Annie’s Nature’s Classroom post

April of 2016 we went to Nature’s Classroom for 4 days. Nature’s Classroom is a place where kids come to play outdoors and have fun! It was so much fun! I had a hilarious group of girls in my bunk! In my buck there was Joanie, Olivia, Olive, Eden, Maya, Neha, Elizabeth and me. It was great to have all my really good friends in one bunk.

We were all feeling pretty homesick, but we cheered each other up by telling jokes and putting on little skits. I warmed up to the fact that I was in another state than my parents pretty quickly. If you were to ever go there you have to eat at least one meal there. I loved their food! Nature’s Classroom’s food is way better than ours at PDS  and it was a nice change.

Everyday we would go on a hike with our field group leader. My leader was Kelly. She was so nice. She taught us how to play a game called Camouflage. How the game works is when you least expect it someone would say, “CAMOUFLAGE!” and you would have 10 seconds to find a hiding spot anywhere in the woods. I love Camouflage, and one of the reasons is because I’m undefeated! Kelly also taught us how to make paint out of charcoal, and we got to put it all over our faces!

The best thing I learned there was probably how to make a fire, or how to clean my face with food lying around the house, or how to build and awesome dome! I don’t know what the best part was, but I do know that I learned and ton. You should visit it’s amazing!

My personal narrative – Annie


“I’m so excited to see Nanny!” I thought. My parents and I were in the car driving to my Nanny’s house. It was a rainy drizzly morning, but that’s normal for England. It felt like I was in the car for days because I just wanted to get there. I waited and waited and waited.

Finally we got to a little home in a little neighborhood. It was just like I remembered; you see I hadn’t seen Nanny in a while at the time. “Finally! We’re here! ” I said as I ran up to Nanny and Poppy’s front door. Knock, knock, knock was the sound my knuckles made on the door. I was about to explode with excitement! “Hold on Wait up, Annie!” My Dad said. Of course my parents are still way behind me being the slow pokes that they are.

The door swung open and there was a woman standing in front of me and my parents. “Nanny!” I cried, I was so happy to see her. “My little Fairy! I missed you.” said my Nanny as I embraced her into a big hug. “I missed you too!” I said. Incase you were wondering she calls me Fairy because I’m little. I liked that she called me that.

We sat down on the couch in the living room. It was comfy, but that didn’t matter to me because I was next to Nanny. “Where’s Poppy?” I asked.

“Poppy’s upstairs, He’s not feeling too well. You can say goodbye to him before you leave.” Nanny answered.

“Okay!” I said still really happy to see Nanny.

“Let’s go to the Kitchen, Annie. While your parents are in the dining room you can help me make Chicken curry.” Nanny said.

“Yay, I love your chicken curry recipe. Daddy makes it at home!” I said happily. The pot boiled, the pan sizzled, it smelled delicious. “Mmmm, smells good is it almost ready?” my Mom asked.

“Not yet Mommy! Almost though.” I called.

Nanny and I grabbed two plates each and took them into the dining room. The chicken curry smelled so good. My stomach growled, it was like it was saying, “Put that delicious food in me!”. Everybody was silent as we ate the curry. It was so good we didn’t have time to talk we were so busy shoveling food into our mouths. “The is so good you guys!” said my Mom. “Thank you deary, but Annie did most of it.” said Nanny, I blushed.

After we ate we went back to the living room and Nanny started to tell funny stories about my dad when he was little. Those stories were hilarious. Then my dad said, “You know Annie, when I was and I was bad Nanny would pull my toes. It hurt!” Nanny laughed. A wave of fear rushed over me. “You’re not going to do that to me are you?” I said in a scared tone of voice.

“Of course not!” Nanny said reassuringly.

“Good, I don’t know why I thought that.” I said with a sigh of relief.

Sadly we had to leave. I went upstairs to say goodbye to Poppy. He was in bed, I crawled in and gave him a hug, “Goodbye Poppy, love you!” I got out of the bed and went down stairs. I gave Nanny a huge hug and said “I love you and can’t wait to see you soon Nanny!”

“Same to you my Fairy!” Nanny said. “ Bye son,” she said to my Dad.

