Personal Narrative By Justin

                                                                                 The Cat Outside.

It was a nice sunny day outside at my old house in Modena NY. I was sitting on the porch thinking if I should go to the yard. I grabbed my cat Jeffy because I wanted to see if he liked going outside on the grass. He went down the stairs one leg by the other. When he got down the stairs I felt scared but at the same time I felt excited. I could tell my cat was excited to explore. He ran right to a certain spot by the house and sniffed for a while. I got a little scared so I put him on a leash that had weird fuzzy spots of red on it.

I walked around the yard with him and then he ran over and sniffed a tree for a really long time. When he was done he slowly made his way to a rotten old crumbling shed in my backyard. I saw a super deep dark hole under the shed. He sniffed it and tried to go under to see what was under, but I picked him up and put him down on a soft part of the ground. It was so soft that if you took off your shoes and put your feet on the ground it felt squishy cold and soft, kind of like a sponge or a cold pillow on your feet.

Jeffy was climbing up my jungle gym to see what was up there. He could barely get up there because it was so windy to climb up a staircase.  It took three minutes just for him to walk up the creaky stairs. When he finally got up I thought he was going to fall, because He was so wobbly that it looked like he was being pushed over by a ton of wind. I got really scared for a second. My heart was beating so fast that I could feel it in my throat.

I climbed up so he wouldn’t do that again. Jeffy looked around but he wasn’t enjoying it up in the open part, because I think he felt like he was going to fall off. I helped him up to the next story of the jungle gym and that part was closed off with very wired rough material that was red, blue and yellow.  I could still see that he didn’t like it so I just carried him down to the lawn.  

Jeffy started meowing, I was confused what he was doing. When I looked down he was walking towards the door.  I thought he wanted water. I let him in the house and he ran to his water bowl. He drank his water so fast his face was soaking wet. It looked like someone just poured a gallon of water on his face. when he was done he walked over to the couch and sat there for a couple of minutes. I just looked at him and he was sleeping so I just went back to the outside door. When I opened the door he jumped up like a spring that fell off of a mountain bike. Jeffy ran over to the door and wanted to go back out in just the snap of a finger.  

He climbed up the stairs so fast to the porch that it looked like he was one of those marathon runners, because he was going so fast. When he got up there he laid down and rolled around in the sun. He sat up and just sat there in the sun for a while. I’m glad I trusted myself that day because he had a really good time exploring outside. But sadly he died a year later because of cancer but I kind of knew it was time to go for him. He had a nice long good life.  I’m glad he got to explore one last time



Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.32.41 PM                     Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 4.23.34 PM                                                                           



My Passion – Cars By Justin

My favorite passion is cars. Ever since I was little I would get my cars and push them on my couch. I did it almost every day. I really had no idea why I loved them so much but I just did. After a couple of years, I started to name cars that I passed on the road. When I turned ten I went to the New York International Auto show. That was probably my favorite birthday I’ve ever had. Here is the link to the website where you can find everything about the auto show.

When I went to the show, I walked into a big room but it had no cars in it. There were hallways going left or right, so I went left. When I got down to another room, there was so many cars and there was a bunch of words hanging from the ceiling. The words were the names of the cars. Then I saw that we were in the luxury car section. One of my favorite luxury cars is the 2017 Lexus LF-LC. It’s probably my favorite Lexus that I’ve seen. Here is the link to the car 2017 Lexus LF-LC

When I went to a different place in there I ended up at the Infiniti spot. I also really like that brand a lot. Infinity is the fancier car of Nissan. I like two cars from infiniti; one is the Infiniti Q50 and the other one is the infiniti Qx60 hybrid. Here is the link to the  Qx60

Here is the link to the Q50

I have a Nissan Pathfinder and  The Infiniti Qx60 is a fancier version of my car. When I was at the car show they let me sit in the car. I was so excited to sit in it because I’ve never been in one before.

I really enjoyed my experience at the car show.  I’m really excited to go back for my twelfth birthday this year.

Christmas By Justin


                                                                          What I do for Christmas

This year for Christmas, I will go to my grandmother’s house. When my family and I are there, we hang out and relax. For dinner we  have appetizers. We eat bread and dip, sugar cookies, eggnog and veggies. We also eat Cheese, crackers, and grapes. All of that food is usually on the dining room table. When we are  finished  with eating,  we go to the living room and sit down and talk. I’m looking forward to this Christmas because I like spending time with family and getting gifts.    

admiring the tree Nina Miller via Compfight

Final Blogging Challenge – By Justin

I really liked doing the blogging challenge because I like blogging, and getting new challenges. I really enjoyed doing them because it gave me something to write about every week. My favorite post was the Blue star project. I liked that week because you could pick anything you wanted from nature. I’ve always been passionate about blue stars so I chose to write about them. You can find out more about Blue stars on my page just if you scroll down a little bit. I will miss the blogging challenge. I worked really hard on the blue stars the most because it’s my favorite category in space.  My second favorite challenge was my Halloween post. Here’s a picture of a blue star form Earth. Counting Stars By CandlelightCreative Commons License jason jenkins via Compfight


Week #7 Blue Stars by Justin





Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.07.13 PM        Picture saved with settings applied.

