Our Blogging Guideline Page

Our Blogging Guideline page:

Be Safe!

  • Do not include your entire last name or any personal information. Please use your first name.  Parents, a great way to identify yourself is by using your child’s name; for example:  “Jacob’s mom.”  Never give out your address, phone number or any other personal information in your posts or comments.

  • Do not identify anyone in a photograph. Instead you can say, “Student working on math.” or you can write, “Students practice for a play.”

  • Have a parent with you when you blog from home (at least in the same room). Students should not be on the Internet unsupervised.

Be Respectful!

  • Use appropriate language. Remember that everything you put on the web can be seen by lots of people around the world.

  • Be sure that you are proud of everything you write.  Do not write anything that could hurt someone’s feelings or embarrass you later. You cannot change a comment once it is posted on someone else’s blog.

Be Literate!

  • Edit for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Please self edit and get two peer edits before posting.

  • Save abbreviations and shortcuts for for texting etc.

  • Show your thinking, and encourage others to refine their thinking. Think about your posts and what you want to say. Is it clear and interesting? Instead of writing, “Your post was so cool, dude,” try to express yourself more clearly.  If you think a post was cool, try to tell why it was so amazing.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Be open to other people’s opinions.

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