Geocaching – What is it? By Shirley

Blogging Challenge #5

Geocaching is a very fun free activity that is becoming more popular all over the world. This game involves using GPS (Global positioning satellite) coordinates to find hidden caches (treasures) in a variety of sizes and locations. Caching can be done either with a smart phone or a GPS unit to help find the hidden treasures.

I have been a Geocacher since August of 2009 and have found just over 800 caches; mostly in the USA, but one in China and several in Scotland. My brother introduced me to it while I was on vacation in Scotland and I have haven’t stopped caching since. It is a wonderful way to explore the countryside and enjoy the outdoors. There are easy, medium, difficult and extreme caches to be found all over the world.

It is important to sign up for an account with and learn the basics before venturing out to find a first cache. Here is a short video that also clearly explains what this is all about…

I have offered a variety of geocaching activities in school over the past few years and several of our students have continued to find caches on their own. There is a cache close to our school called A learning Journey that I dedicated to my PDS students and that I visit with students every year. We check that it doesn’t need maintenance and introduce new students to the game of caching.

I would highly recommend this great geocaching outdoor hunt for all ages and all levels of activity.



Myself – Shirley

Hi Everyone! My name is Shirley and I am a 6th grade humanities teacher in a small private school in upstate New York. I have been teaching for many years but have found my teaching style changing greatly over the past few years with the introduction of technology and web 2.0 tools. I love using all kinds of technology in my classroom and feel strongly about the empowering affect it has on students.

This year, our 6th grade humanities topic is  Global Medieval Studies and I look forward to facilitating lots of student discussions, planning and student teaching of many of our topics.  As my learning journey continues alongside my students, I realize more and more how important it is to give students a voice in their own learning. We will have many student led projects using a variety of web 2.0 tools and social media.

When I am not teaching, I love to spend lots of time with my grandchildren who range in age from 3weeks to 18years old. I really enjoy golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter with my husband. I have several other hobbies including reading (especially on my Kindle), knitting and gardening.

Blogging Challenge Week #1

Geocaching is great! by Shirley

I am an avid geocacher who feels strongly that this great hobby can be used successfully in the classroom as an excellent tool to teach GPS positioning, geography, outdoor safety, science, math and many other topics.  If you would like to know more about this check out this short video on Geocaching.

Travel bugs and coins are small objects found in certain caches and travel from place to place when found by a cacher. I have placed a cache called A Learning Journey (GC260JE)close to our school and started our PDS travel bug key chain there to make its way to as many USA states as possible…..track its journey

PDS keychain Travel Bug

04/02/2010 FairladyNY placed it in A Learning Journey New York   Visit Log

04/03/2010 birder428 retrieved it from A Learning Journey New York   Visit Log Grabbed this early this morning. After posting a picture of it at my school, I’ll send it along.

04/17/2010 birder428 placed it in Gray K-atbird and Patty the Parula New York – 8.37 miles  Visit Log

04/18/2010 GrayK retrieved it from Gray K-atbird and Patty the Parula New York   Visit Log Thanks for sharing this TB. I’ll try to move it to a new state soon.

05/11/2010 GrayK placed it in SSB – Riversdale Historic House & Museum Maryland – 253.98 miles  Visit Log

05/12/2010 golbeck retrieved it from SSB – Riversdale Historic House & Museum Maryland   Visit Log Found it and will move it on soon!

05/16/2010 golbeck placed it in Jumpin’ at the Woodside Maryland – 6.69 miles  Visit Log

05/21/2010 ZeWrestler retrieved it from Jumpin’ at the Woodside Maryland   Visit Log Nice trackable. Will move on.

06/04/2010 ZeWrestler placed it in Oaklea’s Cache Maryland – 8.34 miles  Visit Log

06/04/2010 Lanka007 retrieved it from Oaklea’s Cache Maryland   Visit Log Picked up from a cache near NASA Goddard in Greenbelt, Maryland. I’ll move it soon. How about a picture of the nearby University of Maryland … I think that qualifies as a school. Testudo, a diamondback turtle, in front of the campus library is the university mascot.

08/21/2010 Lanka007 placed it in Return To Project A.P.E. Maryland – 15.17 miles  Visit Log

09/04/2010 will/cole retrieved it from Return To Project A.P.E. Maryland   Visit Log Found in MD will move to “the Old Dominion” soon

10/23/2010 will/cole placed it in Ghillie Cache Virginia – 18.51 miles Visit Lo
  • How many miles has this TB traveled???  E-mail me with your answer…