 Alpha Centauri from Wikipedia                                The two bright stars are (left) Alpha Centauri and (right) Beta Centauri. From Wikipedia


All stars have 75% hydrogen and 24% helium. The blue star is the hottest star because it’s a lot bigger and uses 17,000,000 its energy then the sun. The name of the star that iIm studying is Eta Carinae. Eta Carinae is a super giant, because it’s 8300 light years away.  It’s 150 times the mass of the sun. Eta Carinae is 40,000 kelvin. That means it’s 40,000 degrees in Kelvin. Here’s the link to this site.


Like all stars, they twinkle. The blue star twinkles the brightest because it’s a really big star and it generates off more heat so that makes it twinkle more. The scientific word for twinkling stars is  stellar scintillation. Stars twinkle because when we see a star twinkling, it’s really just a bunch of thick layers of air in the Earth’s atmosphere. The twinkle of the star is bent many different ways because light is curved and bent when it’s changed its  density in the sky. The reason why it bends and curves is because there are pockets of cold air and hot air  so that also affects it. Here’s the link I got some of the information from.


The blue stars run out of the fuel in 10,000 years. When they shine it’s super bright like 150 car headlights shining in your face. That’s really bright. Blue stars are somewhat rare. Most of the time when you look up at the sky at night there so bright that it looks like a star but it’s really  just the brightness of the star. Did you know that when a scientist finds a blue star they use them to find new forming stars in space, because they’re so bright. Here’s the link to a useful site for information.


Blogging challenge week #5 by Justin

Activity #1 


I will be talking about America’s favorite foods.

                 www.notyourstandard.comCreative Commons License Kayla Seah via Compfight

The most popular foods in America

The chart below tells you what America’s favorite foods are. The chart is broken up into categories so it’s more organized. I did that so you could see it better and you could see the most popular one and the least popular one.


For junk food Pizza is the favorite, followed by Hamburgers, French fries, Chicken tenders and Ice cream.     

Meat Cheese Vegetables Fruits
Chicken is the best Mozzarella is the best Potatoes are the best Orange is the best
Beef is second Cheddar is second Tomatoes are second Apples are second
Pork is third Other cheeses are third Onions are third Bananas are third  
Cream and Neufchatel is fourth Head Lettuce is forth Grapes   are forth
Provolone and Swiss are tied. Sweet Corn is fifth Water      melon is fifth
Romaine and leaf lettuce are number six Strawberries are sixth    
Chile Peppers are last. Peaches and Nectarines are 7th



By Justin Week #4 Blogging challenge

  Activity #3                                                                                     


   PumpkinsCreative Commons License Phillip Stewart via Compfight

                             What is Halloween?

Halloween started 2,000 years ago in the area that is now called Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France.  The ancient pre Christian Celtic festival of Samhain was celebrated on October 31. The Celts believed that every Halloween night the dead would become undead.  


The Woods by Justin

 Jack-O-Light TPorter2006 via Compfight


It was Halloween night and I was walking in the dark woods. One of my friends had told me that there was a creepy old man in the middle of these woods. They also told me that whenever kids knocked on his door, they never came back. The woods had bats, old trees and creepy old trails. I was getting closer to the house and I could see a rocking chair with no one in it.  When I got closer, I could see it rocking. My dog sully started to bark.


Sully started howling, but for some odd reason, he suddenly stopped. I turned around and I saw a face in the window. It gave me a cold shiver and then all of a sudden I heard more howling in the distance and it kept getting closer and closer.  At first I didn’t care and started to walk, but then the sound was getting closer and closer. I was getting chills when I was by the old man’s house. He was now outside in his rocking chair staring at me. Then all of a sudden a coyote came out of the bushes and my dog tried to attack it, but he just growled at the coyote and the coyote did the same.


Sully and I tried to run but the a pack of coyotes started coming out onto the trail. The old man was laughing in a deep voice and Sully kept growling at them. For some reason the old man was laughing really loud and the coyote went towards him and attacked him. Because he was eating dinner and the coyotes wanted the food.  but then me and sully ran as fast as we could to get home.  Every halloween night, I look into the woods and I get cold shivers.  


Week three Blogging challenge – Justin

Activity #1

One of my favorite memories is when I was 8 years old and I went to Florida.

I went to Stewart airport in New Windsor NY, and I got on the plane and went to Florida. I went with my grandmother, grandfather, and my mom. When we got to Florida my grandparents had a house so we stayed there. The next day we went on the my grandfather’s  boat and caught a mahi mahi. Then we went back to the house and ate it.

This is the mahi that I ate.

Picture by My mom.

 Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.51.45 AM

Week1Blogging Challenge By Justin

Activity 1

Online I’m more careful of what I do because you can be typing to someone on Instagram or something and you could be sending out something that’s hurtful to the person you’re sending it to. I don’t really do that stuff because I’m really never online. When I’m offline I act like my normal self. I really don’t go online ever because it’s kind of boring to me. I’m more of a outdoor person then online person.                                     

Activity 2.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.54.41 AM

I chose this avatar because I like bats,I like swords,I like blue hats, also skeletons,


Activity 3.                                                             Me

One thing about me is I love cars. When I graduate college I want to design cars.  That’s my dream job because ever since I was little I loved to play with my toy cars. Last year when I was in fifth grade I started a story called Flying Cars. It’s about how I start to make a business and make all of these different cars. Like for example I made up this car called the Platinum Pathfinder Rocket. The Platinum Pathfinder is a real car I just added on the Rocket part to make it sound better. Another thing I like to do is write and make stories about cars and animals. Also I’m 11 years old.