Imagination Day-By Alex

On Tuesday the15th of March, the PDS middle school had our first Imagination Day.
Imagination Day is when students can volunteer to teach an activity such as; dance, language, basketball and more. Some of the classes were influenced through the student teacher’s hobby.

I didn’t come up with a class to teach but my best friend did Soccer Skills and I helped her teach that. For that class we went outside to the soccer field. First we stretched than ran a lap. After that we played scrimmage, we didn’t play with a goalie though because there were only six people in the activity. After scrimmage we went up to the larger soccer field and practiced on goal kicks. Everyone except for Kristi (the teacher of the class) missed every single goal. We made them run another lap because they looked soooo tired and they seemed like they could use the exercise. They were all groaning. After the lap we continued with goal kicks. They were still not putting all their energy into the kick so Kristi and I decided we needed to have a team talk. I gave about a five minute “speech” on self-motivation and confidence and why they were there. “You guys are here to learn and improve your soccer skills so try to put all of your energy into your kicks. I know you can all do better than this, I’ve seen all of you play soccer before.”

After our speech everyone started to kick better. We all decided that we would name our team Confidence. After the class was over we went to a certain classroom and talked about what we learned. Of course every one said confidence and Deanna said “I learned what offside means”….a few people also said motivation.

My second period was Music, I was in that art with my friend Kate. We decided that for a warm up we’d play a G blues. We all did that and it sounded really cool. The rest of the group worked on a song while Kate and I searched the lyrics and piano chords for the song King of Anything. We took a keyboard out in the hall and practiced and wrote the notes down. Most of the song is pretty difficult except for the intro. We finished up with that and soon enough we had to pack up for lunch.

After lunch we went to the assigned classroom and each group presented what they did in their class. Acting improv showed us their skit, music played a short song and Rome made posters so they presented those.

I think that Imagination Day was a lot of fun because I learned a lot….I would definitely do it again!

Imagination Day -By Kristi

On Tuesday March 15, it was Imagination Day and its when kids get to teach classes instead of teachers. The kids got to choose what they wanted to teach. Imagination day was like having the kids imagine how it would feel be teaching a class.

I taught soccer skills, and at first I thought it was going to be easy but when I started to teach I noticed that I would have to be a lot more tough. One of my best friends, Alex and I gave the class a big speech on how to try and how to believe in yourself and how to be a team. While Alex and I were giving the speech some of the kids noticed that we were being serious and after the speech they worked a lot harder then before.

My class only had about 6 kids in it. After our class was done we all huddled like a team and went over on what we learned and named our team Confidence. Most of the kids did say that they learned how to believe in themselves and learned that they needed to try and push themselves to do things. When all the kids said what they learned that day I realized that I learned one thing too. I learned that when teachers are tough and have a voice that is serious, kids listen to them a lot more then when the teachers have a kind voice.

I really enjoyed Imagination Day and would definitely do it again!

Imagination day By Joe P.

In school we tried this activity called Imagination day. This day was when kids could choose if they wanted to teach students or not. If they did teach then we they could bring their activity to a class that was assigned for them and they teach them. If we didn’t want to teach then we could sign up for one of the other student classes. There were two activities in this day. It was where we students, could teach other students. I wanted to teach basketball.

I had eight kids in my class and it was a great amount of kids for basketball. I started out with the kids doing some stretching and getting warmed up. Then we did a scrimmage. While doing the scrimmage I taught them how to work as a team and pass, shoot and dribble. It was very fun and everybody enjoyed it. After this I had snack and then went to a class that was about World War II. I enjoyed this class and I thought that the student teacher had a lot of information, which was great. I never got bored! He really knew his history.

This day turned out to be great and I would love to do it again. If we were to do it again I would teach my kids some skills and play a better game. I loved Imagination Day!!! 🙂

Imagination Day By Kate :D

Imagination Day

On Tuesday the 15th of March we had our first Imagination Day. Imagination day is a day where some of the students get to teach a class about one of their hobbies. We had 24 kids teaching and the rest went to those classes. They were teaching things like foreign languages, sports skills, history and more.

I was not a teacher for any of the classes but I was in music and soccer skills. In soccer skills we learned a lot about self confidence because my best friends made a long speech about motivation and self confidence. We also learned how to pass to each other and how to shoot into the goal. When we were done we named our team Confidence. In the Music class my best friend and I were the only girls so we went off and learned how to play King of Anything By Sarah Barellies on the piano. I think the student teachers did a good job because everyone learned a lot. My favorite activity was the music class because I learned how to play one of my favorite songs on the piano.

