Coco The War Pup – By Olive

I woke up, my shoulder was sore from the uncomfortable nap time mat. I look around, and it’s dark and cloudy outside. The sun gives me just enough light to see. All my friends are still napping as I sneak around trying not to make a sound. I look in the room that all the teachers are in, CREEK, oh no, I forgot about that floor board! I start to sprint back to my mat. I hear footsteps, almost there, come on, I jump. I landed hard on my mat, I groaned. The pain was shooting from my side and up all along my body. But I keep it together and pull the covers up and close my eyes. My heart was pounding like a horse’s hooves against a hard gravel road.

My blanket is pear green. and my mat was cerulean blue. The footsteps got quieter, and I finally hear teachers talk again. I get up and hide in the empty cupboard and call the teacher. She walks in and looks around, she starts to come towards me and I made myself as small as a little rubber ball. She looked at me and told me to get out and be quiet.

I got out and walked, slouching like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I got to the shelf and grabbed a coloring book and crayons. I sat on my mat and colored. The book already had scribbles on it but I found the perfect page, It was a beautiful rose with a leaf design all around it. I grabbed the pink and started, but then i stopped. I looked up and saw my mom in the big window, finally pick up time.

She opened the door and the teachers came to sign me out, FREEDOM, I yelled in my head. When we were walking to the car my mom said that she had a surprise for me. It was a cute stuffed little dog. It was a dark brown with a tan snout with a line up the head that stopped right at the ears. I loved it, I named him Coco.

“He looks like Pepper mom!” I said. We drove home and showed Sam, my brother. I sat for hours playing with him. “Coco needs a friend.” I exclaimed as I climb up the ladder to Sam’s bed. I grab pancake. (Sam’s stuffed animal)  And I played for a little longer time. Soon I had to go to bed. I was very tired.

A couple of days later I really wanted Pancake for myself. So, I went on a mission, I thought that it might take a couple days, or weeks, but I know I can do it! I started to sleep with Pancake in my bed, after one week my brother gave in. “I got Pancake.” I whispered to myself. “Finally.” I made a fort and played with all my stuffed animals as a celebration. I was called for dinner and left them all on my bed.

When I got back I saw pepper chewing their ears. I called my mom and I was in tears. Coco and Pancake were ripped. Coco had a hole in his ear and his string mouth was ripped, same with Pancake’s ear but it also had a small rip in it. (Coco is a stuffed animal by the way) My mom told me to calm down and to say that they got in a fight or something.

I thought for a while and then I had a idea! They came back from the war and were happy to see the rest of their stuffed family.

This taught me that even if you’re in a bad situation you can always have a happy ending.

Joanie’s Personal Narrative

I was sleeping in my bed with my warm fuzzy blanket and my stuffed dog at the hotel. This hotel was part of a water park where my family and I went on vacation. This water park was in Connecticut; it was called CoCo Key Hotel and Resort Lodge. The logo of the resort was a red parrot wearing swimming goggles, going down a waterslide in a yellow raft.   


My family was asleep in our room and my moms best friends were asleep in the other room. We woke to the sound of an ear piercing beeping! It was the fire alarm. We rushed out of our room and into the cold lobby where we found everybody sitting in fuzzy chairs wearing P.J’s and bathrobes because it was the middle of the night.


We were sitting in the lobby with nothing but silence. I had no idea what was happening. Then I realized Belle (my stuffed animal), was still in the bed. Belle is my webkinz dog. She is my favorite stuffed animal. I got her when I was about four years old from my dad’s best friend’s daughter and I named her after their poodle, Belle. I love her very much! When I realized Belle was missing, I said, “Mommy mommy I left Belle in the bed. Can you go get her?” To my surprise, she said,


“Yes honey, I will be right back!” It felt like hours before she came back.


I was so happy when she came back! After that I tucked Belle in my shirt and I said, “This is where she will sleep now!”. When I was seven I made her a bed out of a cardboard box and now that is where she sleeps. I think she loves her box!  


I was scared because I didn’t know if it was a real fire or if some one had been messing around and pulled the alarm. We waited, what felt like a long hour before the fire department came. In the lobby, waiting for them to say we could go back to the room. I  lay asleep in my mom’s comforting arms. After the long hour of silence, she carried me up to the warm room. She laid me in bed and tucked me in. Not long after, we fell back to sleep.


