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In 2016 I went to Becket, Massachusetts with my school for a program called Nature’s Classroom. It was quite a fun trip doing all the different activities and making memories we had made there. I had many favorite parts and some parts I wished I hadn’t experienced.. But for the most part is that it was  a lot of fun. On the day of our leave we had ended up having a snow day. So, we had a delay, we were originally supposed to leave at 8:30am but in the end ending up leaving at 1pm and arrived 4 hours later at 5pm due to snow conditions. After we got there we were greeted and were taken to our activities and the trip began.


One of the things we did was choose classes, I did one specific class called “Feed Your Face” that involved in putting different foods and other things on our face, lips and arms and seeing/learning about how it helped us. Our teacher Ana (Nicknamed Bloodhound) let us experiment and taught us about the different pores we were cleaning and relaxing our facial muscles. We also got to make and eat an edible lip balm with some cocoa powder in it. We tried to keep it on our lips as long as we could, but the temptation was too much for most of us. At the end before we left, out teacher let us have orange slices with some sugar on them, a nice winter treat!


Another class I took was called Squid Dissection, in this class we got to watch a squid being dissected. A group of kids including me sat around our teacher at a table and we watched him dissect a squid and we got to touch some of the parts like the heart, stomach, eye, and brain! As gross as it sounds, we had gloves and luckily, nothing sprayed out at us! We also got diagrams and got to see what parts the squid had and how it all worked together. Lastly but not least we got to pass around small pieces of the squid and see what all the functions did. By accident our teacher cut open the stomach and this weird liquid substance came out, but it was a cool color right?


So, we did do a lot more in Nature’s Classroom but I’m afraid that’s all I can write for now, but it was a great experience and I am excited for my return next year. I am excited to find out what new adventures will overcome me next year and have the memory of 2016 snowy Nature Classroom in my heart forever. See you guys next year!




Trail Cam

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My Passion is Skiing – By Eden

I am passionate about many different things but some of the other ones I have already written about but this one I did not. I like to ski, I have been skiing since I was little. I started skiing when I was little, about 5 or 6. I started on easy trails like greens and almost always took a lesson. As I got older I wanted to start doing things by myself so I stopped taking lessons every time and I tried skiing more on my own. It did not come naturally for me though, I almost always fell or got frustrated and just sat down. I did not want help and I kept trying but kept failing. Then for one season I stopped skiing and just took a break from it all.


In 6th grade through 12th grade at my school (PDS) they take us skiing every Friday in January. I knew I had some skill from previous years of skiing but I did not want to seem like a bad skier so I watched videos and tried to scrape as much memory of ski skills from my mind as I could. We traveled to Catamount and I skied that first Friday very happily. I stayed on my feet and was much more daring. Throughout those weeks my parents and I went to Belleayre on the weekends, which is a ski place up Highmount, NY. I skied with my dad and went over some of the jumps and terrain. I was a lot more confident and had more pleasure in skiing in general.


The last week of skiing with the school I tried going on actual terrain parks. I went with a couple friends on the smaller less advanced one. After that I tried the harder black diamond one. I made it down successfully and did some jumps as well. Before this ski season I did not have a lot of confidence, I gathered up some and used it in skiing. I am now more stable and ready and enjoy it more. I especially like skiing with my friends, as it is fun comparing skills and falling but always getting back up again.


Below are two links to the mountains mentioned in this post:




Last Blogging Challenge By Eden

 The edublogs blogging challenge has ended. It is weird to think it has considering I still remember challenge one. I think my favorite challenge was writing about the place or animal. I believe it was week 7.  I liked this specific challenge because I liked how you let us choose what we could write about and gave us many options. I learned a ton about blogging from these challenges, I learned how to write proper comments, blog posts or posts in general and a lot more. I also learned a lot about how to act online and what to say and look out for. Thank you for providing this awesome experience to our and many other classes!

Here is the link to my week 7 blogging challenge if you would like to check that out!

Week 7 Blogging Challenge


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Holidays by Eden

I celebrate Hanukkah for the holidays. Then my family and I pick out a menorah out of our many lining our cabinets. Everyday for the 8 nights we light a candle. My family always lights the candles after dinner, usually before dessert. Another thing I enjoy a lot is for the 8 days we light candles we exchange small gifts. For example, some chocolate coins or a card. The last night we give the biggest present, it’s always different.  Usually at least for one night relatives and or friends come over for dinner, lighting the candles, and having fun! We play games like the dreidel game, and get chocolate coins from it! I usually win against my parents.  Those are most of the traditions my family and I have been doing, and will be doing for as long as we can!

Here is a link to a site on some Hanukkah traditions and basics:

Hanukkah Basics/Traditions 


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Week 7# Running Like the Wind – By Eden

These animals are more than just a help.

