Week 3 Activity 1 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

One of my favorite times spent with my family was my trip to Arizona when I was about five. We flew into Phoenix and stayed there for a few days. I remember that we went on this cool hike in the desert, and we saw this lizard that I thought was big at the time, but it wasn’t all that big. We then went to Flagstaff and saw all of the red rocks, and we were at this hotel in the middle of nowhere. After that, we went to the Grand Canyon, and I almost dropped my “wallet” (A.K.A a little folded napkin with about two dollars in it) into the canyon! I thought I almost fell in, but remember, I was five. I looked at my family’s pictures later and saw I was not even close. Then we went back to New York after driving through saguaro (a type of cactus) flats and making up a messed up song.


Grand Canyon 26 Ignacio Izquierdo via Compfight

Week #3 – Blogging Challenge By Annie

Activity #1: Write a post about a favorite time with your family.

I have many favorite times with my family. I spend a lot of time with them – because they’re my family. If have to pick one memory it would be Pony Finals. It was this summer. Pony Finals was in Kentucky, which meant a 12 hour drive for us. To be honest I slept practically the whole way there, but it was so much fun! We played a bunch of road trip games and stuff like that. When we got there it was just so unreal, because this horse show was so hard to get into so the fact that I qualified was just amazing. This was my first time going and my pony is not as fancy as the other ones, so I wasn’t expecting to do so well. That didn’t bother me this show was just for fun. That all paid off in the end, I was so relaxed that I went from rank 98 to rank 1 in the country! Unfortunately I got bumped down to rank 6 over fences and rank 15 overall out of 120 riders! Which is still so good! The best part is my family supported me the whole way, that’s what made that trip so special!


Video by: Hunters court Stables. ©

Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity #1 Cape May

Every year my family goes on vacation to Cape May. Cape May is located on the Jersey Shore Exit Zero. It is a nice little town with a beautiful beach! It takes about four hours of being in a car with two dogs in the back, but this year it will be four dogs. We have rented the same house for two years now, and I wouldn’t say it’s a great house but it is better than nothing. The house has three bedrooms,  two bathrooms and a small backyard! One of my dogs Gracie likes the crabs and digging in the sand. My other dog Oliver is scared of the water; the two new puppies, and well I’m not sure how they will act yet. I would recommend going there for a nice vacation!


Here is a picture of the beautiful beach at Cape May!

Daybreak   K Christiansen via Compfight



Week 3 Activity #1 Zoe

When my family went to Washington DC, we went to many museums. I videotaped the entire trip. We stayed in a hotel that was very historical. Abraham lincoln had been smuggled in there once when detective Allan Pinkerton thought there might be an assassination. We went to very bad breakfasts, because we had to rush to find the nearest coffee shop so we could see all of the museums. We went to an awesome laotian restaurant where I had an amazing Thai iced tea and a delicious mango coconut rice dessert. I had cow tongue and quail wings! That restaurant was one of the last times I had meat before I went pescetarian. My family really enjoyed that trip, although our hotel room smelled oddly the whole time.

The White House Washington DC

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Blogging challenge week #3 Activity #1 by Neha

One memory I have with my family is when we went to Quebec, Canada and Bar Harbor Maine during spring break last year.  First we went to Quebec for two days and then we went to Maine for a couple of days. We drove the whole time.  Anyway, I went with my mom, dad and my little sister. It was a lot of fun and Quebec was really pretty. We went on a horse carriage ride there. Mostly, we walked around and shopped because we  only stayed there for two days. Then we went to Bar Harbor, Maine which was about four hours away from Quebec (I think). In Bar Harbor we went to Acadia National Park which was beautiful. We went on a great  jeep tour and had really good food. There were a lot of places to walk and shop in Bar Harbor, so that’s what we did. We even met someone we knew who was on vacation with his family (it was a doctor my parents knew). All, in all it was really fun and I had a great time there.