This is the link to the Hotel we stayed in!


CoCo Key Weekend 366 | by brittreints

This is the water park I went to! I got this photo from Flicker  Britt Reints .

The Peculiar Habits of Snails – By Cedar

Snail shell_Z7326 Barry via Compfight


The first thing that you need to know about me is that I love snails. They are so sweet and cute!  I used to have four pet garden snails but eventually I set them free. Now I have two new ones, Speedy and Fudge, and they are just as cute. This story is about the first snails I had.


It was a clear, cloudless, spring day. The sun was shining through the trees and into the house. Upstairs my mom was working on her computer, and my friend and I were downstairs sitting on the wood floor. We were setting up a tray for the snails with wet paper towels and salad greens just how they liked it. After washing our hands we went into my room and got the snail habitat. Like any other day we took off the lid and pulled out the little cuties.


“Aww” we would say as Big Guy, Root Beer, and Persephone emerged from their wee shells.


You may have noticed that I only mentioned three snails even though I had four. Why did I do that? Because Quartzy didn’t come out! She had a odd skim over the opening to her quartz green shell.


“Is she dead?” we asked each other. “She must be or she would open up” was our train of thought. Heartbroken my friend and I galloped up the stairs like a herd of wild buffaloes.


“Mom, Mom!” I yelled, “I think Quartzy is dead!” Mom was sad too but there was nothing to be done. Tearfully we wandered back to the snail tray.


As it is the nature of the human race we were still hopeful. Dutifully we poked at the odd skim over her shell. Then with a slip and a slide out came my beloved snail. Slowly, slowly she emerged and then with a pop there were the darling antennas I thought I would never see again. The god of snails must have come to our rescue!

Actually this event had nothing to do with the god of snails. In reality Quartzy was just hibernating like some snails do in the winter. We did some research and found out that we had simply woken her up from her winter slumber and that she hadn’t come back from the dead. Still we were very relieved when Quartzy emerged from her shell. Now I know not to jump to conclusions and if I don’t know something to research it first.

The Museum of Natural History By Isaac


The Museum of Natural History

By Isaac

Steggy byronv2 via Compfight

“Ughhh, are we there yet?” asked my brother for the billionth time, when he could have looked out the window, but he didn’t for some reason. I couldn’t blame him, he was only about three years old (two years younger than me). Actually, he wasn’t the only unhappy one. Mom just read the museum ticket prices, and they weren’t pretty. She had this look on her face like she had just seen roadkill or something, but the prices may have been more gruesome. Just then we arrived. We all hopped out of the car, and onto a pathway to a majestic old building, which was looking proud of its splendid design. I couldn’t wait for what the museum may contain.


We finally got in, and entered a huge room, with crazy stuff hanging, maybe 5 floors high. There were immense glass-paned windows, stretching to infinity. Where would we start? We decided to go down a flight of stairs to the gift shop, and saw a bunch of loot that me and my brother liked the looks of, and almost got left behind from staring so long. We passed a food court, but we weren’t hungry yet. There wasn’t much I thought I would like, so I started planning on what “culinary delight” I would have for lunch.


We got back to the big room, and saw a cool exhibit about time. It was a spiral pathway winding down from near the ceiling, and I followed it down with my eyes, only to get to the bottom and see, “WRONG ENTRANCE”. The entrance must be all the way at the top! And to there our journey began.


The first room really surprised me. I expected some old dusty museum exhibit of an ancient artifact or something boring like that. Instead, I saw monsters rising up to the ceiling, but they were only bones. These were dinosaur skeletons! Even though they died 65 million years ago (as it said on the signs), these still looked like they wanted to kill the others. But, there were more peaceful looking ones, herbivores. These dinosaurs were big, but wouldn’t hurt the others. Some had bones missing, which wasn’t that great, but I thought it must be really hard to dig up these bones, and hard to find them, and I cut them some slack. I tried to put myself in the shoes of the paleontologists, trying to dig up these behemoths, and I found some huge dinosaurs!


