Win! Win! Win! Post by Anni

My name is Anni and I am in the 6th grade. I am writing about how “blogging has helped me get a global audience.”

I haven’t really made any friends that I know a lot about through blogging but I have learned a little bit about life in other countries and states. Last year we didn’t really look or do anything with other blogs. My grade recently Skpyed with a class in Missouri and I learned a lot from the class that we talked to. We got the link to their blog but we have not yet commented on their blog. I hope that we will get to comment on their blog soon.
We have also been commenting on a university blog in Turkey. Each of us has commented on one of the student’s pages. Also, my class has looked at and commented on the two blogs above and below our blog on the blog list for the blogging challenge.

Win! Win! Win! by Alexandra

Blog post for Win! Win! Win!
This post is part of The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience

Blogging challenge #4

1. If I was in charge of the Student Blogging Challenge some of the weekly challenge tasks that I would include would be to  write a paragraph on how blogging connects with your life and some things that you have enjoyed either blogging about or commenting on. That would be my first blogging challenge because it would lead to posts that everyone could read why people liked or disliked blogging.

2. My second blogging challenge would be to record or make a Voki about how you could change one thing about the Edublogs site. I would include that as one of my challenges because it would be fun to record what you wanted to say but at the same time your classmates could see what you want to change about blogging. You could also compare your audio and see if your ideas are similar. Here is my Voki about the Hudson Valley.

Walkway Over The Hudson by Alexandra

3. Usually people write comments on blogs, but for the third blogging challenge I would suggest that students could gather a group of friends and video tape a short movie. That play would be a post and it would be fun because students would have to make up the script, find a title for the movie and at the end could also add effects to what was recorded.

4. For the fourth challenge the students and/or teacher could pick a partner and visit a blog (not your own) and read a few blog posts. When a few posts were read, the partners could decide which post they want to comment on. It would be fun to visit and comment on another blog because you would make new friends and you would probably get comments from the blog site that you visited.

5. The fifth blogging challenge would be to think of an experience that had a lot of emotion. When you think of that time, you could think of at least 12 key words that you would want to include in a Wordle. Creating a Wordle would be fun because once you type in your key words, it automatically decides the font and color of your text, but at the end you will have a chance to change it. Here is our Wordle…

Wordle: us


6. The sixth challenge would be to create an Animoto about one of your hobbies. Making an Animoto video would be a lot of fun because students could add music, pictures, any type of other audio, effects and anything else you could think of. It would be a great activity because students could see everyone’s  hobbies in slide show form. Here is our Animoto …

Create your own video slideshow at

Win Win Win By Milo

Win! Win! Win! by Milo

For my post, I chose the topic where I explained my favorite challenge for The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience.

The weekly blogging challenge that I like the most was the voki challenge number 2. For those of you who do not know what a voki is, it is like an avatar that can speak. It involved making a character at and posting it on our blog.The vokis said a little piece about a fun place to visit in the Hudson Valley (the area I live in). I liked it because it was fun to customize my own character and choose the voice for it. I learned how to make a voki which was very fun. Here is my voki…

Walkway Over The Hudson by Milo

Win, Win, Win!-by John M.

Win! Win! Win!

This is choice number 5 for The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience

Our class blog is great! It would be much better if each student had his or her own blog and I think it would be fun to setup our own blog. Maybe we will get to do that sometime this year. I think  maybe the problem with this is that everyone might have to pay to get individual blogs. Another problem would be if there was an offensive comment, our teacher could not delete them before we see it. If I had an individual blog, it would be about airplanes and model making. I think that if we got our own blogs we would write about whatever we wanted, but once a week we should write a new post.

Win! Win! Win! By Colin

I chose to write about, ‘What difference has blogging made to your life at school and home?” This is for The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience
Blogging has made a huge difference in my school and home life. Usually in class we would be writing things on Microsoft word and saving it on a flash drive. Now in class we just post everything on our class blog. When it’s on our blog we can always look at it because it’s on the internet. At home I can look over all of my writing and edit. Parents and other people can also look at what you have been writing in class. Blogging has made homework and school work a lot easier, and I think blogs are a great thing to use in class.

