My Passion ~ Skiing – By Bella

I’d say that one of my passions is skiing. I know that I have just started, but it has really made an impact on me.

The first time I went skiing I didn’t really think much of it. I got on the bus with my friends and sat down. We talked about skiing and they told me their horror stories. Sure I was scared but I knew I was with experienced skiers and I would be fine. To be honest, I really didn’t think I was going to be good. I’ve been told before that I’m a fast learner and that I would have fun and be fine. The ride on the bus felt very long, but I was excited and so were other people. The bus stopped and everyone piled to the front. I got my things and waited for my friend Olive. Together we walked to the rentals. It was a breeze getting through and gathering our things. We sat down and put our gear on. Now I didn’t think it was THAT hard to get on ski boots. There were so many buckles and my foot was stuck once it was in. Then there was walking. Walking in ski boots is NOT fun. Especially  when you have to carry skis and poles. But I managed. Olive and I finished up in the rentals and headed outside. I walked up to the bunny hill. To Olive the bunny hill was the flattest thing you could go down on, but to me it was like going down a mountain. We met up with more friends. Then I saw my friends taking a lesson. A lesson that I never signed up for. They were surprised when I turned around and told them that I never signed up. Then I went up the magic carpet. I learned stopping and turning fairly easy. By learning this I gained the confidence to go on the lift. I got off at the midway section. My friend Joanie and I went down together. Joanie made me think we went down a green ( a easy trail) But instead we went down a blue (A intermediate trail). The trail was ok. I gained speed and stopped as soon as I did. But then came a drop. I was stopping and my foot gave out on me. I started going down fast. Then I made the mistake of learning forward. By leaning forward I gained even more speed. I couldn’t stop. But while this was happening I felt a type of rush. It was amazing. The time came where I just crashed. Everyone came skiing down behind me to check on me. I was ok. I knew that this would happen in the future.

The second time we went skiing I spent about three runs on the bunny hill. Then I went on the lift. I decided to go down the blue again. Turns out that the trail started as a blue and ends as a green. My friends and I went down until we got to the mid way section of the trail. Here you could go down two different ways. Now one of our friends wasn’t the best at skiing. We waited for him and I snapped this picture below. Our friend came down and we continued. We then went down it again. I didn’t really like going on the ski lift. I always thought that something bad was going to happen to me and I ended up being right. The second time going up the ski lift was fine until we got off. What happen was that because of the way my ski poles were, I couldn’t get them out in time. So I continued going up. I could not go to the top of the mountain, NO WAY!!! So I jumped off. It was a bad decision and I now know never to do it again. I fell down and my friends surrounded me. I was fine.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.27.49 PM

The third and last time I’ve been skiing was really when everything set in. I realized that I’m a pretty ok skier. I went on the bunny hill only once or twice. We finally went to the top of the mountain. When we did we went to the terrain park. It was very icy and I fell a lot. But this didn’t stop me from going again. I felt almost unstoppable. I could really go on anything now. My friends were proud of me and so was I. But I realized this whole time that they opened another trail. I took this picture right before we went down( Picture below). 

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.28.02 PM                       

I know now that skiing is something I enjoy. I love the rush you get when you’re going down a trail and pleasure skiing. The way my eyes get when I forget to put my goggles on. I’m always looking forward for Friday so we can go skiing. I love everything about it and hope to get better.

Week #7 blogging Challenge By Bella

Mount Warusawa  悪沢岳


This great mountain sits in Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan. You can also say that it is located in the southern part of the Akaishi Mountains (AKA the Southern Alps) This mountain is apart of the Minami Alps National Park(南アルプス).


The mountain is apart of the Akaishi mountains. These mountains are Mount Warusawa on the east side. Mount Arakawa-Naka in the center. and Mount Arakawa-Mae in front. This connects the mountains.



The mountain it’s just known from being in the national park,It’s known for its hight.Mount Warusawa is 3,141 meters tall (10,305 ft). Mount Arakawa-Naka is 3,083 meters (10,115 ft). And Mount Arakawa-Mae is 3,068(10,068 ft) meters tall. From these heights you can tell that Mount Warusawa is taller than its sister mountains.

Mount Magazine Sunset #1 Dan Thibodeaux via Compfight


Holiday Post by Bella

Christmas is my favorite holiday. We always go to my Grandpa’s house. But this year we are going to my cousins. My birthday is a week before Christmas so I get extra presents! When we get to the house we put baby Jesus in the manger. Then we have a big celebration. After that, before we go to bed we check the Santa Finder to see where Santa is and when he is coming. I remember once that my grandfather dressed up as Santa! We usually eat chicken and mashed potatoes and then  I make desert. This year I am making monkey bread and stuffing it with chocolate.  