We were moving at a moderate pace, and we were stopping to look at some dinosaurs, but we just walked past some. I didn’t really know how to pronounce the names, but by the time I started to put the prefixes, suffixes, and roots together, we were on the next floor. This one was like an ocean room, and had an enormous whale hanging from the ceiling! I thought it may fall, but I guess that was an irrational fear. It was secured tightly, and from the looks of it, had been that way for a while. I was really scared walking under it, even though I shouldn’t have been. I wondered how it was held up. Glue? No, that couldn’t be it. It had to be stronger. Magnets? No, those could move. I always thought magnets were neat, but couldn’t do everything. What was the substance that could hold such a massive object that wouldn’t take down the entire roof?


While I was thinking about that, we went down to a lowered surface with tanks of real sea life! I saw an exhibit about saltwater making flowing tubes in ice water in Antarctica or something, but I was too focused on that whale. We saw a bunch of tanks and saw a cool map of where modern ohio used to be located, near the south pole! I didn’t really understand how it could move, and mom didn’t really know. I guess that was a question for dad. We went back up, and were happy with all the sea life that we saw, but then we saw lots more living creatures.


Up to the 4th floor we went, and my brother ran ahead of us and into the room. This was a cool room, because there was a ton of wildlife. Apparently, some animals made threatening sounds to my brother, and he backed off from the hissing of snakes. It was almost like a maze in there, with tanks arranged on tables in random patterns, and me and my brother ran around, and almost ran into a tour guide. Of course, my brother blamed it on me, as he does a lot. We were almost lost! Thankfully, we were near a bunch of clear tanks, so seeing through them to our parents was like taking candy from my brother.


Sadly, that was tough, just like taking candy from my brother’s secured candy bag. You see, we weren’t really tall enough to see over the tanks, even though they were clear. All I saw was wobbly wooden tables. Then we followed some other people that started at the other end of the room, and we were out, back to where we started. Then I wondered to myself as my parents took me to the next floor, those people started at the other end of the room. Could they have just been on the fifth floor, and went up the cool spiral thing? I abandoned the thought, because it would make me feel more and more stupid if I kept thinking I missed the entrance. Darn, I thought about it again!


We made it! The fifth floor! Time to check out what this ramp to the ground is! I started to walk down, and kept walking and walking. I noticed on the outside wall it was showing time periods of different lengths with some helpful numbers and pictures. The big bang happened 13.5 billion years ago? I couldn’t fathom that number, or the next one! 5.4 billion years ago was when the earth was made? I thought it was made by god, not masses of rock forming together. We saw a lot of lava and black rocks for a long time, and finally we started to see some variety. There we found the first living creatures that lived in oceans, like trilobites. I couldn’t imagine life had been around that long, and when I thought of life I thought of humans. Boy, how wrong I was.


This walk wasn’t as walk-like as I expected. With all the people going down, you were getting ushered along very quickly, and it was hard to see the signs. Since we were moving down the ramp  and were going up and down to see the signs, it looked like the signs were swimming by like fish. The whole experience was ruined, I thought.


Finally, the traffic settled down and we were able to read the signs again. It looked like we had went down the timeline about 50 million years. The first amphibious creatures were crawling onto land about now, and I thought humans must come soon. My dad had told me 65 million years ago the dinosaurs died, and I watched a cartoon show that said humans rode dinosaurs, so it should happen soon! I kept my eyes on the wall for about 10 feet, or a couple million years, and we got to the first reptiles and insects. We saw the start of the Permian and Triassic periods, where some of the dinosaurs we saw in the big room started to come around! I started to recognize even more through the Jurassic and early cretaceous. We walked down a while and got to the ice age period, and that went on for a very short period of time, relative to the dinosaurs. Apparently there were five major glaciations that happened over the earth, each section about the width of your finger. I finally looked down, and we were almost at the bottom!


I thought they forgot the humans! They must have put them with the apes and other mammals. At the very end of the spiral ramp, there was a hair. I thought someone must have snagged it in the display, but the hair was titled, “Human Period” and I knew what the whole purpose of the ramp was. It was like I just cracked a code. The displays on the ramp were to show us how long the universe, the earth, life, dinosaurs, and all those things have been around for, and how humans have been around for nowhere close to that time. That was crazy, and I didn’t believe it. I asked my mom if it was true, if we had been around for that short of a time. She said the graph was accurate, but we had still been around for nearly 3 million. With my mind blown, we headed off to lunch.


