Week #4 Blogging challenge by Fiona



Free candy is a delight, but watch out for fright                  

zombies vampires John Cena and more they will be you’re

nights galore

Trick-Or-Treaters everywhere they might give you a bit of a scare, But just beware of the house on end of the street, you don’t know what you might meet

Although I do, I never want to go back to the house on the end of the street because I do know for what you will meet.

Into the mansion the deeper you go, at the end you will scream OH NO,

You see a monster with eyes as big as  boulders, “ IT JUST TOUCHED ME ON THE SHOULDER, You run out of the house back on to the street For now you are safe but not until you meet the next monster of the street.


The Phantom Manor     ©   thebarrowboy via Compfight


Week #4 Blogging Challenge – by Yasmeen

Hi everyone,

This week for my blogging challenge I decided to write a poem about Halloween hope you enjoy!

Candy Corn

                     Eric via Compfight

Halloween – My Favorite Day in The Year


Halloween it’s my favorite day in the year  

When the ghouls and goblins come out of the wall 

When the ghosts scratch on the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When I trick or treat

And scare them all

And Halloween music blasts through the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When the pumpkins get carved

When the pumpkin pie sits in the oven and into the hall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When you count up all you candy and trade with kids big and small

And you brag to your friends that you got this and that

It is Halloween my favorite day in the year                                                 

You go to haunted houses big and small

And take out the pranks and scare them all

Then laugh once you’ve scared them off It’s Halloween my favorite day in the yearspiders wallpaper

When you scare kids big and small

And tell them stories about ghouls and goblins and more

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

 Don Buciak II via CompfightCreative Commons License

When you dress up as devils vampires and more

ZombieAnd when red oozing slime comes out of the wall

And now we turn the lights off because……………..

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year!                                                                                  


Jelene Morris via CompfightCreative Commons License

Day 298/365 - Glowing Pumpkins

         Great Beyond via Compfight                                                               

World War 1 Poem – Molly

Men trudging onto the cold, dark, wet buses.
Families wave goodbye with tears streaming down their faces.
Young children grow up without fathers to teach them things a mother can’t.
Backpacks and helmets, jackets and gas masks.
No one is ready, for what might come.
The small busses pull up at a site where men climb into the backs of trucks, expecting the worst.
Trenches are dug deep into the ground and little shelters -hardly houses- are built.
The first day, limbs lost.
Men drowning in their own blood.
Gas filling the air.
No one can stand up.
Their bodies weak and lie all through the trenches.
The hideouts have been spotted and there is no hope.

World War 1Poem ‘Why???’ – Rebecca

What is it good for?

It is useless. To fight and kill. To lose things you have for another thing that may not be better. To receive many a sin over murdering those who wish to defend, those who can’t even hold a gun, those forced to fight.

War. Why?

Why do others enjoy to kill their enemies so? Just for getting something that they don’t already have?

War. Those who fight it.

Thinking of glory that never comes for them, only a brutal death, not seeing their loved ones ever again. Knowing that glory will not come for them, dead or alive.

War. Those waiting.

The women and children waiting in fear and in the dark, never knowing if their husbands and sons and brothers and fathers will ever return, trapped in their grief.

War, still.

Young ones  playing killing games, will never know that they might soon have to use a real gun. Countries waiting to attack or be attacked. War raging throughout the world, when we know it does not help.

Stop war. Before war stops us.

WWI Poem By Paavo

You hear the blast of the shell

Your friends being shot down next to you

Your heart starts beating faster and faster


You look behind you as your friend body’s lay there, dead and mindless

You wish you could be dead next to them with all the sin washed away in a blink of an eye.

You hear a gunshot your arm starts to bleed

You drop your gun

Your vision grows faint

You drop to the ground dead- dead

With your sin washed away in a blink of an eye

All is good now

God awaits you

World War Poem-Kiki

It is a sad time, for everyone here.
I never thought this would happen. I wish I could die.
No! Friend, don’t leave this world, don’t leave me. Don’t die.
I wish this could stop, now, and we could all go home to our expecting families.
We shouldn’t have to do this. Why can’t we all be equal and live in peace?
I must go now, to fight for our country. 

War Poem – Petra

Everyone is trying their best,

Nothing good is coming out of this war,

I do not want to have the pain as my friend has had,

I do not want to be next,

I want to leave,

This is not a place I would ever want to get back to,

This will always be a scar to me no matter what happens,

I don’t want to remember,

But I guess I can’t decide.