I think we should do this again because it was really fun and we learned a lot.

Imagination Day by Ben

Imagination Day

Our school had an Imagination Day on the 15th of March. Imagination Day is when the students come up with different things to teach. Instead of going to our normal classes we go to student made classes. We got to pick which classes we wanted to go to because there were a lot of people who wanted to teach something. Here is an example of some of the classes… basketball skills (which I was in), making brownies, devil stick tricks, World War II (I was in this also) and much much more.

The only thing I didn’t like during Imagination Day was that we only were allowed to go to two classes which was kind of annoying since all the classes looked very fun! I also found it kind of annoying when kids wouldn’t follow their classmates instructions.

The two classes I was in were basketball and World War II. The basketball class was run by my Friend Joe. It was really fun. We worked on dribbling and passing. After all that we had a big scrimmage. My next class was ww2. It wasn’t a sports based class but it was interesting. It was run by my other friend Matt. He knew so much about World War II and he made a 50 slide power point about it! Overall, it was a great experience!

Imagination Day By Colin

Our school had an Imagination Day. An Imagination Day is where students teach classes on what they like. It was extremely fun and I learned some really cool things. The classes I took were Rise and fall of the Roman Empire, and devil sticking. In rise and fall I learned about the Roman emperors and how the empire came to be. I also learned that a crazy emperor (Caligula) made his horse a senator. In devil sticking I learned the basics of the sport and how extremely hard it is. I learned a lot more in The Roman Empire but devil sticking was active and also really fun. Overall, I think it was a great idea and hop that we can do it again. (Special thanks to Milo, John, and Eli, my teachers).

Imagination Day By Stella

We had our first Imagination Day on Tuesday. It was really fun! We had a list of student led classes and we got to choose two to do on Imagination Day. I was in brownie baking and acting improve. In brownie baking I learned how to make a really great kind of brownies called Fat Witch Brownies. In acting improve we learned about the basics of improve and how to keep a crazy scene going. I don’t think I have EVER laughed as much as I did in improve class! We played a really amazing game called why were you late to work. The game goes like this: One person plays an employee who is always late to work. Another person plays their angry boss. The late employee walks into work and the boss asks “ why are you late?” Then two people stand behind the boss and have to silently mime to the employee their excuse for being late. It was so much fun!

Imagination day By Anna

At school we had a day where students could teach each other. Not all students had to teach, but I did. I also took a class on running, in addition to teaching brownies. I had a really fun time teaching, I taught middle students all about baking brownies. In the class we baked brownies and I had a fun time. I was really nervous about teaching. The night before, I was worried that something would go wrong. I also thought that some of the older kids might not like the class. Once I started teaching the class went well. In my running class an 8th grader taught the class. You might think, well what can I learn about running? Well there is a lot to know about running. When you are done running you might feel an endorphin rush. Some people don’t think they are real but it is where you are relaxed after you run. Also it is good to stretch before and after you run. It helps you loosen your muscles. Also when you are done running you should walk a little bit so then you don’t pull anything. I had a really fun time and I think all schools should do this.

Imagination Day By Blade

At school we had something called Imagination Day. It was where we got to teach our own things to different students in school. It was so awesome! I had so much fun. I decided that I didn’t want to teach anything. I did learn though. For my first activity, I did soccer skills. The teachers were my friends Kristi and Alex. I learned a lot. We did goal kicks, a mini soccer game, passes, and much more! We named our team Confidence because we practiced self motivation and self Confidence. My next activity was The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. The teacher was my friend Milo. We chose a Roman Emperor to write about. I chose the terrible Emperor Caligula. I made a poster of him too. It had a mugshot of him and a wanted sign. It was so cool. I’m really looking forward to doing this again next D day!

Imagination Day-John

Our middle school  had a day where the students taught classes on interests. My friend and I taught a class about how to devil-stick. Three people signed up and they were all my friends, so I had a good time. I think it is easy  to teach a class if you know a lot about it. I went to a class on WWII and I thought that the class was well thought out. The teacher knew a lot about WWII and I learned a lot more facts. I learned that the U.S.S. YORKTOWN sank in the battle of Midway and I learned what general MacArthur looked like. I believe that we should do this day again because it was fun and useful. The day started at 9:15AM when we had our first class that went until 10:30AM. Then we had a relaxing break and then another class.  When that was done, we all shared the classes. Overall I think it was an interesting day.