I tried a “calzone” that was just a pile of cheese and sauce, with some sauce-soaked bread under it and some meat in it. It seemed like my family got the same kind of thing, but at least my mom and my brother’s lunches were arranged properly. We walked around a little, but the café was packed tight with kids on field trips from neighboring schools. It was hard to move, but we made it into the gift shop. There were a lot of cool toys there, and boring books and all that junk. there wasn’t much I wanted, but apparently something caught my mom’s eye. It  was a bunch of miniature magnets, all spherical, that you could bend into any shape that came to mind, or at least a lot of shapes. They made a cute little ‘snap’ when you put them together. They were called BuckyBalls. I wondered why they were called that, and thought dad would know. They were amazing, and I knew they were exactly what dad would like. So we bought them, and explored a little longer. We didn’t find anything else in the museum that I was really interested in, and we left.


A while later, we got back home, and dad really loved the BuckyBalls, and he wanted to get at it right away. Me and my brother each had turns playing with them, but them we noticed that we didn’t have all o Continue reading

Personal Narrative By Justin

                                                                                 The Cat Outside.

It was a nice sunny day outside at my old house in Modena NY. I was sitting on the porch thinking if I should go to the yard. I grabbed my cat Jeffy because I wanted to see if he liked going outside on the grass. He went down the stairs one leg by the other. When he got down the stairs I felt scared but at the same time I felt excited. I could tell my cat was excited to explore. He ran right to a certain spot by the house and sniffed for a while. I got a little scared so I put him on a leash that had weird fuzzy spots of red on it.

I walked around the yard with him and then he ran over and sniffed a tree for a really long time. When he was done he slowly made his way to a rotten old crumbling shed in my backyard. I saw a super deep dark hole under the shed. He sniffed it and tried to go under to see what was under, but I picked him up and put him down on a soft part of the ground. It was so soft that if you took off your shoes and put your feet on the ground it felt squishy cold and soft, kind of like a sponge or a cold pillow on your feet.

Jeffy was climbing up my jungle gym to see what was up there. He could barely get up there because it was so windy to climb up a staircase.  It took three minutes just for him to walk up the creaky stairs. When he finally got up I thought he was going to fall, because He was so wobbly that it looked like he was being pushed over by a ton of wind. I got really scared for a second. My heart was beating so fast that I could feel it in my throat.

I climbed up so he wouldn’t do that again. Jeffy looked around but he wasn’t enjoying it up in the open part, because I think he felt like he was going to fall off. I helped him up to the next story of the jungle gym and that part was closed off with very wired rough material that was red, blue and yellow.  I could still see that he didn’t like it so I just carried him down to the lawn.  

Jeffy started meowing, I was confused what he was doing. When I looked down he was walking towards the door.  I thought he wanted water. I let him in the house and he ran to his water bowl. He drank his water so fast his face was soaking wet. It looked like someone just poured a gallon of water on his face. when he was done he walked over to the couch and sat there for a couple of minutes. I just looked at him and he was sleeping so I just went back to the outside door. When I opened the door he jumped up like a spring that fell off of a mountain bike. Jeffy ran over to the door and wanted to go back out in just the snap of a finger.  

He climbed up the stairs so fast to the porch that it looked like he was one of those marathon runners, because he was going so fast. When he got up there he laid down and rolled around in the sun. He sat up and just sat there in the sun for a while. I’m glad I trusted myself that day because he had a really good time exploring outside. But sadly he died a year later because of cancer but I kind of knew it was time to go for him. He had a nice long good life.  I’m glad he got to explore one last time



Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.32.41 PM                     Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.23.34 PM                                                                           



A Washing Machine Nightmare By Zach

 The poor little ghost could hear the water churning. He could see the steam, so he knew that the water was very hot. He was not sure that he could survive if he touched the sizzling hot water. When he was about 5 inches above the hot water, he knew that the end was near. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself . . .

Let me start this story by introducing you to Newie. When I was younger, Newie was the most important thing in the world to me. When I was two, my grandmother and I made him. Newie is a ghost, made from a small piece of cloth, a wad of cotton and a few rubber bands.   I named him “Newie” because he was new. At that time, there was one other ghost besides Newie. In total, my grandmother and me made 22 different ghosts, but Newie was always my favorite.