Win Win Win by Matt

My post is about what blogging challenges I would make if I were in charge of making them. This is for The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience

If I were in charge of coming up with weekly blogging challenges I would try to give the challenger something to do that may be entertaining. Most of the challenges I would make would probably be involving picture because I think visuals can be a really important thing to some posts. A challenge I can think of right now is. Write a two paragraph post about something you like. Then add two or three pictures showing what you wrote about. I would also ask them to get the pictures from creative commons.

Here is a link to a picture I chose from flickrcc... I can link this picture but do not have the right to copy it.

Win Win Win By Zander

Hello! I’m Zander from Blogging has changed my life at home and at school. Everyday when I come home from School, my mom asks me, “What did you do in school today?” I used to say things like, “I did math, I wrote, I did social studies, etc.” I have to say, School was boring. I only wanted to go to see my friends. Now that I blog, I say things like, “I wrote to a blog in Singapore and I got a comment from Sydney, I made an avatar, I completed a challenge!”

Now school is so much more interesting! At school, in Humanities class we spend about 100 minutes blogging, posting and editing. School is so much more interesting because I do so many cool things with so many classes from around the world. At school, it almost seems normal that you get a comment from another country or class. I love blogging and the challenge.

This post is the second choice of topic in The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience

Here is our Avatar Animoto video

Create your own video slideshow at

Win Win Win By Ben

Win Win Win .

I think blogging has made a big difference to life at our school. For one thing, it allow us to connect to other schools around the world and share ideas with many other students. That really made a big difference to students in our school. Another thing is that we can learn about different countries by asking someone from that specific country. I have met many different friends. It makes school much more fun and it helps me type. Some people think it doesn’t teach you anything well if you blog to someone from another country you can ask them questions and learn about their country. We are commenting on students posts in Instanbul, Turkey, from Sabanci University and that is fun. I hope our school keeps up blogging because it is great fun!

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win! win! win!!!! by Kate

Win! Win! Win!  Challenge #4
If I were in charge of the student blogging challenge,  I would do many things. As a student myself I know what kids my age like to do. I think that the Blogging Challenge could be a lot of fun with prizes and blogging games. We could have posting challenges or have everyone write about something and see what topic was chosen the most. There could be guessing games and commenting games as well. Something my class did was skype chat with another school; we could have an around the world challenge where you try to learn as much as you can about one school from as many states or countries as possible.

Win! Win! Win! by Elizabeth

Win!  Win!  Win!

Choice Post: A Perfect Blog

I’ve looked at many different blogs that looked different.  In and out of school, I have looked at lots of blogs that were made by people from different places.  Sometimes, even if there might be something interesting in a blog I’m looking at, if I can’t find it quickly, I usually don’t stay there long.  I wish that if a blog has something interesting in it, the makers would put the name of the post or the category that the post is in, in a place that’s easy to get to.  Some blogs that I’ve looked at have just that, while others don’t have anything close to it..
My idea of a perfect blog made by a class or school, is one where there are lots of different, easy to find, interesting writing pieces by students.  I think that a perfect blog would have something interesting like a picture or other cool gadgets on the front page.  The front page would have some kind of non-writing thing like a movie, along with a description of the latest posts.  On the side, or in some other convenient place, there would be a list of the different broad categories, like blogging.  In my idea of a perfect blog, when you click on one of the broader categories, it would take you to a page with all the different names of the posts.  Then, if you click on the name of a post, it would take you to that post.
Also, in my idea of a perfect blog, all the posts would be about interesting things and would have pictures in them to make them more interesting.  When someone reads a post, once they are done with it, they would have learned something. Even if only thing that the reader learned was about where the writer lived or about their school.  In my idea of a perfect blog, all the posts would have links to websites with more information connected to the content of the posts.  Those are all the things that I think would be in a perfect blog.

This is a post for The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience.