ITU World11 Conference

A group of our 6th and 7th graders from Poughkeepsie Day School in New York experienced some exciting real life learning when they participated in the ITU Telecom World 2011conference from Geneva, Switzerland titled, Visions of a Networked Future. Students sat enthralled watching and listening to the innovative speakers’ predictions about the future of technology, sometimes agreeing and also disagreeing with the panel’s ideas. They then rapidly fired inspiring questions to the panel of expert futurists through a Twitter feed,  which were then answered by various members of the panel. This was an amazing example of how technology can make it possible for students and experts around the world to discuss and share their ideas. Our classroom truly has no walls……

The panelists were…
Gerd Leonhard, CEO,The Futures Agency,Switzerland
Juliana Rotich,CEO, Ushahidi Inc., Kenya
Rachel Armstrong,Senior TED Fellow, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom
Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future, United Kingdom
Simon Torrance, Founder 2.0 Initiative, and Chief Executice Officer, STL Partners, United Kingdom

It was a great class!


Here are some of our questions…


Here are our video interviews

4 thoughts on “ITU World11 Conference

  1. Great job everyone who was first involved in the ITU chat room! I really love that we all had something to say. I hope we do this more often.

  2. You guys worked so hard in that conference. I thought Gerd did a wonderful job, too, in integrating your questions and ideas into the conversation. For me, this session was the highlight of the event. I hope that you maybe get some more answers and points in response to these video clips. Thanks again, and I hope I can meet you all one day in person if I visit your school!

  3. Red group you guys did a great job in this conference. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m jealous that your group got to do this and our group didn’t. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. […] Speaking of electricity and power, on October 26th there was a futurist conference in Geneva, Switzerland in which all of our 6th grade students participated.  This ITU11 and world11kids conference was amazing and we were able to Tweet our questions and ideas to the panel on Twitter and the panel responded. It was very exciting for the students because we were able to communicate with CEOs of major world companies in real time. The panelists talked about technology of the future and how it will affect us. We want to attend more conferences like this. Our blog page on this conference […]

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