Nature’s Classroom – By Bode

Nature’s classroom was AWESOME. At the start of Nature’s Classroom we had to take the long bus ride. It was 4 hours. We got to watch a movie called The Navigator. I was sitting next to my friend, Caidin. We talked for the bus ride mostly. Then we finally got there. I was excited to start.


We got out of the bus and put all our bags in a big line. Then we all circled up with the counselors. They all introduced themselves and I noticed something. They had some weird names! Like one of their names was Bloodhound. Then I realized they were fake names. We got into our bunks and then learned about what we were going to be doing and the schedule. We had breakfast lunch and dinner every day. The food was good, and we were having a great time.
Each day we chose some classes to do. My favorite one was when we went hiking with my counselor Nicky D. We had these things called Field Groups. We went and did activities with them every day too. We had this thing called Wednesday Night Live which was we had to make a skit and perform it. I wasn’t there unfortunately because I had ski nationals and had to leave early. Overall I had a great time and learned a lot of things. I can’t wait till next year!!

Steven Gerrard Passion by Bode

Steven Gerrard is a professional English soccer player born May 30th 1980. He was born in Winston Merseyside in England. Steven Gerrard played for Liverpool Football club. He was the captain the Liverpool international and also for England National team. Gerrard spent 17 seasons at Anfield. His Liverpool debut was in 1998. He is known for his long shot goals.

 I am passionate about him in his career because I really soccer too and he’s on my favorite team. He became one of the greatest midfielders in his generation. I play midfield mostly. I want to be just like him when I grow up. I hope I can have as many achievements as Gerrard.

Stevie & His GirlsCreative Commons License Steve Boulton via Compfight

Gerrard helped me in my long shots, because of the move he is famous for. I noticed he likes to take a shot with the ball on a bounce which means the ball is bouncing and at the right time he kicks it and it goes flying into the back of the net. I tried what he did and ever since I’ve been 100% better at long shots. Sometimes when I am tired and want to give up, I think about how much Steven put into to get on Liverpool, then every time I keep going.    



Holiday Post by Bode

Holiday post: What Does My Family Do For Christmas?

What my family has been doing since I was 7 years old is to go to my best friend’s house because he always has a Christmas Eve party. What we do there is celebrate Christmas, eat a lot of dinner and eat more dessert. Then my best friend’s uncle who is really good at playing the piano and my best friend plays the saxophone. So what they do? They perform a song together in front of everybody. My Aunt, Uncles, Cousin, and Grandma all come to our house before the party and they stay on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas with us.  After the party we go back to my house and go to bed. Whenever I go to bed on Christmas Eve I always stay up in my bed all night because I just want to get out of bed and open all the presents. Then finally when it’s the morning I’m always the first one out of bed and it’s so annoying because my grandma always sleeps in till like 9:30. Then we open all the presents and celebrate.    

 West Point Christmas Tree Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 16 Million views) via Compfight

Last Blogging Challenge – Bode

Final Blogging Challenge Post

My favorite week in the blogging challenge was week 4 because that was the week when we did the scary story post. It was my favorite week because I really like Halloween and I thought it was very interesting to read other people’s scary stories. I think the blogging challenge is a great activity because it’s a great chance to meet schools around the world. I think that overall it helps our minds because you have to make sure your comment or post is perfect because once you post that comment or post writing it’s on there forever.

   Friendly Greetings Awesome SmileyCreative Commons License ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ via Compfight

Week #7 The Big Cat of the Icy Mountains – By Bode

I chose to research Snow Leopards because I think they are very beautiful and unique. My favorite part of their body is their skin. The Snow Leopard is my favorite animal. They are so nice but they need help. The color of the coat is grey or tan, depending on where the Snow Leopard lives. They always have dark spots. The Snow Leopard is a small Big cat. They weigh 60-120 pounds and can be 2.5-5 feet long. They use their soft tails as a blanket. They have very wide paws because they need them for walking on the snow.

 14706995878_d40fdca592_cCloudtail via Compfight


Snow Leopards usually live in snowy habitats. They can be found in central and south Asia, in the countries of India, Nepal, and Tibet for example. They like to live high in the mountains, like the Himalayas. They change their home by season. In the summer the Snow Leopards like to be high in the mountains. Then in winter they get lower down the mountain, into the forest for protection and to find food. They are crepuscular, meaning they are most active in dusk and dawn. Snow Leopards hunt Horses, Camel, Ibex, Marmots and Deer. They can jump 50 FEET, usually while chasing prey. Then in night they sleep in their underground den with their family.

