday Post By Zoe

The Christmas season for my family starts when we get our tree. We all split up at the place where we buy the Christmas tree. We all run around for a bit trying to find a suitable tree for our house. When we think we’ve each found good ones, we decide as a family which tree is better. Then, we take the tree home and turn on the fireplace and watch Christmas movies (last year we watched Frosty the Snowman in French!) and set up the tree and decorate it. I usually take pictures during this time, but I put up a lot of ornaments too. This is my favorite part of the entire Christmas season.

On Christmas morning, I usually wake up at around 6:00. My parents don’t let my brother and I wake them up for Christmas until at least 7:00, so I wait around for an hour (which is absolute torture, believe me!) and the second the clock ticks 7:00 I run into my parents’ room and wake them up and drag them into the living room. First, we all look in our stockings. Last year, I got a mechanical cat in my stocking. I named it Samuel.

Next, I force my parents to open their presents, and soon enough, it is time for me and my brother to open our presents. About halfway through the present getting/giving process my Dad wanders around with a giant garbage bag for us to put our wrapping paper in. It’s all over pretty quickly, and the second it is all over, we pack our bags to go to either my grandparents in Saratoga’s house or my grandparents in Long Island’s house. We usually have fun using the presents we got for Christmas during the long, boring car ride. Christmas is always really fun in my family. I cannot wait for Christmas this year!

The Night Before Christmas

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Holiday Fun By Olive

Holiday Post

As you all know probably know, it’s holiday time  this month, with the shopping and all the other stressful things. I am also happy that my whole family is getting together,  eating dinner and opening presents. I used to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, but my brother no longer lives with us, and he was the reason my mom was celebrating Hanukkah. I wish I was still celebrating Hanukkah, I loved playing dreidel, we would normally play for pennies or chocolate coins. Hope you and your family have fun celebrating the holidays!

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 Here is a site I found on how to play a dreidel.

How To Play A Dreidel

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Holiday Post By Aidan

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In the fall and winter there are many holidays. These holidays are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, etc… So in these two months there are lots of holidays in fact there are actually about 34 holidays.
My family and I family celebrate Halloween, New Year’s , Hanukkah and Christmas. We don’t celebrate religiously so we don’t get a Christmas tree or any of that stuff. We don’t say prayers on the eight days Hanukkah. We do give presents. If you want to find a list of holidays go to this link.

Holiday Post – By Adam

 My family celebrates the holiday of Christmas around this time of year. A few days after Thanksgiving, we go to pick out a Christmas tree. We bring the tree home after and decorate it as a family. Since my sisters are both in college, the holidays are nice because everyone comes home and we all get to be together. My mom sits my sisters and I down at a table to write our lists to Santa a few weeks before Christmas. On Christmas Eve my mom reads The Night Before Christmas before we go to bed. The next morning, the first person that’s awake has to wake up everyone else so we can all open the presents together…even if they wake up at 5 in the morning. Around noon on Christmas Day we go to Church. We spend the rest of the day making our Christmas dinner all together. After dinner we go to bed and that’s the end of our Christmas celebration. If you would like to learn more about Christmas just visit this link. Happy holidays everybody!


The Holidays by Tess

I personally love the holidays! I love the food, the presents and all the different cultures that come with it. Every year I celebrate Christmas with my friends and family. We all come down and have a great dinner that includes ham and amazing sides. After the meal most of my family leaves, but my aunt and cousin stay for Christmas morning! Usually my cousin and I come out of our rooms first but sometimes it’s me and my brother. We come to the top of the stairs and look down at the present piled Christmas tree. There is a rule in the house that is no going downstairs on Christmas morning until everyone is ready. So we wait and wait until we try to wake up our parents.  And of course after all of the present ripping and unwrapping, it’s finally time for my aunt and cousin to go home. I think Christmas is my personal favorite holiday. Most people think it’s because of the presents (which it kind of is), but it’s also about the family and the fun you have!


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Week #4 Blogging Challenge -Activity #3 By: Annie

Activity #3: Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween.

My Family and I celebrate Halloween by dressing up. Sometimes we do group costumes but most of the time I only dress up. I’ve been a lot of things in the past, like princesses when I was little, Hermione in my Harry Potter phase and a lot more! This year I’m going to be a pinata.  We also go trick-or-treating with my friends. I tend to eat all of my candy before the night is over! I love seeing everyone’s costumes, as it’s just a lot of fun! After Christmas, Halloween’s the best (in my opinion)!

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This is not me, but  it is a general idea of what I’m going to look like.