Nature’s Classroom By Milaura

In the first week of April, the 6th and the 7th grade went on a trip called Nature’s Classroom. The trip lasted for four days and three nights. We learned how to be more independent and what it was like to be away from home. I was a great experience and I learned a lot. I learned how to be more responsible and take care of my things. In the mornings I had to do my own hair, (something I don’t do this too often because of how insanely thick it is, my mom usually does it). I also had to make sure that I took all of my things.

I like how the people there made you feel at home as much as possible, with different dietary options, for different people, such gluten free and vegetarian options on the first day, they asked everyone what their allergies were. My favorite part was playing camouflage, with my counselor Nicky D. How camouflage works is when the counselor calls camouflage you have to run and hide, and they try to find you without moving around. All day you were kept busy and entertained, even though after every class or meal time, By the time it was 9:00pm I was just about ready to go to bed.

If I were to redo it I would bring an extra blanket to make a better fort, bring more socks (really I should probably worn more socks), because my feet got really cold, and wear more layers.

I really enjoyed it and I would do it again it was really fun personally I think it was a great experience.

Only the lamps missing! Domitille Parent via Compfight

Passion Post By Milaura

My Passion For Music

I am passionate about music, because my parents introduced it to me way back when I was in mom’s womb. Music has become the great center of my life, and it help me with some aspects of it. When I was younger I used to listen to  some good old classic songs, by Michael Bolton, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Haitian Kompas which is the dance music in Haiti and some eighties and ninety songs. Nowadays I listen to some pop songs. I also play some musical instruments like piano, guitar and I am currently learning a little bit of ukulele. I love when I put a major chord and a minor chord together and how it sounds.

I enjoy singing and dancing but I am not that great of dancer so I don’t dance in front of people often. Even though I love music, I don’t want to be a musician and a singer when I grown up. When I am older I want to be a Doctor, Nurse, or Actor. I can tune a guitar without a tuner or a pitch pipe, and find a lot chords on my guitar with my eyes closed. I have been playing piano since first grade. I started guitar in the beginning of the school year with this new program my school just got this year. I started a ukulele a week ago, but I only know four chords so far.

Usually when I’m mad or sad I like to listen to music because it calms me down.  Also I like to listen to music while I am waiting  for something because it makes the time go by quicker. There seems to be music in everything you do, like when you walk, your shoes make a clickity clackity sound which goes with the beat. If I listen to the radio I usually listen to Q 92.1 fm of 96.1 kiss fm.

When I listen to music while I work, it helps me concentrate, because if I am just listening to the sounds of the classroom any little thing will distract me. I sometimes listen to music while I read, but not for the same reason. I am not sure why it helps me, however it does. A lot of people find that listening to music while working distracts them because they stop and think about the lyrics and things about the songs. When that happens a lot of people like to listen to classical music, but if I try to listen to classical music it makes me very bored or very sleepy (except for Beethoven). I feel that a lot of music nowadays is not written, just because the person loves music, it is written just so the person can make money. That results in the song not having any meaning or being very repetitive. Now people don’t think about the melody which is part of the reason why a lot of pop songs are just a combination of four chords repeated many, many times. I think that they could be a little bit more creative in that part. If I wrote songs I would write them with great meaning to bring hope and joy to others.

My Guitar
My Guitar (passed down from my dad)

Guitar Chords for Beginners

Week #4 Halloween from 5 to 0 by Milaura

I went trick-or-treating with 5 of my closest friends Hope, Lily, June, Samatha, and Gracelyn. June wanted Tiffany, so we met up at Jane’s Ice-cream. Then we started trick-or-treating. I’m at the 27th house, I have not seen them since 22th. I got really scared so I went back A bit. Phew! I found them 3 houses down at a creepy house I had not seen that one before. They rang the doorbell, It opened. I saw only 4 of the six left. They ran faster than a cheetah. they took them! they took them! so the five of us ran to my house. When I turned back only 3 out of 4 were there. Then I saw the last 1 disappear. That is how I lost 6 people in one night.

Haunted house Olivier Noirhomme via Compfight

Week #3 Activity By Milaura

I Interviewed my mother

Question 1 What’s your favorite memory?   

Answer 1    Looking at my daughter’s face for the first time


Question 2    Who’s the oldest relative you remember (and what do you remember about him or her)?

 Answer 2     My Aunt. who was 126 years old. She could everything by herself.


Question 3    Tell me about your childhood home

Answer 3      It was pretty nice. Each of my siblings had their own room and we got along very well. (most of the time)


Question 4    What was your favorite school subject?

Answer 4.    English


Question 5    Who was your Idol?

Answer 5    My Daddy


Question 6     How did your celebrate holidays?