DSCN0008When I was about five, Newie and I were playing in a pillow fort that we had built. Then I got called to lunch, and that is when that madness struck. I finished eating and went into the living room. I saw a pillowcase missing, so I asked my dad about it. He told me that he put it in the laundry and I did not think much of it. I went to try to find Newie to watch TV with me, but I could not find him.

I kept looking, but Newie was nowhere to be found. I became worried when an hour passed with no signs of  Newie. At two hours, I asked my dad for help.  My dad and I were looking in every cranny of the house for him. We did this until bedtime, but we still didn’t find him. I didn’t like sleeping without Newie, but it looked like tonight I would have to.

When I woke up, finding Newie was the first thought I had. Where was he?

Meanwhile, Newie was sitting in a pillowcase in the laundry basket.  Occasionally, he felt a thump on his head. My dad was putting more laundry in the basket. To Newie,  it felt like getting pelted with feathers.

We continued searching on and off all day. That day, I was determined to find Newie. And Newie wanted to find me. But since he couldn’t move or speak, he could not help us find him. Every time I entered a new room, I looked around for Newie.  

At the end of the day, I knew that I would be sleeping without Newie again. I remembered that it was hard to fall asleep the previous night. I asked my mom if she had any ideas of where Newie could be? She said that she had an idea that we could try in the morning, and that is all that I remember from that night.

The next morning, I woke up to my dad scrummaging through the trash. I asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “Your mother thinks that maybe Newie ended up in the trash, but he isn’t in here.”

We did not do much searching that day because we could not think of any other places to look. I imagined that Newie was getting worried, because he had been in the basket for three days.

That afternoon, I called my mom to tell her that her idea didn’t work. I searched many places over and over, going into every nook and cranny in the house. Still, there was no sign of Newie.

I went to bed that night, wondering if I would ever see Newie again? Newie probably wondered if he would ever see me again.

Newie woke up late to the sound of footsteps leading to the washing machine “stomp stomp stomp”. In the pillowcase, Newie was in a motionless panic. He felt my dad’s hand with every shirt that my dad grabbed out of that basket. He knew that he had a good chance to be found, if my dad checked the pillowcase before putting it into the machine. But then he started to worry that my dad wouldn’t check. If so, Newie was in for a scalding bath that he might not survive.

The pillowcase was picked up and swung back and forth in the air. Newie started to descend into the pit of watery doom. But as the steam started to reach Newie, he suddenly felt a strong hand around his neck. Newie started to panic, but then he was flying through the air at high speeds. He looked up and saw that he was coming straight into my arms. I caught him and it was pure joy from there.

All night I played with Newie. We stayed up watching TV and playing games. Then, when I went to bed, I had the best sleep that I had had in a long time. And from then on, I never left Newie near a pillowcase again.

Scratched Eye By Maya

Scratched Eye

                                                                          By Maya

Let's Do 52 :: 34:52 :: SharpCreative Commons License latteda via Compfight

The pencil scratched on the paper making a gritty sound. It was allergy season. The pollen was so bad you could see it in the wind. I was drawing the pollen that I saw outside on a piece of paper. The pencil top fell off. I felt like the pencil was a person and his head had fallen of. At the time I thought that was very disturbing. All the windows were open and my eyes were itchy. I got up and closed all the windows. The windows made a sound that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. A shiver ran up my spine. I itched my eyes and I itched a little to hard… I screamed in pain. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. My dad rushed upstairs. He saw me crying and holding my hands over my eye.

“Maya what’s the matter!” He said in a worried tone.

“My eye!” I said through the tears. He moved my hands away from my face. My eye looked weird.

“Were going to the hospital.” He said.

When we were in the car my eye was itching like crazy. It felt like one thousand mosquitos had bit my eye. I itched my eye again. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. I howled in pain. Finally after the torture in the car we arrived at the hospital. We ran like we were running from zombies to the entrance. We were in the waiting room for a long time. There we’re a lot of people in different conditions. One person had been in an accident and had bloody scratches all over his face There was also an elderly women.  In the distance I heard something going BEEP in a metallic sort of sound. I didn’t like it.

