My middle school dream – Ava

My dream for the PDS middle school is to have more free write time. I think that if we had writing time, all three of the grades could connect more with each other, and people could brainstorm with other people or work on stories together.  It would be a nice way to get to know other people, older and younger than yourself. Writing is one of my favorite things to do, and I know a lot of other people like it too.My dream for all students around the world, including myself, is to think about how learning new things can be really fun, like doing more hands-on projects.  A lot of kids do enjoy learning, but a lot of the kids I know don’t like it. If everyone enjoyed learning more, then some people might be a lot smarter.

Dreams for 2013 – Charlotte

My dream for 2013 is that our school has no tests.  I have a bunch of reasons why we shouldn’t have tests in the middle school. Tests make students pressured and stressed out. Instead of tests, we should have an independent worksheet/packet, so that way teachers can see what level they’re at and students don’t feel stressed.  Also some students don’t do their best in test because of their nerves. There are a lot of different ways for teachers to find out how students are doing, without tests. I know that PDS is not a test school but we still have some test and I hope that we have no tests in the middle school.

My world wide dream is for schools to be more of communities. I want schools to interact more with each other and learn from each other. I know that we Skype with others schools, we use twitter and we blog. We should take another step in this and find ideas to interact more. One idea is that schools do big projects with other schools . It would be so cool if we could go to a school and meet the students there and do a really fun project. Maybe not the whole school but some grades doing a project together. Our school is a really comfortable community and if we stretch that even farther other schools or just even one school could be apart of our community.

My dreams for 2013 – Ali

My dreams as a student in 2013

My dream for middle school in 2013 is to have no homework. When kids get home, they should be able to play outside and to enjoy their after school activities. Sometimes, that is hard to do when you feel pulled back by homework.

Homework gets people stressed out. When I’m at home, and I just got back from dance, and I look at the time, it’s already very late. To know that I have to do homework at such a late hour, makes me feel knots in my stomach. Knowing that after homework, dance, dinner, and a shower, it will be about 9:45! Then I don’t go to sleep until about 10:15! That’s too late!

When I get home from school, I want some time to relax. Sometimes I find that hard to do when I know that there’s a bunch of homework waiting for me to do in my backpack.

Think about this, one sheet of homework for each subject in school. Due tomorrow. Science, Spanish, Humanities, Math and Health. Even if it’s only one sheet per class, that adds up to 5 sheets of homework. Depending on the person, that could take a long time to do.

Plus, when you are doing your homework and you can’t figure out an answer…what do you do? You can’t just ask a teacher, because, most likely your teacher isn’t living with you. You could try to get help from a family member…but what if they don’t know? That’s a very stressful feeling to have…at least for me.

I’m not just talking about me though. I know that most of my friends aren’t fans of homework either. I remember, I was talking to my friend online and I said, “I’m bored.”
She replied, “I can never be bored because I have too much homework.”

I don’t think that it’s okay to put kids under this much pressure. A solution? I’m not saying that there should be absolutely no homework, but if there needs to be…maybe push the due dates back or spread it out over time.

My world wide dream
My world wide dream is to have schools be more connected with each other. I think it’s really cool that we get to Skype call with other schools and blog, but I think we can go further.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to do a project with a school that is all the way across the world? Or, maybe try to spend a day in the life of someone from a different school.

If we stay connected, we can go as far as we want.

My Dreams For Students of 2013

My dreams as a student in the PDS M/S is to connect with other kids around the world to see the similarities and differences between us. I would also enjoy doing workshops that would both educate and help people around the world. I would like to do projects in school for education and fun. I would also like to use technology as much as possible because soon in the future we won’t be using paper and pencil to write, take notes, etc., we would use technology instead. In PDS we are kind to each other and there is no bullying and everyone is nice to each other. If someone was being bullied they would go to a teacher and they would be helped.

As a student in the world I would like to have my school use as much technology as we can. I would like to given the option to read any book of choice. I would want to work on a lot of school projects. Another thing is to learn about the world. If we were given homework I would want it to be not to much but not too little.

Dreams for Students in 2013 – Mia

My dreams for students in 2013 is for everyone to have fun learning and to think of learning as a great opportunity to enjoy the world better. I also feel like everyone has a different opinion on classwork and homework. Some kids feel that we should have less homework and less classwork. Others feel that we should have no homework at all. Kids also sometimes think that we need more class work and more homework. I feel that we should not have any more than an hour of homework a night, maybe an hour and a half. I say that because some kids are really busy they might have a lot of other things they need to do after school. Some kids come in without their homework done because they didn’t have time to do it. I feel like we should do a lot of different projects in class time, like in Humanities.

Dreams for middle school students

My dreams for students in middle school is for the kids to be respectful to each other, even if they don’t hang out with each other. Also for all the kids to be respectful of the teachers and not call out or ignore them. I feel that at PDS some of the kids, especially 6th graders, could be a more respectful towards the teachers, and fellow students. I think we could definitely improve that.

#stu – DREAMS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL 2013 Charlie

My dreams for middle school in 2013 are to have more options for arts classes. I feel like there are not enough options for arts classes. In the second trimester I could not make up my mind between two things that I completely dislike. I ended up picking one, and that just so happened to become my arts 2 class. I was very disappointed. So far, I really don’t find the class very fun. I also hope that we can get more break time.

I think that students in the world should have better education all over the world. I mostly hope such for my country, the USA. I have heard of statistics about what countries have the  best in academic classes. USA is something like 20th in Math and Science. I don’t feel pride in my country thanks to that statistic.

Dreams for 2013 – Molly

For the new year,  I first want to say that no person should see what the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut saw. I hope that no student ever has to see anything like that ever again. The way I hope this could work is that if schools get more secure entrances and exits. They could do their security like PDS because all doors are locked and someone has to open the front door from the inside.

The other thing I want for other schools are better supplies and nicer kids. There are a whole lot of schools where a lot of bullying happens and teachers either don’t know about it or don’t do anything about it. Everyone is different and that’s what makes us special. No one should be picked on for being who they are. I have been in the situation of getting picked on and I know it doesn’t feel good, but sometimes other kids are afraid to stand up for you because they don’t want to start getting picked on.  

My dream for PDS Middle School is to take more field trips. We could have more events to raise money for this.

#student writing/dreams for middle schoolers – Kiki

#student writing/dreams

I think our middle school looks fine, and is a very good place to learn in. I like the way the teachers teach us things, and I like what it looks like (the new learning commons). It’s been an awesome year so far and I really like middle school. The only thing (I know it’s being achieved), but I do want everyone to learn. But the leaning is being done in the middle school, in my opinion. A dream I have for our middle school is that everyone pays attention in class, and doesn’t make distractions with other people. Also another dream is that we could have more money to go on more field trips, because we don’t go on many during the year.
I think schools around the world are in bad shape. Like most of the schools in Africa are outside, they don’t get a good lunch, and they have only about 2-4 pencils a class. So I think everyone should think about other people’s schools too and not only the school we go to. Other schools in the world are like very good schools, like Juilliard, and Yale. But those are just colleges. There are a lot of other schools in the world that are not college’ and they are very very good schools and the people who go to them have to pay a lot of money for their kid or kids to go there, because they are great schools. They only have to pay a lot if it’s a private school. Well usually with private schools you have to pay a lot of money to go there, like college but not as expensive as college. A dream I have for middle schools around the world is, well basically the same thing that I said for our school. But I have another dream, for the schools that don’t have much in them or don’t really have enough money to get more things, I really hope they get what they need, and I think that our school and other schools in our country should help those schools in need.