Answer 6       We had a big feast every Christmas and the whole family would eat together.


-Interviewed by Milaura E answered by Martine L

Week #7 What about the clouds? – By Milaura

Do you know the time clouds are covering the sun and the sky is covered as well but it’s not quite “gray” Yet. Well people just call it “gray”. However there are sometimes where it is this angelic white color 


What are clouds? Clouds are little droplets of things like water or ice that are so light that they can float on the air. After trillions of them gather together they turn into a cloud that you can see. I wonder how many exactly does it take to see a tiny bit of a cloud?


The reason I chose clouds is because, I don’t understand why people only use three colors to describe the sky, Blue,  Gray, and Orange  and there are so many more describing colors like Angelic White and Sunsetting pink,  Sunsetting orange , Deep blue and more. Most people don’t really think about the clouds a lot, Unless trying to start a conversation; “The weather is nice today” “Yeah nice and warm and not too many clouds” I think we should pay more attention to all nature. I love clouds


As you know clouds are very high up in the sky that is because those little droplets are so light. It works kind of like a ballon. Why clouds look like they have different colors is because of the light reflecting on it. What do you like the most about clouds


Beautiful clouds #2 Beautiful clouds

Credits: Weather Wiz kids by Crystal Wicker Live science by Joseph Castro  By jobicon via pixabay


Crepuscular rays from wikipedia   


Final Blogging Challenge – By Milaura

What I loved about the blogging challenge is that we could talk to people all over the world without leaving your front yard. We learned how to do different things like making good comments, learn more about How you are online and offline, different popular food Items, Nature, and lots more. My favorite one was the one about food. To do something like this in under 3 months with people in totally different time zones, that was pretty amazing.  Thank you so much Miss W for setting this up!        Milaura E ☺ Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 5.14.30 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.50.17 PM


Mirror, Mirror By Milaura

I live in the town of Midnightalsia where nothing is as it seems. This happened on my 13th birthday which is Halloween, I woke up and got ready for the day. Then as usual, I looked at myself in the mirror.

My family and I went to IHop. I was eating my food when I realized that, next to the restroom there was a mirror. It was so cute with the designs, so I quickly excused myself and went to go look in it. Just as I got to the mirror, a charm sounded.

When looked at myself in the mirror, my reflection blinked before I did. First I thought maybe the wall was little bit shaky, but I was……. frightened. My reflection was moving without me. It was just sitting there staring evilly at me and it was about to reach out.

Then we had my party. My family said I should let them clean and chill so I did. I went into my room, laid on the bed and then looked at myself in the mirror. My reflection was not doing what I was doing. I screamed. No one heard me because I have soundproof walls. Then it reached for me “Ahh don’t take me please.” It pulled me into the mirror and we switched positions. “Wahaha” it said. On the bed it left fake fingerprints everywhere and put a bloody knife on the bed to look like someone killed me. Then it disappeared and I became evil. My parents and siblings moved out of the house.

“Omg it is my 13th birthday I am so excited” Said Callia. It had been 13 days since she moved into this new house.  She looked in the mirror and laughed at herself the reflection was laughing too, but not a happy laugh an evil laugh.

Mirror, Mirror #1

Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity 1

I am sort of a different person online. In real life I talk a lot more. I don’t describe myself as well as I would if I was talking to a person. I also do not talk a lot online. I’m more confident in speaking to people then when I am online I think it is because growing up I did not use many electronics or watch that much TV. I like talking to people. I think it is better talking to a person, not a screen. A screen does not hug your back. A screen does not dry your tears. Online I am known as Soriyabeach, Meleazard Milou09 Mila, Mimi and a lot more. In T.R.W (the real world) I go by Milaura, Mimi, lulu, Milaurey, and that is just the beginning (my Mom Dad & friends gave me a lot). I also speak differently. I use a lot more “like” “omg’s” “totally” and “awesome!” “I also Squeal in excitement (Barely).


Activity 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.17.53 AM

  I Chose this avatar because I sometimes dress like that. However my eyes are brown, my eyebrows are the same color as my hair, and my hair is much longer. I made this on icivics (I had to play for a while to unlock everything)

Activity 3

My name is Milaura. I am 11 years old and I am a sixth grader, currently attending Poughkeepsie Day School. I like to use my spare time playing tennis, reading, writing, I am learning how to play piano. I love going to the beach and enjoy traveling to different places. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry and quotes. Spending time with family and friends is very enjoyable and staying at hotels, and eating at different types of restaurants. I can learn more about other cultures and countries and it is very fun. I would like to become a doctor one day, however my mind is not all the way make up yet, I am keeping my options open for now. My dream is to be able to help children one day and I know with God’s favor I will accomplish it pretty soon.