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Sobia- My Town

The Hudson Valley has so many places to go and see including the Hudson Walkway  over the Hudson River, the Galleria Mall (which is a mall in Poughkeepsie,) and so many more places. One of my favorite places to go to is one of the restaurants called Red Lobster because it has great food even […]

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Nature’s Classroom by Ben

Nature’s Classroom Blog Post Nature’s Classroom was very fun. One of my favorite parts was field group. Field group was when we would split up into assigned groups and hike, look for animals, rock climb and much much more. This period was usually between breakfast and lunch and was about a hour but on special […]


My Sunday By Deanna

On Sunday, I got up and then got ready to go to Sunday school. We planned for our speech competition and what topic we were going to do for a topic. We ended up picking the topic. We ended up picking the topic, The Major and Minor signs of the Day of Judgment. My Sunday […]


A trip to the Hospital by Charlie

While the rest of the kids in middle school were at Nature’s Classroom, I was in the hospital waiting for news of my grandma who had fainted at a funeral. Let me start at the beginning….It was 8:00 P.M. on a Sunday when the phone rang with alarming news. My grandmother had just fainted while […]


Florida By Joe P.

Instead of going on the Nature’s Classroom trip, I went to Florida to visit my grandma and hang out….. The clock said 4:30 AM an hour before I was about to leave. I was heading off to Florida for a week! I woke up to the shower running which meant my dad was in there. […]


Company B Auditions By Stella

Last week I had an audition for the Company B in my Irish Step group. Company B is the junior performance group for the Solas an lae Irish step company. I have been doing Irish step since last summer and I am absolutely addicted to it. I was so nervous on the day of the […]


Ramapo by Ben

Dear Sam Thank you for bringing me on the wonderful adventure of Ramapo. My name is Ben. It was my second time there and we did some new things and old things. I loved all the group exercises we did in the start, especially the jump rope game. I liked it because you had to […]


The New Lunch at P.D.S

At P.D.S there is a new lunch program. Every day at lunch we have different food. I think lunch is not the best food but not the worst. I have tried the food a few times but I prefer to bring my own food from home. I am hoping that as the year goes on […]

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I really like blogging! This is my first year working with blogs. I liked posting our scary stories and writing and posting about our new lunch program. It’s really cool that people from all over the world can read what I’ve been writing about. It’s also fun reading other peoples writing. I have never commented […]


New Lunch Program by Deanna

At PDS we have a new lunch program! I  think so far it’s really good and very good for us (unlike my old schools lunches). The lunches are really good and lots of people like to try new things. I have never tried some of the dishes the school has for lunch. I have never […]


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