Skype by Elias

I wasn’t here when we Skyped with the other class but I use Skype all the time at home. I think that it would be a good idea to use it in class. I think that we should use it for a pen pal type tool. I think we should all get a partner in the other class and we use Skype to communicate with them.
We could use Skype in class so Shirley could teach us how to transfer quickly from text language to grammar. I think that we should all get a Skype account and use it for getting homework if we were absent or did not get it in class.

Skype in Schools by Colin

I think Skype is a very useful tool for class. You can get to know other people and their culture. You can learn how other schools work and what they are like. You can also use it to communicate if somebody is sick. We could use Skype to find out the geography around the schools that we Skype with. I think we could make Skype a very useful tool in class.

When we Skyped with the school in MO I learned about their school and most of the people that run it. I also learned what their weather is like and where they live in MO. I enjoyed finding out their schools customs like wearing uniforms and such. I liked Skype and the way that we could share each others screens. I think it’s really fun and I hope that we use it more in class.

Skype in School by Andrew

Skype is a useful tool if you use it correctly in the classroom. If you just use it to talk to your friends it is not educational. When you use Skype to talk to other people, to learn or to ask a friend what the home work is then it is a useful tool. These are good ways to use Skype because it will help you learn but there is always he temptation to talk to friends. Skype, overall is a good thing that will help us learn and have new experiences.

Skype by Kate

I think Skype would be a very useful tool because we can actually see the people we are talking to and we can hear them so it makes talking to them sound a lot cooler. I also think that we could get more information from Skype because you don’t always put details online and anyone can see it .

I think that both classes had a lot of fun Skyping. It makes learning about the school much more fun and we really learned a lot about them. We also got pictures and we shared their screen. It was really fun. We learned about their teachers and the different school buildings they had and it was very interesting.

Skype In School by Kristi

I think using the Skype to chat with another class is very helpful because we could see how the children look and how their schools look too. I also think its helpful because our class could do work with another class and we would feel like were all in the same class working on the same thing. It could also help because we could show each other things on Skype that we can’t show on the Internet. I think it would be a lot of fun for us and the other classes around the world.

Skype in the classroom by Stella

I think that using Skype in class could be very useful. I think that it could be a good way to communicate with other classes. I think that if we were able to get in touch with other classes from other countries who visit our blog then it would be great. I think that one way that it would not be helpful in class is if we are having Internet problems because of the amount of people using laptops at the same time. I think that if we got in touch with other classes from a bunch of different places then we could learn about how they teach and what differences and similarities we have with them.

I really liked Skyping with the class in MO. and I thought it was really interesting. I thought that the concept of talking with a class in a whole other state is really cool and a bit weird. I realized how different a classroom looks when they have individual desks instead of big tables and benches. I hope we can Skype with them and other classes again soon.

Skype by John

Yesterday, the entire 6th grade Skyped with another 6th grade class in Missouri. I think that Skype is not a good learning tool, even though I thought using it was great. Skype is not a good learning tool because you don’t learn any thing. I do however think that you can use Skype as an alternative to pen pals. If you use Skype to talk to students far away it will save money instead of paying for stamps to send to far of places in the world.

What really surprised me about people in Missouri is that only one out of twenty kids knew what the Spirit of Saint Louis was. (The Spirit of Saint Louis was the first plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean nonstop)

Skype in school by Hayley

I think skype could be both useful and not useful.  If we were using it to communicate with people from other places in the country or world that would be helpful. Using it for pen pals and stuff like that could be a privilege and I think  writing letters would make us use our minds more than just talking. We could use Skype if we were sick  and needed to get in touch with someone quickly. We could also use it for projects, such as if we were paired up with a partner for a project and couldn’t get together we could go on Skype and work on it.

I thought it was really fun Skyping with the school from MO. It was really cool seeing their classroom, their lifestyles, and how far away they live from their school. I couldn’t believe the longest a person lived away was a half hour.  The classes were also really big, 25 kids in a class. I also liked comparing our distances away from school with theirs. Overall I thought Skyping with people from MO was really interesting and fun!

Skype by Chris

I think that Skype is a cool way to meet other classes in school. You can see and talk to the other class which is awesome! I liked how we can share our screen and show the other people what we are looking at. It is useful because you can talk to people far away instantly instead of having to mail each letter and wait for it. We could teach other classes about what we are studying and they can do the same for us.

I loved the chat with the class in MO and hope to chat with them again. They really taught me about their state and what they have there. I think that we could have groups of two. One person from here and one person from there. We could contact each other like pen pals. They seem like nice kids and I can’t wait to Skype them again!

Skype in school by Blade

I think that Skype is definitely a useful tool that we can use in school. I think that it is because it is kind of like having pen pals but even better! You can use Skype for more useful things though! Lets say that you were home sick one day. You can Skype somebody to get your homework!

For example: we (our class) Skyped another class in MO. We learned about things that they do there. It turned out that there time is exactly one hour behind us. We live in New York. So, that’s what we can use Skype for in class. We can find out information that we didn’t know, but always wanted too!!!!!!!!