When we went to my hospital room I kept looking on either side of me. I saw a lot of people in different conditions. In one of the rooms I remember, there was an old woman in a bed and a lot of people around her. They we’re carrying her out. She wasn’t moving. I was shocked. I didn’t know that hospitals could be so scary. After a walk that felt like a tour in an abandoned asylum with creepy photos of old patients, we got to the room. A doctor came rushing in. All I remember was that he looked like a whale. He looked at my eye and said,

“Your pupil is scratched.” After that my mom came rushing in.

She screamed “What’s the matter!” The doctor said again in a calm voice, “it’s a scratched eye.” My mom plopped me into her lap and said, “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay” over and over again. She stroked my hair. Dr. Whale said that he needed to take a closer look. He opened my eye again. The air felt like ice to my eye. I screamed. He said he was going to send a prescription to my doctor. He gave me an ice pack for the long journey. The ice helped a little. It was like chamomile tea when you have a sore throat. The drive felt like hours. When we got to the doctors office, she said that she had sent the prescription to Sam’s Club, which was where the pharmacy was.

We all groaned. My eye was starting to hurt a lot. It also was itchy. It was like on of those stingy itches that you get, but it went on for two hours. Also the ice pack was getting warm. After we started the excruciating drive to go to Sam’s Club I felt like a grain of sand, getting kicked and pushed around everyday. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car and got woken up again only to be brought into Sam’s club. The line was very long. I felt like everyone was in line to get the last sip of water. After that I fell asleep and woke up the next morning. My mom came and made me take my medicine.


 I woke up. I went immediately to the bathroom like I had for the past 2 weeks and 6 days to check on my eye. It was all better. I ran upstairs and woke up my mom and told her. She  laughed and fell back asleep again.



My personal narrative – Annie


“I’m so excited to see Nanny!” I thought. My parents and I were in the car driving to my Nanny’s house. It was a rainy drizzly morning, but that’s normal for England. It felt like I was in the car for days because I just wanted to get there. I waited and waited and waited.

Finally we got to a little home in a little neighborhood. It was just like I remembered; you see I hadn’t seen Nanny in a while at the time. “Finally! We’re here! ” I said as I ran up to Nanny and Poppy’s front door. Knock, knock, knock was the sound my knuckles made on the door. I was about to explode with excitement! “Hold on Wait up, Annie!” My Dad said. Of course my parents are still way behind me being the slow pokes that they are.

The door swung open and there was a woman standing in front of me and my parents. “Nanny!” I cried, I was so happy to see her. “My little Fairy! I missed you.” said my Nanny as I embraced her into a big hug. “I missed you too!” I said. Incase you were wondering she calls me Fairy because I’m little. I liked that she called me that.

We sat down on the couch in the living room. It was comfy, but that didn’t matter to me because I was next to Nanny. “Where’s Poppy?” I asked.

“Poppy’s upstairs, He’s not feeling too well. You can say goodbye to him before you leave.” Nanny answered.

“Okay!” I said still really happy to see Nanny.

“Let’s go to the Kitchen, Annie. While your parents are in the dining room you can help me make Chicken curry.” Nanny said.

“Yay, I love your chicken curry recipe. Daddy makes it at home!” I said happily. The pot boiled, the pan sizzled, it smelled delicious. “Mmmm, smells good is it almost ready?” my Mom asked.

“Not yet Mommy! Almost though.” I called.

Nanny and I grabbed two plates each and took them into the dining room. The chicken curry smelled so good. My stomach growled, it was like it was saying, “Put that delicious food in me!”. Everybody was silent as we ate the curry. It was so good we didn’t have time to talk we were so busy shoveling food into our mouths. “The is so good you guys!” said my Mom. “Thank you deary, but Annie did most of it.” said Nanny, I blushed.

After we ate we went back to the living room and Nanny started to tell funny stories about my dad when he was little. Those stories were hilarious. Then my dad said, “You know Annie, when I was and I was bad Nanny would pull my toes. It hurt!” Nanny laughed. A wave of fear rushed over me. “You’re not going to do that to me are you?” I said in a scared tone of voice.

“Of course not!” Nanny said reassuringly.

