William – Perseverence by Erik

I think that if I was William I would have persevered and fought through the pain of building the windmill because I know that my village needs electricity to power their tools to farm and get food. If I did accomplish this then everybody would have one less thing to worry about. Also I would be looked up to by everybody else. I wouldn’t just be known as just “one of the kids.”  

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind – Genna

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

I like this book because of all the stories and the magic that they believe in. I think that it is so cool to learn how different Africa is from America., for example, how they have “witch doctors” and how they are very superstitious. It is so interesting how they make toy cars, with the wheels made out of bottle caps. Just how they live is so interesting! I know it must be hard work living like them but it would be so fun to spend a day living like them!
When I heard all of their troubles with money and how hard they work it made realize how lucky most people in America, like me are. I can just go to the gas station or super market and get a pack of gum, but in one of the stories, William was so amazed to just see a bag of gumballs! Even though, waking up every morning to go to school can be a pain, we are getting the education that we need. I am very grateful for all of the things that I have and that I can do.

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind.


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.
By: Cally
This  book is very good. I  really liked the perspective of a boy coming from a very poor place in Africa. It’s quite beautiful to see the life behind this boy who does some amazing things in his life! Just to hear how sweet and innocent he is really brings good thoughts to my mind. For instance when he played “ Vietnam vs. U.S.A.,” he thought that America was the most complex and amazing place ever.

I like William Kamkwamba’s father. Just how his father thinks to give a good example he needs to make his stories into this adventure so he may keep his manly persona for his children everywhere.  I hope to learn more of William and his father.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind – Samantha

In are class we are reading a book that is called The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind and so far this book is awesome. The two main characters in the book are William and his dad. This story is about William building a machine that will harness the wind. Though we didn’t get to that part where he harnessed the wind yet. We are only at chapter three.The first couple chapters are about William’s childhood.

The things that I like are all the stories that Williams dad tells. I like the stories because when you hear them in the beginning you don’t know what will happen in the end. My favorite story that he told was the lion and the leopard.I liked this story because it keeps the reader interested, like when the leopard and the lion didn’t get their food and they ate an old man. The old man was their friend and in charge of getting their food. So when the old man didn’t give the animals their food they ate him.

The other thing that I like is when William and his friends play a game they made up with fake guns. The people who usually play with William are his neighbors and cousin. His cousin is the captain of Iraq and  of course the game is called America verses Iraq. This game is like a big hunt because its two teams fighting each other with “spit ball” guns. The people where William is from thinks that Americans will always win in the fight.

If you ever see this book in a library o you should read it as its a great book…so far.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind – Raiyaan

The whole entire 6th grade has been reading a book called The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. This book is about a boy whose name is William Kamkwamba and what he does to save his village. This book is a biography about his life and him telling stories about his father and tales about villages before he was born.I like this book because of the stories and how he exaggerates when his father tells the story, such as his father beating ten police men when he’s drunk. Also I like this book because it starts before his life so the reader has some background images too. I recommend this book to people who are into action history of Africa and to people who like to read biographies.

The Boy who Harnessed The Wind

This book is a biography about William Kamkwamba. William as a boy made go carts out of wire. He was a small inventor like Albert Einstein. The book has a lot of stories that are cool. Most stories are about his grandpa and his life.William is a really good at building, he builds go carts out of wire and bottle caps from beer. William made a spit ball gun out of a material like bamboo with a hollow inside. I like him, I bet some other people would to. His grandpa tells story like when he was in a concert. The singer yelled at his father and fought off 20 police officers with his own two hands. This is why I like  the book and I recommend it

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind – by Claire

I like this book because I like the way the author starts out talking about William Kamkwamba’s family and how they live. It was interesting to hear all the stories about his family. It was fascinating to learn that in poor towns of Africa they actually make toys. In Africa you could not go to a store to buy toys you have to make them by hand. I think it would be hard to live like William did.

In the book I have learned a lot about how life used to be in Africa. It was very hard and no one had any money so they did mostly everything by hand. I liked the stories that they told and it was interesting how they have 4th of July two days after us on the 6th. It was interesting to learn how much William and his brothers believed all the stories William’s grand-father told them. This book is really good so far and hopefully it gets even better.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Cam

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kambwamba
What I enjoy about this book is how William describes his life before he made the windmill. He explained his family, his childhood and everything leading up to the huge moment in his life. I also liked how descriptive and detailed he was in telling his early years. For example, when William’s father was dancing at the concert he took us into his father’s mind and was very detailed in taking us into his own little world when his father was dancing.

However most of the stories were a little exaggerated which made it more interesting. An example was the story about the people taking the Africans slaves and trading them for guns, food and other things. And how William’s father beat up four or more police officers after he was dancing when the music stopped in the concert. If I could rate this book overall so far on a scale from 1 to 10 it would be an 8.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind – by Lukas

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba

My favorite character is William’s father. He is a great character to me because he tells great stories and always helps his son whenever he gets into trouble. He is over confident and shows this when he gets drunk and takes on twelve men. This is way too much for any normal person. Getting arrested but first eating a great meal was my favorite part. I also like when the father told the story about William eating the gum and his dad giving up a week’s pay for his son as this shows how much he loves his son.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by Cory

This book is a very interesting biography about William Kamkwamba. It has many intriguing stories and events about William’s life. This book is really good because William has such an interesting life. William made many cool things such as go-karts made out of wire, spit ball gun, toy cars out of beer bottles, and best of all, a windmill.
The windmill helped his town because they didn’t have any electricity and William also didn’t have any education.  One story that William told us was about his dad who fought 20 police men on New Year’s.
William’s life seemed really interesting.  A normal day for him was to go out and build stuff.  In his village they showed movies every Friday night.  One movie that they saw was Terminator.  Everyone thought that the movies were real so they thought that Americans were like superheros.  I loved this book and I think you should read it.