Blue hour in Old Montreal Jim Nix via Compfight  

– City of Quebec ,Canada

Week 3 Activity #1 Blogging Challenge

The story I’m about to tell you happened this summer when I was flying to Poland for the first time. I was so excited because I was going to Poland, plus I was going to meet my Polish family for the first time. When I arrived at eleven at night at the hotel, we got to the room and I was exhausted and grumpy so I got into bed. The next day I toured Warsaw with my cousin and aunt, and after our full day tour, we went to an enormous dinner with all my relatives, such as my three times removed cousin, Pepino, and my four times removed niece, Lena, and my great-great aunt who played the harmonica for all of us. It was great and fun, but the food was terrible because instead of making Polish food, the restaurant made “international” food–whatever that means! Overall, I had an amazing time in Poland.

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Week #3 Activity #1Blogging Challenge By Yasmeen

Hi My name is Yasmeen,and I am going to tell you about my favorite moment with my family. I have a brother named Abdul,a mom named Noura,and a dad named Salah. Over the summer I went to Washington DC with my family. This was my favorite moment because I have never been to Washington and I have never seen sites like these. My favorite site was the white house. I love this picture of me and my family right in front of the White House. Leave comments down below on what you think!


Happy Blogging,


Family Picture- Copyright
Family Picture- ©


Week 3 Activity #1 by Caidan

I have had a lot of great experiences with my family in my life but one of the most memorable moments is when we were running across the beach in Montauk. We were flying my kite and playing in the sand . I love my family and  they’re the most amazing people. They do so much for me every day, week, month, year. So I just have to say thank you mom and dad.  

Taken by Christine Copyright
Taken by Christine
Taken by Charles  Copyright
Taken by Charles


Halloween Poems By Sam

DELIcious                                                              halloween54



Loud kids shouting HALLOWEEN






No Nut candy


Halloween Poem

Halloween a joyous day for kids of all ages.

Costumes of all kinds some funny and some scary.

Every child has a bag for sweets to eat.

Doorbells ringing and the phrase trick or treat being heard from houses,and

Parents watch their kids coming and going from house to house.

When it turns darker it starts to get quiet and parents tell their kids to come in.

The end of the night all kids are in their houses and kids are enjoying their candy,

Now all kid’s what until the next Halloween.

Summer Blog Post by Ibrahim

My trip to California
On Friday, August 1st I left for the best vacation of my life! After a year of begging my parents to take a trip to California, they finally gave in. At last the big day was here, and my mom, sister, and I were sitting outside the gate waiting for the announcer to say the words that would be like candy to my sweet tooth! After a few minutes, we were safely on the aircraft and the pilot kick started the engines.

Two hours later, we had reached our crossover in Dallas, Texas. A stopover is the airport you stay in between between flights. After an hour of waiting, we boarded the plane to Orange County, California! We had reached the lit up city safe and sound. After a long car ride and a Malik Sisters (my mom and her sisters) reunion we reached our first final destination. We arrived at my aunt Samina’s house and it was great! After our first day, they threw a party to celebrate my cousin Naveen’s sweet 16. That same night (after the party) we set out for my uncle Tariq’s house in Corona, which is about an hour away. We finally reached his house at about 12 a.m. in the morning!

At uncle T’s house we had so much fun, I don’t even know where to start! My cousin, Rayan, and I had so much fun together. On the first day, we went to the beach. Aaaahhhhh! I have hydrophobia and have had really bad experiences at beaches. This time I was almost washed away with the waves but got up on my feet at the last second. That was a close one! I didn’t go near the water after that for the whole time at the beach. After a while we started playing cricket and I must say I was pretty good at it! As night fell, we left and ate at an amazing chinese restaurant.

After a few days we did something was really fun! We went to a place called Pole Position. It was the most awesome thing I had ever done… indoor go-kart racing! Halfway onto the track, it was me and my aunt Maliha, head to head! In the end, she won. But only because she had a faster kart. Another few days and a real birthday cakes candles were lit. They were my younger cousin Musa’s. He was turning 6 years old. We went to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate the occasion. We had so much fun even though most of us were way too old for this sort of stuff. We kept on rotating who’s house we were going to. One time at aunt M’s (everyone calls her ‘Meenu’) house, my sister and cousin Muhammad were watering plants when I walked out. I was immediately met with a wave of water in my face. I got real mad and by the time the plants were watered, our moms had to deal with three extremely wet kids! After a week, the best week of my life, my worst day broke out. It was Thursday, August 19. And Thursday, August 19 was the day I left California and set forth for New York…