My student led conference experience – Cally

I feel the stare of the patient, parent and the waiting teacher. What to say, what to say…..This is the Student Led Conference. There is a lot of preparation that goes into an SLC. First our preparation started by writing about our progress during the past two trimesters. t
After our fingers are dead on the floor from typing all those words, we get to type more words. Our teachers sent us an online presentation format for our SLC so we could really sort out our presentation for our parents and teacher. This took an excruciating
amount of time. We also had to put all of our bullet notes about us and put it on that document. All of this work led up to something really great though.

After we had done all of that, we had to team up with partners and to a test run of our SLC conference which, was in fact fun. Seeing people and finding mistakes (even me) was priceless! I’m not one for schadenfreude but this was hilarious! Sometimes I really think we underestimate the power of reading things out loud.

Finally, it was the day of the conferences, which takes me back to not knowing what to say. My teacher suggested we dress a bit fancy so in my case wear a dress. I had my dress on and I was ready to go. I went into the spotlight and just began to talk. I am very good at
talking. I guess I’m born with the gift of the gab. It all came down to talking with my parents on on how we will work together on things like tests. I had to be careful where I stepped on this land mine because I can’t say something that would land me in an earlier bedtime, or cutting off watching one of my favorite shows. As the conversation went on it was easier to figure out what sort of help I needed. For instance, I was going to share my calendar with my parents.The SLC conference really wasn’t a shark tank or a land mine, it really did help me as a learner and a student.

SLC By Cam

SLC stands for Student Led Conference. SLC is when the student gets together with the teacher and parents and talk about what the kid has been doing in school so far and how it’s been going. The student leads the conference and the teacher takes a step back for once. The student talks about what his/her weaknesses and strengths as a learner are and also other accomplishments like projects and such. Then, the student has to set two goals for his/herself for the next trimester and one with his/her parents and the teacher.

We prepare for it by making a slideshow with all the categories necessary, The student also has to display examples of work to his/her parents of what he/she has been doing. For instance, If one child said “ One of my strengths is that I’m great at science,” he/she would show the teacher and parents an example of work or put a blue link to a page of work online that makes it clear that the child is great at science.

I think that SLC are a waste of time and I don’t like to attend them. There is this magical thing called a report which tells the parents how well the kid is doing in school without having to go through the trouble of making a Google presentation, rehearsing it and doing it at school. It saves on time and effort.

Student Led Conference by Xavier

In my school every year, we have SLC’s (Student-Led Conference.) SLC’s are regular parent-teacher conferences except that we the students get to lead the conference and plan the whole conference. For my SLC I made a slideshow presentation. I made fifteen slides about what I am skilled, what I need to work on and some things I can improve. The SLC is only thirty minutes so I would want to use as much time as possible to present myself.

I had to really think about the year and what I did  when I was making my presentation. Three of my slides had pictures of some pieces of work I made well, while another three slides had pieces of work I did not do so well on. I also had some slides where I showed my goals for the rest of the school year and following year. Another group of slides were my strengths and weaknesses. I showed what I am skilled in and what I am not.

The day of the Student Led Conference, I was prepared and ready to go. I talked very confidently and I didn’t get nervous or tense up. I talked a little too fast so I had a lot of time at the end for questions. My parents loved my presentation and they said I came well equipped for the conference. They gave me a lot suggestions and comments and told me that they were going help me with whatever I need help in.  I think I did a really good job with my SLC.

Student Led Conference- Grace

Student led conference is a time when we get together with our teacher and parents to talk about how we have progressed in the year and what materials we need to do better. We first talk about what we did great on over the year and why it was so great. After that we talk about what we think we didn’t do very well on. Once we completed that part, we then set goals that we would like to accomplish for the rest of the year and the year to come. One of these goals we set with our parents.

We had to prepare for our SLC’s (student led conferences) by making a slideshow to play for our parents. Before we made the slideshow, to get a better idea of what we wanted to put in, we had to fill out a form and we could look back at it whenever we needed it. We then gathered the papers and work that we wanted to present and put it in a pile. I shared my presentation with my friends and got feedback from them. We fixed up the last things that needed to be changed and the slideshows were ready.

I thought my conference went well and I enjoyed being in charge of the conference.We have the student led conference so that our teachers and parents know what we are doing in school and how we like it. I knew what I needed to make my learning better and I got a chance to explain if I did not understand something in my classes.


Student Led Conference Presentations


A Student Led Conference is basically the same thing as a parent teacher conference except it is led by the student. We did it differently than we normally do it this year. This year we made presentations to go along with our conference. I had fun creating my presentation and I am proud of my work. I think students leading a conference is a good idea because it prepares everyone for real life and doing business. It was really exciting and a great experience for me.

To prepare for my SLC, I first had to plan out my presentation. We all (6th grade) got layout slides so we had something to work off of. That made the whole process of the presentation way easier. I filled in all the criteria in the slideshow, and I also needed to find out if I needed any pieces of paper or need to print stuff out for my slideshow. When I printed, I was ready to rehearse. It took some time until I was ready to put it all together and show my parents.

My experience with this was all very positive and exciting. I always over think this every year but then it turns out to be all fine. I am usually intimidated and kind of frightened but my SLC always turns out okay. I had a great time with my dad for my SLC and hope I do not over think it next year. One of my goals was to jog every other day and I have not really been doing that because of my spring allergies. I really want to because, since I have asthma it is hard for me to run and jog. I think doing this will build up my endurance. Overall, I had a great Student Led Conference!

