My Passion By Alex

I am really passionate about Joe Namath and how he inspired me to play football. When I first started playing football I felt scared of getting hurt and maybe breaking one of my bones. But when I saw Joe Namath throw the ball and sometimes getting hit, and then just getting up with a smile, I was not scared anymore.


When I was walking onto the field – Home of the Haldane Blue Devils, I felt that I was going to fail badly,  but then I remembered one of Joe’s quotes “ When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” That quote gave me the courage to play.


I always remember Joe’s quote during my own football games. When Joe Namath took his team ( New York Jets ) to the super bow, l I felt that I could take my team to the Super Bowl, but in my league we call it the Championship game. We made it all the way to the semifinals but then we lost 28-14. I still have a smile on my when I think about how I took my team to the semifinals and we tried our best.  


Holidays By Alex

During the holidays my mom, dad and I celebrate Christmas and New Years. The top three holidays I like to celebrate the best are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Why do you think I picked these celebrations?   I like to eat food and I love to get presents. Some of my friends celebrate Hanukkah which is when you get a presents everyday for eight days and you have eight candles that are lit. Then everyday that passes, a candle is blown out and when all the candles are out Hanukkah is over. That’s the way I celebrate my holidays. I love Christmas Most people should be grateful for what they have because some people are homeless and you can help them and donate some gifts to the homeless so they can open presents too! Christmas is also fun because you get to spend time with family and friends that you know.   Christmas 2007 Diane via Compfight

Final Blogging Challenge – By Alex

All the blogging challenges have been great and I really enjoyed them. Even the ones I did not really like but I still wrote a post about them. I think that the blogging challenge I liked the best was the nature post. I chose deer for the nature post and I worked really hard on it. I learned that you have to can’t just rush and say you’re done you have to put a lot of effort into the post or people won’t look. My post was called Dear Deer By Alex Klybas. Here is fine picture of a deer drinking water. If you loved this post come visit my site  and visit all my other posts. But man I will really miss Blogging Challenge  because I did some amazing things.

t. Orbetello (GR) - Riserva Naturale Duna FenigliaCreative Commons License Andrea Sartorati via Compfight

Week 7 Dear Deer – By Alex

This week is all about nature. We can write about anything if it is not man made. For example trees – trees were here when the earth was formed in the first place. All the animals like deer, moose, dogs and even cats are all natural. Each one can have babies and that makes more of them so they can be a bigger population in the world.

For this about post about nature I’m going to write about moose and deer. They are both very very fast animals but I have to say that the deer is just a bit faster then the moose. Deer sometimes can grow antlers but moose can grow really big antlers. Deer are mostly afraid if they see something coming at them so they run away but if the target is still following them, they will turned around at the last moment and try to kill or at least injury the target it is facing. The deer is quick and when in battle if it is fighting to protect its cubs, they will fight till they die.

Here is a wonderful picture of a deer just eating or having a little snack. though prickers are not effective.  Young_Bucks.jpg                                                                                                                                                 Jill    Schad       via Compfight

For a snack or food deer eat plants, fruits, acorns and nuts. Deer will eat anything even if it is on the ground. For example, they eat twigs, fallen leaves and tiny branches. Also deer look like they have not that much fur but really they have so much. This deer is what we called a horned deer but only male deer can have horns because as you can see it has 2 horns on its head. This deer is by a little river. It is a bit dangerous for a deer to be out in wild open surface because of HUNTERS! Hunters can kill deer for their good meat. But deer try to stay away from hunters and if hunters see them they’re going to aim really hard and fire their guns.


Now a little bit about moose. Moose are the animals who really get horn or antlers because some people called them that. Okay back to moose 

October MooseCreative Commons License Didymops transversa via Compfight

This moose has full grown antlers on its head so it can pick up stuff more easy but the down side when getting under something is going to be a little tricky.

Some interesting facts:

  • the males have big antlers
  • so tall have to eat taller grass
  • in winter moose eat shrubs and pine cones
  • moose are most common at lakes rivers mostly any medium bodies of water

Here is a useful site  all about deer and moose



Week 5 Blogging Challenge



Today we’re talking about foods that people like. The food that I like is mash potatoes and gravy. My favorite snack is chip and dip. My favorite candy is ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

I also love spaghetti and meatballs. But the number 1 food I like is Malaysian Food. This food is Beef Rending. Beef rending is made out of rice cucumbers almonds and eggs just like a little breakfast meal. And now that’s food!

Chilli Beef Ramen - Wagamama Filnders LaneCreative Commons License Alpha via Compfight    This is Beef Rending made in Malaysian 

And its number one  because its first on American top fifty food. Here is the link to the website I used to  find all the facts and stuff about the food:

This food is so good because it’s fresh and its man  made. The people from Singapore help out to. They have workers make them and they put them out on the market. The types of food they have is Pasta, Tuscan Tomato, Stovetop Mac and Cheese and the finale is the Beef Rending.  This is the other website I used for all the other facts I got:

Week 3 Blogging Challenge Activity 3 By Alex

In my family we had some great memories like going to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. I also loved all the holidays we spent together. The best thing that was with my family was I have to say was going to Costa Rica where monkeys jump on to your balcony but it was the rules not to touch them even though I wanted to so badly. Also I got to ride awesome waves and my family was just tanning while I hit the waves and I rode those waves like a boss.

I loved the monkeys and they were so cute! I wish I could go there again!

                            Picture by Alex  

Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity 1

I think I am different then most people online because I can concentrate more I think. I work better alone and not in a place where there is loads of people around me. I first do my homework on paper or on the computer and then I play games like Minecraft and Agario. But I always make sure that I am better on online.

Activity 2

I chose this Avatar because I thought it really look like me. But maybe not, your chose.

It had all the other highlights.



Activity 3

Hi I’m Alex Klybas My birthday is December 13th and on that day I will be turning 12 years old. Now lets me tell you  little bit about myself. I love to play sports I have 2 cats and 1 dog and the sports I play are baseball, a little Football,soccer and basketball. Every day after school I get off  the bus and go home to do my homework and then I play minecraft or go swimming with my dad.My cats names are Rexy and Stripes, and my dog name is Rhody. I’m in middle schoo lnow and it’s a lot of fun and I’m excited for the year and all the things that I’m going to be learning about in school.