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Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt. First find coordinates online of caches in your area. Caches are the “treasure” you find. Once found type the coordinates into a G.P.S. or phone. Follow the directions. The directions come to a close place but no to the exact place that the cache is hidden. Then its time to find the cache. Once the cache is found sign the log.  Then take the treasure from the cache, but don’t forget to replace it with something that is around the same value.

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Although I have never been geocaching, I think it would be fun. It seem like a good way to spend time with friends and explore the outdoors!  I’m looking forward to go geocaching this year at A learning Journey. So I can learn how to, and teach my family how to! This seems like a more sophisticated scavenger hunt! I think it’s a cool way to get into the community and meet new people!

At school I think it would be loads of fun to make a geocaching site. We could hide caches indoors and out. The caches could be like a story or poem or pencil case.  We could make maps instead of using a G.P.S. We could work on different parts in different classes. Like in Math we could make maps, in Humanities we could make caches and in Gym we could place the caches. Then we could also teach our buddies how to go geocaching, and help them find some.

Geocaching – Julian

Geocaching is a outdoor activity where participants use a global Positioning system {GPS} receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook. …
It sounds fun to play and it’s basically hide-and-seek with technology. I want to play it and maybe I will.
We could hide some caches at PDS maybe in the classroom, playground, gym? I think Shirley’s advisory should hide the caches and then let the other 6th grade and maybe even 7th grade find them. We could hide the caches and give them one hint. I think this would be fun as I’ve never played it before.  I would get my family and friends into it.
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Geocaching by Rebecca

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Geocaching is a fun activity for people of all ages. It is an around the world treasure hunt game. The coordinates of a geocache can be found at, which you can then download onto a GPS or a phone with GPS. Geocaches are special things inside small boxes, like a necklace, a rubber duck, a mini doll, it could be ANYTHING, that you can hunt for using the coordinates from Once you find the mini box, you can take what’s inside, and leave something for the next person.

I think this game is an awesome idea! It’s interactive, and gets you on an exploring adventure! Who knows, maybe a Geocache is in my backyard! I would love to try this sometime, who wouldn’t? This is a very smart idea.

Perhaps we could have Geocaching at school! Volunteer students could hide Geocaches in school. They can bring in prizes to donate as the first prize. Wherever the students hide the Geocaches, they would write easy directions to the place from the learning commons. We’d tell everyone to bring in small items to school each day, in case they are chosen.

Then, at break time, some kids would be chosen (everyone is eventually chosen), and given directions to a Geocache. After they find it, they can take the item inside, and put in the one they brought. Then they return the directions so that another student can someday find the same Geocache! That would be fun!

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Geocaching by Michael

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Geocaching is a way to find treasure around the world. Make a membership account for free at this link. Put in the coordinate of a geocache and start the hunt for the container. People must always put something back, that is an equal item for it to be fair.

I think it would be awesome to do some Geocaching and explore the outdoors. I think it would be fun to do it with the whole 6th grade. I have never done Geocaching but it sounds like a lot of fun!

At PDS, we could hide caches in bushes and in the woods around or school. We could also hide them  in classrooms or in cabinets.

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Geocaching – James

Geocaching is a game for Adventure seekers. It’s basically a scavenger hunt. Anyone with a computer and G.P.S device can play geocaching. You can play anytime you’re not busy. Geocaching can be played anywhere caches are hidden. First, the player would go online to and create an username for their account. Next, the player would look on that site to see where the caches are located. Then, the player would enter the coordinates into the G.P.S device and begin their journey.  Once you tracked the cache, look around to see where it’s hidden. Once you have found it, you document it and check to see what’s inside. Once you have decided to take the object then you should replace it with another object that is just as valuable. The reason you play this game is because you can learn to find treasure.

I think that this game is very cool. I like to seek on adventures. I’m looking forward to playing the game.

I think that the most interesting places to hide a cache at PDS are in the Gazebo next to the basketball court, and inside the booth in the James Earl Jones Theater. The cache in my opinion should be hidden in the booth and in the gazebo because one is inside and the other is outside.

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Geocaching by Sam H

Blogging Challenge #5

Geocaching is an outdoor activity where a GPS or a smartphone is used to help navigate and find containers with objects in them and a log to put a name. I think it is basically another game like a scavenger hunt, but you have a GPS.There is more information at this site

I think that we could do this with our school by hiding stuff outside of the school and having  a portable GPS device telling the coordinates or giving a clue to where to find the object. If we were to use coordinates to help  navigate, maybe we could make a map of the whole school property except with a X,Y, graph.

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Geocaching By Maddie

Blogging Challenge #5

I think Geocaching is a great game to explore the outside and get kids to collaborate.To play, a GPS (Global positioning satellite) or a smart phone is needed so you can navigate your way around. is where you get the coordinates to plug into your GPS/smart phone. It is a way of playing treasure hunt but using technology to find your way around as you look for the hidden geocaches. Geocaching will be a great adventure as we travel through the outdoors in search of our treasures.

I like this game a lot because it is a great game to enjoy in the outdoors and I think playing this at PDS would be very fun! I’ve played this game before and I loved it. It might be hard with a lot of kids so I think we should do it by academics or homeroom classes. Perhaps we could use maps instead so it can involve math as we look at the coordinate planes.

I think we should play outside only because inside might disturb classrooms. Maybe the teachers should hide the geocaches so the kids could look for them. Some places the geocaches could be hidden are the playground, woods (not the woods past the yellow line), the soccer fields and the front PDS lawn.

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Geocaching- Adrienne

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Geocaching is high tech way to go treasure hunting all over the world in nature places. The steps needed to go Geocaching are having a GPS and a free membership at After that’s done plug in the GPS to get the coordinates and start hiking. When the GPS shows the box is near, simply just look around. When the box is found, sign your name and take the item that’s in there in exchange for a item of an equal or greater value.

I think to put this around the school campus would be totally wonderful.  Maybe we could hide them and have the lower schoolers look for them and maybe the high schoolers too. If we were the ones who wanted to find the boxes the teachers or other kids could hide them for us. If this becomes a big hit, we could have a Geocaching field trip or a new after school program.

Geocaching would encourage kids and people who don’t usually go outside to go, look and get some nice fresh air. I really hope this happens as it sounds like tons and tons of fun for everyone in the whole entire world. I once found a cache accidentally and now I understand it I can’t wait to go back and find some more! For more information this is the right link for you.

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Geocaching – What is it? By Shirley

Blogging Challenge #5

Geocaching is a very fun free activity that is becoming more popular all over the world. This game involves using GPS (Global positioning satellite) coordinates to find hidden caches (treasures) in a variety of sizes and locations. Caching can be done either with a smart phone or a GPS unit to help find the hidden treasures.

I have been a Geocacher since August of 2009 and have found just over 800 caches; mostly in the USA, but one in China and several in Scotland. My brother introduced me to it while I was on vacation in Scotland and I have haven’t stopped caching since. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside and enjoy the outdoors. There are easy, medium, difficult and extreme caches to be found all over the world.

It is important to sign up for an account with and learn the basics before venturing out to find a first cache. Here is a short video that also clearly explains what this is all about…

I have offered a variety of geocaching activities in school over the past few years and several of our students have continued to find caches on their own. There is a cache close to our school called A learning Journey that I dedicated to my PDS students and that I visit with students every year. We check that it doesn’t need maintenance and introduce new students to the game of caching.

I would highly recommend this great geocaching outdoor hunt for all ages and all levels of activity.