“Good, I don’t know why I thought that.” I said with a sigh of relief.

Sadly we had to leave. I went upstairs to say goodbye to Poppy. He was in bed, I crawled in and gave him a hug, “Goodbye Poppy, love you!” I got out of the bed and went down stairs. I gave Nanny a huge hug and said “I love you and can’t wait to see you soon Nanny!”

“Same to you my Fairy!” Nanny said. “ Bye son,” she said to my Dad.

“Bye Mother,” my Dad said lovingly.

We walked to the car. I was very happy to see Nanny. Then it hit me, “I’m really tired!” Then I fell asleep in the car. It was a good day.


This is a picture of a stuffed animal my Nanny gave me:

Photo on 10-19-15 at 4.02 PM Her name is Quackers! I got her form my Nanny, When I was 9 months old for my first Easter! She came with a bunny but I lost the bunny.

Personal Narrative bye Olivia

                                           Gammie’s Surprise



`Hurray hurray! I can’t believe that it’s my birthday! Hopefully I will get some good gifts!’


It was a bright sunny morning when my mom walked in my room with a tray full of breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs. “Mmm” I  said, really excited to eat. I ate and I ate until I couldn’t eat any more. This is a good birthday I thought to myself. I walked down the stairs excited to see all of my family, when I realized that the only person awake was my mom! Maybe this wasn’t going to be the best birthday.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.45.06 PM Picture from pixabay


I waited and waited.It felt like hours and hours so many dreadful hou- wait…. “what was that?” I saw my dad walking down the stairs. My dad loves hugs so that’s exactly what he did. I pulled away as soon as I could because I’m not so into hugs. Plus I was eager to see what presents I had gotten. Before we could open gifts at our house, we got in the car to head to Rhinebeck. Every year (for the kid birthdays) we go to my grandparents’ house (on my mom’s side), and give gifts. My aunt, my uncle, and my cousins all sit around the table and whomever’s birthday it is puts on a crazy fabric hat with fake candles on it. After, we all sing happy birthday (in the craziest voices you could ever imagine), we open gifts and spend time with the family. After, me and my cousins Liam and Luke usually play soccer. We have such a fun time rolling on the ground trying to protect the ball, tackling each other, slipping and sliding, and other fun things like that.



Later in the day we started to head back home. I was happy to be with my two sisters Emma and Julia. I had gotten so many good gifts and had such a fun time with my family. But my birthday was not over; I still had to open the presents on my dad’s side! I was very excited to see my other grandmother’s gift. She always has awesome presents and I don’t get to see her very often, so it’s a special thing for her to give me something. But this year she gave me something even more special.



When I got in the house I was so excited to see what they had all gotten me! I was also excited to open their cards because I love writing them cards back. I opened my aunt Beth’s gift I and I was so happy to see that she got me a bag with horses on it! I was so happy because I love horses and have two of my own!  Now it was time for Gammie’s gift! (my grandma). I opened the card and it was a cartoon of a girl on a horse and it read something like “ Dear Olivia, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and hope all your birthday wishes come true.” I loved this card just as much as I loved aunt Beth’s! Now it was time for the gift. I opened the package slowly and carefully. I could not believe what I had gotten!



Gammie had gotten me a locket! But it wasn’t just a locket, it had my name on it! I jumped up and down with joy! I was so happy. I decided to keep it in my mom’s engagement box, which had been passed down through the generations. My great grandma, my grandma, and finally my mom.

Overall this had been a very good birthday and I’m super excited for my next one!    

The Zipper By Elizabeth

The Zipper

Modern Instrument Of Torture

The sticky pink cotton candy was stuck to my chin and it made me laugh. I liked the way it felt. I licked my lips and started skipping to catch up to my brothers. I was wearing my favorite dress, a nice mint green dress with big pink roses all over it. I grinned and puffed out my chest trying to show off my Big Blue ribbon. Me and my brother had just won first place in the music department of the state fair. I was very proud!!

 As we were walking my brother told my mother, “We have have 8 tickets left.”

“We do?”

“Yeah can we PLEASE use them!”

“I don’t know maybe we should give them too somebody else. We really need to get on our way home.”

“ Please!” my brother whined.