West Point Christmas Tree Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 16 Million views) via Compfight

Last Week Challenge- Our Favorite Posts – Bella

I think that my favorite blog post would have to be Week #4 of the Blogging Challenge. This is because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I got to share how fun my Halloween is every year. But it was really hard choosing one post. I loved all of them. Being apart of the Blogging Challenge was an amazing experience. I have learned so much. I’ve learned how to make better comments to people and much more. Over all I have learned to be more self aware when I’m online. I would definitely do this again.



Jack-o-Lanterns 2013 (#1564)Creative Commons License regan76 via Compfight

Blogging Challenge Week #5 Activity #1

When my family has dinner, it is a little different than regular American food. On special occasions my mom makes Dominican food. We make empanadas,rice and gondolas and carne guisada (beef stew). I think that empanadas are my favorite. They are filled with beef and wrapped with a dough.It takes a lot of concentration to make these. Mostly because you have to season the meat and watch how long it cooks.Also the dough that we use is very fragile so you have to be careful when wrapping the beef in the dough.  

 Then we have my grandmother. She is Italian and makes Italian food all the time. My favorite is her pasta with meat sauce. When I watch her cook it I get bored because it takes so long to make. But I know that’s it’s worth waiting because it’s so good! My Grandmother uses a secret recipe that has been pasted down from her mother.  But in the end I love both foods!


beef empanadas jules via Compfigh Fusilli Bolognese su-lin via Compfight


Week #4 Activity 3

Since 2nd grade I have been going trick or treating with my best friend Katie.  She lives in a big neighborhood so we go to ALL the houses. There’s this one house that gives out apple cider and brownies. Then there are the really scary houses that have a lot of scary pop ups. After we trick or treat we dump our candy on the floor. We both have our guides to get the candy that we want and find new tactics every year. Also we share a love for starbursts and always fight over them.


Evil Pumpkins! Starburst



Great Beyond via Compfight                        Christina B Castro via Compfight

Rusty by Bella

I always love going to Rusty’s Play Place for all my birthday/Halloween parties, but all my friends didn’t really like it there because of Rusty. They said that he looked weird and gave them weird vibes. I told them that it was fun there, but they would never come with me, so I would go alone. My parents would always sit in the back as they watched me play. One day my parents left without me. I thought that they would come back… they didn’t. I waited for a while and started to get tired, so I fell asleep.

 I woke up… it was dark. I don’t like the dark. I shouted out, “Mom… Dad!” but no answer! I started to look around and ended my search at the stage. Then I noticed that Rusty was gone. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the hallway. I walked over to the room where I thought the noise was, but nothing was there. Just as I was about to leave something caught my eye. I went back in the room and saw a mask. As I looked closer, I saw a familiar face. This mask was Rusty’s Mask.

 Once I took a closer look, I noticed a liquid. It looked like Hawaiian Punch! That’s my favorite drink! I walked out of the room, continuing my search for my parents. I took Rusty’s mask with me. As I walked around the building I noticed a small light brightening the way partially.

 Suddenly I saw a tall figure. I stopped to take a better look. I took a slow step forward trying not to break the silence, but I did. The thing looked at me. “Dad!” I shouted as I took a closer look. It wasn’t my Dad it was…. 


Conneaut Clown macwagen via Compfight


Week 3 Activity #3 By Bella

A memory that I remember the most is when I came to America. I was twelve at the time. I came to live with my parents but before that I lived with my grandparents. They loved and took care of me and my sisters. They were wonderful people. They passed away,but I will never forget how loving they were and for that I’m grateful. Now as an adult and having my own children, I appreciated how they took care of me. My grandparents have taught me who I am today.

~Written by My mom (Elly) 

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 5.41.47 PM 

Photo taken by Carmella Carassone




Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity 1

I think that I am a totally different person when I’m online. I feel like I can express myself and my opinions. I can talk to more people with ideas and thoughts like me too. But when I’m offline it’s a little different. I can still express my opinions but I’m talking to people I know. Online I don’t really know the people I talk to, but offline I do and I could hurt their feelings. As you can see my avatar looks very different from what I look like in real life. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love dogs. But in real life I don’t carry a dog around and have blue hair…

Activity 2 Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.48.57 PM

I chose this avatar to look like this because it represents me. I’m in love with japanese culture (the dress/website). I love dogs and I always dye my hair blue.  Here is the website I used:  moeruavatar        

Activity 3


Hi! I’m Bellaand  I’m am 11, but turning 12 soon. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween.  I have a dog named Deoige and he is 7 years old. I love watching Anime and love playing video games. When I’’m outside of school I like to skate board. I am learning how to speak Japanese so I can visit Japan in the future.