Horses have been around for about 55 million years. They are ridden by humans these days usually for pleasure, horse shows and some help. Back then horses were used for battle, lots of work and traveling. As many horses are tamed today, there are still a few preserved herds out in the wild. One popular herd is the ponies out in Assateague Island, sometimes called the “Chincoteague”ponies. This is yes, a wild horse herd but this herd isn’t completely wild. They are on safe land where no one can hunt or steal any of them. Actually, they all have names! This herd has been preserved and still will be in the near future for as long as we can. Here is a link to a site about them: Wild Horses.

 Horses do many unique things, they are all bred to do something different. Horses come in various sizes and forms. There are ponies, light horses and heavy horses. Light horses jump and race. They do more with speed, while heavy horses pull carts or carriages. Heavy horses have a more stocky build then skinner so it gives them the ability to pull heavy things, but that doesn’t mean they can’t jump! Ponies come heavy and light. To be considered a pony they would have to be under 56 inches or 14 hands in equine terms.

Here is a link to a site on Heavy, Light and Ponies and some other facts.


Horses are not a new species. They have been around for millions of years. They have evolved from a small creature similar to a rabbit called the Eohippus. Then it was the Mesohippus, which was a little bigger, like a small dog. After that there was the Merychippus which was the size of a middle sized dog. Second to last the Pliohippus which was the size of a miniature horse or a big dog. Lastly there was the Equus, the modern day horse we ride. There are more versions but these are just a few common ones. Here is the link to a site on more about this Evolution of Horses.



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Blogging Challenge Week #5 By Eden

Activity 1: I had to leave a comment on the Taco Tuesday 2nd grader blog challenge. Here is the link: Taco Tuesday Bloggers!


I live in the USA, and we probably have different school lunches then other places. It goes from mashed potatoes to pasta to chicken. For lunches at my school it’s different everyday. Even though I live here I don’t like everything. Something special we do is every Friday we have pizza served.  I enjoy pizza but sometimes not the chicken, . Some other days we have mashed potatoes and chicken, or I would like the mashed potatoes but not the corn that went with it. Something special we do is every Friday we have pizza served. The rest of the week it always differs. Some days we have pasta and meatballs. Some other days we have mashed potatoes and chicken, or I would like the mashed potatoes but not the corn that went with it. Something cool we also have is that if someone doesn’t want to buy the regular lunch they can have a side of a salad, sandwich, yogurt, or a smoothie. These sides are out every day. That is a gist of some of the lunches we have in our school and probably some others here in the USA.


Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
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Surprise By Eden

It  was Halloween time in SC, but little did Abby know that she’d be in for quite a surprise.

Abby woke up to bright sunlight filling her room, when she remembered that her mother had left on a work meeting.  Abby was 13, and she didn’t mind being home alone. Later on in the day, right around after treating herself to a delicious early Halloween dinner she heard a noise. Thinking it was just the old house or an old prank she ignored it. She listened again, and the noise was coming from the attic, the attic, she had never went into the attic before she thought.

 As days past, Abby kept hearing noises. She obviously did not want to go see what it was, because that’s what people do in movies and it never ends up well. Abby ignored the noises most of the time, until one night… listening to music, she popped out her earbuds and thought, “What can it be up there?” She had to go take a look. Abby walked up the creaky, faded old steps, opened the attic door slowly and closed her eyes. When she finally managed to open them to take a peek, she couldn’t believe what she saw.  

 Spilled water was on the floor, stuffing everywhere, and mini food pieces spread around. Then she saw a note on the floor. She picked it up and saw – Love Mom. Abby saw something flash across the room and go behind a box. She moved the box slowly and saw something she had always wanted… a cat. She realized her mother had left everything needed for the cat. Abby heard her mother come in and ran downstairs. It’s Halloween she thought, but this is better than candy. She hugged her mother and said, “Thank you!



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Week #3 Blogging Challenge by Eden

 In 2011 my grandpa on my mom’s side passed away. We weren’t very close but I knew him and we had some fun together. He lived down in Florida so we didn’t see each other very often. He was funny, and kind and my mom told me many stories about him and still does. He was very loved and was and still is very missed. The image below is of him when he was younger.


This is my mothers photo in which she gave me the right to use for school purposes.
This is my mother Yona’s photo in which she gave me the right to use for school purposes. ©

Weekly Blog Challenge #1by Eden

Activity 1: Yes, I am a different person online then in real life. I am different because online I am outgoing and speak out my opinion easily. In real life, I am a little quieter with some people and more outgoing with others. Online I am outgoing with mostly everyone.

 Activity 2:

Build Your Wild Self

I chose “Build Your Wild Self”  and made this avatar because I love animals and I love seeing the small photo example. I liked the idea and decided to give it a try. It was easy and fun to do as well!






Activity 3: My name is Eden, I am 11 years old and I go to PDS. Here we have 3 Edens, but I’m the youngest. I have a cat and a horse and I take the bus to school. I transferred schools once and have never moved. I love to horseback ride and play soccer. I have been horseback riding for 7 years and just started soccer on a local team of mine. I love to jump over hurdles set up in my yard for fun, and when I am allowed. I will do track with my school. I bike occasionally and like to ski in the winter. That is a little bit about me, and even though there’s a lot more, my hands are getting tired from typing!