3421104439_a69f883f6e_n Muzaffar Bukhari via Compfight 


Unfortunately, the Snow Leopards are in trouble. They are an endangered species and there are less than 6,590 left in the world. In the past, the Snow Leopards were over hunted by people and poachers because they wanted the skins of the animals to decorate and collect. There are many groups trying to help the Snow Leopards, such as the Snow Leopard Trust





Week #5 Activity 1

Activity #1

 One of the foods I think is very popular in the USA is Sushi. I think Sushi is great because it originated  in Japan. The reason I think Sushi is cool is because most of the foods people like in this country are from Europe and America….(In my opinion).

I LOVE to eat Sushi because I like the flavor. The flavor tastes like nothing else. Sushi is a Japanese food made from fish, vegetables and sometimes rice combined with other ingredients. Sushi can be cooked or eaten raw. People want to eat Sushi because it looks beautiful.

Here is an example of what Sushi looks like: 

#7030 sushi Nemo’s great uncle via Compfight


Sushi originated in the 8th century. I think it is the best looking, most beautiful food I hqve ever seen and I was inspired to try it. Ever since then, I have loved Sushi. The original type of sushi, known today as Nare-Sushi was first made in Southeast Asia. Sushi wiki.  



The Harvest by Bode

One day, there was a United Nations summit on the day of Halloween  to discuss terrorism and how to make the world safer. All of a sudden during the discussion,  there was a big shadow that was covering the sun. The world leaders got extremely concerned. They were just discussing terrorism, so could this be an attack?

UNEthiopia: African Leadership for Child Survival - A Promise Renewed, 16-18 January 2013.ICEF Ethiopia via Compfight

Everyone at the summit turned on the radio to hear the government announcement: 

“Breaking news! There has been sightings of UFOs in New York City, France, England and  Italy.”

 Then in an instant two eight feet tall grey beings with green jackets appeared by the main podium. The creatures began to talk but their mouths weren’t moving. “Hello people of Earth! We are creatures from a little asteroid right off Saturn. We want to make life better on earth.” When they finished speaking one of the beings handed them a flash drive. On the front it said, To Harvest Man.

 The flash drive said that they were going to offer people a chance to go see their planet. After a while things started getting better. The Beings took away all human weapons so people wouldn’t have any more wars or terrorist attacks. But then after people started taking the trips to the asteroid, their leader noticed that the population was getting smaller. The leaders suspected the beings were doing something to the people, so one of the leaders decided to go and investigate.

 The leader eventually arrived on the asteroid to find out if the Beings were telling the truth. He saw a massive computer that had The Harvest on the screen. He scrolled down and realized  it was a cook book. Then he looked around and saw thousands of people in refrigerators. The leader sadly understood that the Beings were Harvesting man for dinner.



Week 3 Activity #1By Bode

This summer I went to Iceland with my family. It was so fun, we did so many activities. Including horseback riding, hiking up mountains, and watching the northern lights at midnight. The weather there in the summer is COLD. Its pretty much the temperature we are having right now. I stayed at a place in Iceland called The ION Hotel. My favorite thing about the hotel was the FOOD. The food was so great they had the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER. For dinner I would always have the lamb because it tasted so good. On the way back we had an eight hour plane ride. IT WAS SO EXHAUSTING. But we had the BEST AIRLINE EVER,  called La Compagnie airlines.  I had a great time with my family.

IMG_9304 Etienne via Compfight






Week 1 Blogging challenge

Blogging challenge week 1

Activity 1. Are you a different person online than in real life? How do you change or not? Write a post about being online then compare yourself to your off line real person.

I am a WAY different person from online to real life. I change in real life by stuttering sometimes, which means when I can’t always find the words I want to say. I also express my feelings more in real life than the internet. On the internet I’m more confident with my words. I like talking with friends on IMessage. But I also feel more suspicious  about texting someone because you don’t know if it’s really them or someone else.


Activity 2. 



My avatar represents me because:

  1. I wear hats a lot
  2. I am really crazy and that’s why I put the flames
  3. The reason I am holding a phone is because I have a phone and I like to use it a lot
  4. The shield represents that I have my own shield to protect myself. I don’t want other people to try to protect me/ I want to be independent
  5. The jet pack represents speed and my brain goes about 1 million mph  because I am usually very hyper.
  6. The helmet represents being careful because whenever I do a dangerous sport example skiing is dangerous I always wear a helmet


Activity 3. 

Hello my name is Bode. My age is 11 years old. I Love sports and I do a lot of them. My top three at the moment are probably: 1. Skiing   2. Mountain Biking 3. Baseball. It always gives me this drive to hit the ball or land the jump and it’s a good feeling. They Are awesome. Sometimes I stutter because I can’t find the words I want to say. Most of the week I am really busy with both team and individual sports…and then there’s homework! It is  really hard to fit both of them in one day, seven days a week. School is really fun. I am in 6th grade now and to be honest it’s way better than the lower school because you have more freedom and for each subject you have a different teacher. In lower school it’s different because you have the same teacher for every subject (pretty much.) Middle school is also really cool because you can explore so many things in one day. I am excited for this year.