“Bye Mother,” my Dad said lovingly.

We walked to the car. I was very happy to see Nanny. Then it hit me, “I’m really tired!” Then I fell asleep in the car. It was a good day.


This is a picture of a stuffed animal my Nanny gave me:

Photo on 10-19-15 at 4.02 PM Her name is Quackers! I got her form my Nanny, When I was 9 months old for my first Easter! She came with a bunny but I lost the bunny.

My Passion By Annie

One of my passions is dogs. I love dogs! They’re so cute, cuddly and playful! What’s not to love? I have one dog and her name is Bobby. My Parents got her when they moved back from England. My mom got her for my dad because he had no friends in America. They got her in 2003 and I was born in 2004. She is thirteen and I’ll be twelve this year. I’ve had her my whole life. When I was a baby I would cry, but then she’d lick my toes and cheer me up!

I think dog should never be in pounds or pet stores because they are cruel to their dogs. In the pounds they make them fight. In the stores they force the moms to have more babies so they can make more money. Also I am really happy dog fighting is illegal because it’s not okay to make animals fight for money and a show.

Dogs are very talented. They can save lives! There are lots of jobs for dogs like:

  • Seeing-eye dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs
  • hunting dogs
  • And many more

This a picture of Bobby sleeping:

IMG_0321 copy


Holiday Post – Annie

My family and I celebrate Christmas even though we’re not Christian. I love Christmas; not just for the presents I like it because it’s a time to see family and give love and many more reasons.

Every year my parents and I put up a tree. We have a fake tree because if we get a real one our cats might eat some of it and get sick. We decorate the tree with many different lights and ornaments. We have special ornaments that we put at the top and just pretty looking ornaments at the bottom. We have a big gold star to go on the very tip of the tree. We also like to decorate the mantel. We have a stocking for me, my mom, my dad, and the dog. Then we put some more lights and pictures up there too.

I get an advent calendar every year so in the morning on every day of December I wake and eat a chocolate!
Usually I get one really big present and the rest are small. This year my big present  is custom riding boots from Argentina. I can’t wait to get them! Every year on Christmas eve I am allowed to open one present, I usually pick the biggest one. Overall Christmas is my favorite holiday!  ©


Final Blogging Challenge – By: Annie

Final Blogging Challenge

By: Annie (Picture by Annie too)



My Favorite blogging challenge was the nature one. I wrote about horses. This one was my favorite one because I got to write about something I’m really passionate about. The blogging challenges helped me learned how to learn used attribution and how to have a lot of fun while I’m writing. I also learned how to use links properly. The best thing I learned was how to give really good comments.  I wish the blogging challenges didn’t have to end!



Week #7 All About Horses – By Annie


Cali Larah McElroy via Compfight

My Topic is about Horses! I love horses, I own four but you’ll learn about them in my presentation. For now my goal is to share most of what I know with you! There are many different colors of horses like, Dun, Chestnut, Dark Bay, Light Bay, Bay, Gray, Dapple grey and many different colors. Here are some fun facts:

  • they have four legs
  • they have 250 bones
  • they are over 350 different breeds
    • Arabians
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Welsh ponies
    • Shires
    • Clydesdales
    • Appaloosa
    • Mustangs
    • Exmoor ponies
    • American Quarter Horses
    • Shetland ponies
    • Miniature ponies
    • and many more

Horses run very early after they are born. A baby female horse is called a filly and a male baby horse is called a colt. Overall a baby horse is called a foal. A grownup female is called a mare. A male grownup horse called a stallion. Horses can sleep standing up and lying down. They like to roll in their pastures to keep cool. The Latin name for horse is “Equus caballus”. They are super loyal and don’t want anything to happen to their riders. They are prey and not predator, which means in the wild they get hunted versus hunting. click here to learn more.

I love all animals, but I especially love Horses ! I want to help horses that are being abused because that’s not right. One of the biggest problem with using horses in cities is carriage horses in cities. The horses are used to pull carriages to carry tourists in many cities.  They have to work many long hours. It’s bad for their feet and it’s very dangerous because the roads are too slippery for their horse shoes.