 I personally wanted to get more cotton candy not go on another ride.

“Alright fine you and Elizabeth can go on one more ride”

“What me? Why don’t you go, I want more cotton candy.”

“No more sugar.” my mom said.

“But I really want-” My little brother interrupted me with his loud crying. My mom picked him up from the ground where he had tripped.


“How about we go on the zipper, it’s my favorite ride.”

“ OOOOOO That sounds like fun!” I half shouted.


I completely forgot about the cotton candy. I loved zippers the way they sounded and felt. Now all I wanted to was go on the ride called the Zipper.


“Colin you take them to the ride while I take Owin to the bathroom.” my mother said.

“Alright let’s go!” said my dad.


When we neared the ride I looked it up and down. There were about 15 cars with different decorations on them.  It had a long stretch in the middle that spelled the words THE ZIPPER!!!!! The ride was moving when I neared it it went up and down and sounded exactly like a zipper moving up and down.


“Let’s go Elizabeth you are about to go on your first upside down ride!” said my very exited brother.

“Upside down ride.” I said very slowly.

“Yeah!” said my still very excited brother.

“I don’t think I want to do it.” I said.

“What that’s not fair you already said you would come on it’s not scary.”

“Daddy I do not want to go on it.”

“Come on you already said you would and I will be right here waiting for you.”

“I do not want to do it!” I said very angry and scared.

“Why are you scared?” My brother taunted.

“No I just do not want to go on it!” I yelled back at him.

“Alright then we are going home.” my dad said.

“No!” my brother cried.

“Then you have to go on a ride right now!” my dad said now very stern.


My mom appeared then and said, “What’s going on?”

“Aidan wants to make me go on an upside down ride and I do not want to!” I said suddenly crying. I was so afraid that my daddy would make me go on it and I would die.


“It will not be very scary,” my mom said in her very soothing voice.

“Yeah Elizabeth it’s not that scary,” my brother said.

“But I don’t want to go,” I protested.

“Aidan why can’t you go by yourself”?

Because you are not allowed too. You can only go with two people!”

“ Elizabeth Cuite if you do not get on that ride right now you will never have cotton candy again. and you will have no TV this weekend!” my dad said in a very stern angry voice.


I almost fainted when he said that no cotton candy ever again. How could one live like that. No TV for an entire weekend, again how someone live like that. Instead of responding I just started sobbing. Then my mom said,

“ Fine I will go on the ride with you Aidan.”

“ You will”? Aidan asked in doubt.


My mom hated rides. Period. They made her sick. I recalled when we went to the fair last year and she came of a very slow spinny ride and she thought she was going to vomit. I just imagined what would happen if she went on a upside down ride. I felt bad immediately.

“ No mommy I will go on it.” I said through tears.

“ You will?” Aidan asked.

“ Yes.” I said as a new wave of tears came over me like a wave.


I walked towards the ride with Aidan trailing right behind me.

“ Tickets please,” said the ride attendant.


I almost didn’t go on the ride when I looked at the ride attendant. He had grey hair that looked like it had not been washed in like 10 million years. He had a very dirty scraggly beard. His eyes were almost as black as the T Shirt he was wearing.


“ Here you go.” Aidan said.


He handed the ride attendant the tickets and walked over to the very scary looking cart. I stepped into the cart sat down. The ride attendant came over and locked us in. The wall that kept us from falling out had metal wires and big puffy things to hold on too. The ride started.


I gave a yelp as the ride jerked its way up. I held on to the big puffy things as tight as I could. Then I made the mistake of looking down. The big fat tears started again and I begged my brother too make the ride stop. We were about 35 feet in the air.

“ Aidan I really-”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed we had fell down and had done almost 4 flips in a row. The tears stopped for some weird reason. I realized then that I was having fun. We jerked up and down doing more flips around and around. I started laughing. I was having a lot of fun. I looked at my brother who’s face was like a tomato from going upside down so many times. I felt the ride stop and I wished it hadn’t. We hopped off the ride, I thanked the scary looking ride attendant and ran over to my parents. Aidan right behind me.


“ How was it?” my mom asked.

“ It was great!” Aidan answering for me.

I looked at my mom a big grin on my face and said.

“ Can we go again?”


 Ian Sane via Compfight