SLC – Erik

On Thursday, April 26 our school had Student Led Conferences. This is a time when each student comes to school with their parents and tells them about what he/she has done so far this year and their strengths and weaknesses as a learner. The teachers is there just to encourage the presenter (if he/she needs it) and keep everything in order. He/she would present work to back-up their statement. The whole thing takes about half an hour. The first twenty minutes the stuident talks and the last ten minutes are to let parents ask questions.

This was my third time doing a “SLC” but this year the teachers changed the style of it a little. In the years before, the students had to write everything down and then find work to back it up. This year, the teachers gave us a presentation template. The first slide was the introduction. The introduction just told his/her parents about what their child was going to talk about. The second and third slides were for the students strengths and weaknesses as a learner. The fourth and fifth was for work that the student wanted to show their parents. The pieces of work would be both for what he/she felt he/she really did well on and what he/she could have improved on. The last three slides were for the students goals. Those would be for what the student wanted to be better at in school. The student would only set two goals and at the conference he/she and their parents would come up with a third goal together.

As I said before this was my third SLC so I wasn’t really that scared, plus I feel that I am a very strong presenter. My parents thought that my SLC was scheduled at 9:30 when it was really supposed to be 9:00 so we rescheduled with my teacher to 10:30. When I was finished presenting, I felt like only two minutes had gone by when really it was thirty. I felt very proud after my presentation, like I had just climbed a huge mountain. My parents looked proud too. I had fun presenting and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

SLC Presentation by Erika

Recently, I made an SLC (Student Led Conference)  presentation, which is a presentation where I wrote about my strengths as a learner, challenges as a learner, goals, and much more. I presented this presentation to my parents with my advisor, Shirley Rinaldi, who was also present. This presentation took several hours of thought and preparation.

In order to prepare for this presentation, I followed several steps. First, in order to review my classwork for the year, I browsed through my first and second trimester reports, and highlighted anything that I thought was important to put into the presentation. As I was highlighting important information, it made me think critically of my strengths and challenges as a learner. Then, I took the highlighted ideas, and incorporated them into a chart our advisor gave us.

This chart was a visual way for me to organize my thoughts, reflections, and goals for my learning.  Finally, I used all of this preparation to develop a Google presentation for my audience.

In general, my preparation for developing my presentation made me feel very confident. Although I was a little anxious about talking about myself, my preparation guided me through it. In this way, I felt my ideas flowed evenly, so my audience could understand it. While I was pleased with how I presented, I think I could have used more examples of my classwork to show my progress and challenges. But I still think I demonstrated excellent knowledge of my learning skills.

In conclusion, I felt this was a very worthwhile experience. It taught me how to reflect on my learning needs and skills, and how to put them together in a way that made sense to me and others. It was also important to get practice talking myself in a public speaking format. And from the presentation itself, I thought of additional goals and ways to manage my anxiety for my next time.

SLC- Raiyaan

Student led Conference is a time  to show my strengths and weaknesses in my academic classes. It is run mainly by the student but with a little bit of help from the teacher. The conference is thirty minutes long and parents and our advisor attends. In the past, Student led Conferences did not have a presentation with pictures and links, but this year we did. Teachers made us examples of the slides which we then used to help us.

Before the conference day, all the 6th, 7th and 8th grade prepare and get ready. We all worked really hard and made sure that our presentations were perfect. I did practice runs with my friends. I tried to use a lot of time in talking/showing work so that in my presentation there wouldn’t be an awkward silent block at the end. I also tried to not reading off of the board so that it doesn’t look like my back is face to the audience and I’m reading off the board.

I felt really proud after my presentation. I was glad that I didn’t have to work on my presentation anymore. I was also glad to because I got to tell my parents what I was good at and what I was not so good at at. My parents are now helping me a lot in Spanish because that’s the only thing that I have trouble on. My parents are really proud of me and I got a present afterward. My student led conference was exciting.

Student Led Conference-Genna

Student Led Conference

On April, 26th most of us had our student led conferences, including me. We had made presentations for this day and talked about our strengths, our weaknesses, our goals, and previous projects that we had done.  We had our parents come in and listen to our presentations, then we talked about what needed to be improved. Our parents also helped us come up with the last of the three goals we had to set.

We had started preparing for this weeks before by filling out a chart. In the chart we had to put down our strengths, weaknesses, projects and everything that was put into the presentation. We had a lot of time to think about what we were going to put into this conference and we also had our reports from teachers to base our thoughts and plans.

My student led conference went really well. I put a lot of work into the presentation and really thought about what I need to do better  on. I also put a lot thought into strengths. I think I set great goals for myself and since then I have been trying really hard to work on achieving them. I really like how these conferences include us the students. I think it is a more efficient way of letting us know what we really need to work on and what we are very strong in.

Student Led Conference – Leif

The student led conference is when students present themselves as learners to their  parents and their homeroom teacher. For example, I put in my strengths and challenges and how I’m going to try  to achieve them. I also have goals for the end of the year and for next year. Then at the next student led conference, I will look back on the goals I set and see how I have executed them ( hopefully well).

The prep for the student led conference was very long and arduous. First we filled out a spread-sheet highlighting our difficulties and accomplishments in each field of academic studies like homework or science. Then we would fill out the actual presentation template, The template is a presentation that says on one slide, strengths so that is where we would put our strengths.

I feel that the student led conference is a better conference than the parent teacher conference because in the student led conference students get to actually discuss how they are  advancing as a learner, in contrast to the parent teacher conference where parents and teachers talk about the student behind their back and the students don’t know what their parents and teachers say.