Thanks for learning with me!


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Week #4 Blogging Challenge -Activity #3 By: Annie

Activity #3: Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween.

My Family and I celebrate Halloween by dressing up. Sometimes we do group costumes but most of the time I only dress up. I’ve been a lot of things in the past, like princesses when I was little, Hermione in my Harry Potter phase and a lot more! This year I’m going to be a pinata.  We also go trick-or-treating with my friends. I tend to eat all of my candy before the night is over! I love seeing everyone’s costumes, as it’s just a lot of fun! After Christmas, Halloween’s the best (in my opinion)!

piñata costumeCreative Commons License Nate Steiner via Compfight

This is not me, but  it is a general idea of what I’m going to look like.

Week #5 Blogging Challenge

Activity #1: Write a post on food that is popular in your country.

There are many different foods that are popular in the U.S.A, but if I had to pick just one I would pick a Burger. They come in so many different ways like:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Veggieburger
  • Hamburger
  • Bacon-burger
  • Texas-burger
  • And a lot more


You can also get a lot of toppings on your burger like:

For those of you that have never had a burger they are like sandwiches, but I think they’re better. Also instead of bread they use rolls. Don’t worry there is a lot more than just burgers in America!My Octoberfest CheesburgerChris via Compfight



127 Main Street Cockroaches by Annie

Four friends were hanging out on the corner of Main Street. It was the day before Halloween.

“Do you want to play ‘truth or dare’ Jacob? ” said Thomas.

“I want to play!” Jessica said excitedly.

“Don’t forget about me!” Ashley yelled.

“I’ll go first,” Jessica added, “I dare you Thomas, to lick the sidewalk!”

Without hesitation, Thomas bent down on his hands and knees, and gave the ground one big slobbery lick.

“Ewwwww!” screamed Ashley.

“Awsome, dude!” Jacob said giving Thomas a high-five.

“Okay My Turn,” said Thomas with an evil look on his face,

“I dare Jessica and Ashley to go into that abandoned house across the street!”


As they walked across Main Street there was a loud scream coming from the house.

“What was that?” Ashley asked in a scared tone of voice.

“I’m sure it’s nothing.” said Thomas reassuringly.

“Do we really have to?” cried Jessica.

“Oh, don’t be a chicken,” said Jacob, “We’ll wait right outside for you.”


Ashley opened the cobweb covered door. It made a loud creak. They walked in and the door slammed behind them. They saw nothing, but felt something tingly .

“AHHHHHH!” They both screamed. A little lamp suddenly turned on, and they realized that the things they felt were a thousand cockroaches!

“Gross!” cried Jessica.

“We’re not gross.” said the cockroaches.

“They talk!” yelled Ashley.


The cockroaches climbed up their legs and dragged them into the basement. The basement was filled to the waist line with slime. They both screamed. In the basement they saw all the children who were missing from the neighborhood!

“AHHHHHHH!” they screamed again as they got sucked under the slime.


Meanwhile outside the boys were laughing hysterically when they heard the screams.

“I think it’s safe to say they’re never coming back!” Thomas said still laughing.


Blaptica dubia ( Orange Spotted Roach ) Michael Minter via Compfight






Week #3 – Blogging Challenge By Annie

Activity #1: Write a post about a favorite time with your family.

I have many favorite times with my family. I spend a lot of time with them – because they’re my family. If have to pick one memory it would be Pony Finals. It was this summer. Pony Finals was in Kentucky, which meant a 12 hour drive for us. To be honest I slept practically the whole way there, but it was so much fun! We played a bunch of road trip games and stuff like that. When we got there it was just so unreal, because this horse show was so hard to get into so the fact that I qualified was just amazing. This was my first time going and my pony is not as fancy as the other ones, so I wasn’t expecting to do so well. That didn’t bother me this show was just for fun. That all paid off in the end, I was so relaxed that I went from rank 98 to rank 1 in the country! Unfortunately I got bumped down to rank 6 over fences and rank 15 overall out of 120 riders! Which is still so good! The best part is my family supported me the whole way, that’s what made that trip so special!


Video by: Hunters court Stables. ©