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My student led conference experience – Cally

I feel the stare of the patient, parent and the waiting teacher. What to say, what to say…..This is the Student Led Conference. There is a lot of preparation that goes into an SLC. First our preparation started by writing about our progress during the past two trimesters. t After our fingers are dead on […]


SLC By Cam

SLC stands for Student Led Conference. SLC is when the student gets together with the teacher and parents and talk about what the kid has been doing in school so far and how it’s been going. The student leads the conference and the teacher takes a step back for once. The student talks about what […]


Student Led Conference by Xavier

In my school every year, we have SLC’s (Student-Led Conference.) SLC’s are regular parent-teacher conferences except that we the students get to lead the conference and plan the whole conference. For my SLC I made a slideshow presentation. I made fifteen slides about what I am skilled, what I need to work on and some […]

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Student Led Conference- Grace

Student led conference is a time when we get together with our teacher and parents to talk about how we have progressed in the year and what materials we need to do better. We first talk about what we did great on over the year and why it was so great. After that we talk […]



Student Led Conference Presentations   A Student Led Conference is basically the same thing as a parent teacher conference except it is led by the student. We did it differently than we normally do it this year. This year we made presentations to go along with our conference. I had fun creating my presentation and […]

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SLC – Erik

On Thursday, April 26 our school had Student Led Conferences. This is a time when each student comes to school with their parents and tells them about what he/she has done so far this year and their strengths and weaknesses as a learner. The teachers is there just to encourage the presenter (if he/she needs […]


SLC Presentation by Erika

Recently, I made an SLC (Student Led Conference)  presentation, which is a presentation where I wrote about my strengths as a learner, challenges as a learner, goals, and much more. I presented this presentation to my parents with my advisor, Shirley Rinaldi, who was also present. This presentation took several hours of thought and preparation. […]


SLC- Raiyaan

Student led Conference is a time  to show my strengths and weaknesses in my academic classes. It is run mainly by the student but with a little bit of help from the teacher. The conference is thirty minutes long and parents and our advisor attends. In the past, Student led Conferences did not have a […]


Student Led Conference-Genna

Student Led Conference On April, 26th most of us had our student led conferences, including me. We had made presentations for this day and talked about our strengths, our weaknesses, our goals, and previous projects that we had done.  We had our parents come in and listen to our presentations, then we talked about what […]


Student Led Conference – Leif

The student led conference is when students present themselves as learners to their  parents and their homeroom teacher. For example, I put in my strengths and challenges and how I’m going to try  to achieve them. I also have goals for the end of the year and for next year. Then at the next student […]


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