We are taking part in a new Quadblogging group….

Here are the three other schools we will be connecting with through blogging. They will be visiting us through their blog.

1. Sharp Creek Elementary, Wabash, Indiana  – 5th grade – Reading Group 2

2. Prince Of Peace Christian School, Carollton, Texas – 4th grade – Mrs Peterson’s Class

3. Williamsburg, Elementary, Geneva, Illinois – 5th grade – Mrs Frison’s Class

January 25th – January 29th – Mrs Frisons’ class will blog

February 1st – February 5th – We will respond to Mrs Frison’s posts and Reading Group 2 will blog

February 8th – 12th – We blog and respond to Reading Group 2’s blog – Our Passion posts

February 15th – 19th – Mrs Peterson’s class Blogs and we are on vacation

February 22nd-26th We respond to Mrs Peterson’s blog



Here is a video explaining what we will be doing…

Here are the three other schools we will be connecting with through blogging.  They will be visiting us through our blog.

1. Morriston Comprehensive School – Swansea, Wales, UK …     7m’s Class blog

2. British International School – Belgrade, Serbia …   BIS Year 7 Class Blog

3. West Hillhouse School…    Zach’s Word Attacks


Here are our challenges:

Here is our challenge for this week: Remember, anyone can participate…

Write a Haiku poem that’s also a riddle…For example, Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

Here is our class example –

Where are we?

We live in the north

The Atlantic divides us

Eagles fly above

Remember that a Haiku must have five syllables in lines 1 and 3 and seven syllables in line 2

We hope many of you will participate, comment and leave a link to your Haiku.



2.Here is our second week challenge…

Write a short book talk about one of your favorite books. Remember not to give away too much information, especially the ending…







1. Hyrstmount Junior School –

2. Jesmond Gardens, Hartlepool

3.  St Leonards CE Primary – Year 6 Blog


This week’s challenges have been posted by St. Leonard’s School. Here are links to both challenges..

Picture challenge

Math Challenge

All picture challenge writing is due by Wednesday or before. Please write on your name Google doc and revise and edit before Wednesday’s class. We will do peer edits and teacher edits before posting on our blog and linking to St. Leonard’s blog.

Our Picture Stories


This week of January 23rd is Hyrstmount’s week to receive comments. Miss Wallis has set us all a challenge of writing a 100 word story. Here is the challenge and the story starter…

Quadblogging 100 word challenge

I opened the door…

Try and make your story as creative and interesting as possible. Have a look at the rules below.

You will post your story under your name, 6th grade writers and 100 word challenge. Then go to Hyrstmount School 100 word challenge page and post a link to your story (your blog page).

Here are the rules to help you get started:


1. Write about the given subject in exactly 100 words.

2. Punctuation is not included in your work count.

3. ‘I’ as in ‘I was running as fast I could’ is a word and counts towards your 100.

4. Your work should make sense.

5. No repetition (example: a really, really, really, big dog).


Top Tips

Give yourself thinking time to plan your work.

Try to work out roughly how many lines you need to write to get close to 100 words (do this by counting the number of lines you write on one line then multiplying it to get to 100).

Once you get close to 100, try adding extra words to improve your work. Adjectives and adverbs work really well in these situations.

We will use our editing process before posting and linking to Hyrstmount School.



25 thoughts on “Quadblogging

  1. We really liked how you put lots of pictures and video’s on your blog and now I can finally see how different our schools really are! Great work.
    We love how you made litte avatars for when you comment on something. It’s brilliant!!!

  2. I realy enjoyed skyping with you last week. I hope you enjoyed reading our comments we sent you. And we have being researching about your school on our maps. We enjoyed reading your comments on our blog today.

  3. Hello, We had good fun Skyping with you last week. I hope we get to do it again. It was great finding out about how differnet your school is to ours.

  4. Hello
    I really liked talking to you on skype
    and your school sounds like fun i think i will be coming in a year thats how fun your school is.
    hope to speak to you soon.

  5. We had so much fun skyping with you. I hope in the future we can skype more with your class. It was really interesting learning about your school and about where you live. I haven’t read Bewolf, but it sounds like a really interesting book. We are currently reading a book called Street Chlid, so far we have read two chapters.

    I hope you reply.
    From Faheemah

  6. Hello Shirley 6th grade

    It’s fun quadblogging with you people and is a pleasure to meet you guys. I hope you have the same feeling as me.

    I hope to skype with you again

  7. I really enjoyed blooging with you last week. It was fun finding out about you. we searched you on our maps.

  8. Hello how are you? We learnt a lot about your school we very much look forward to skyping with you again we’ve got a load of more questions to ask you.

  9. Hello,
    I go to Hyrsmount Junior School. We skyped last week. You get to go Ice Skating every Friday! I’m so jealous. And you get to wear your own clothes. We have uniforms. Your so lucky.
    From Ammaarah

  10. Hi,

    it was really fun skyping with you last week.How many people do you have in your school ? we have about 300.

  11. Dear Shirleys 6th grade.

    We really enjoyed your animoto video and are looking forward to blogging with you again.We also enjoyed skyping with you last week.

    By Muhammad.P

  12. Hi how are you?

    we are looking forward to see you again on skype.In Litracy we are reading a book called the street child it is really exciting we have all really enjoyed it.

  13. hello how are you?
    we learnt about your school and what you do at school.we are looking forward to see you again on skype.we have really enjoyed it with you when you were on skype.

  14. Hello how are you?
    We learnt about your school and what you do at your school.We are looking foward to see you again on skype.We have really enjoyed it with you when you were on skype.

  15. It’s really good how creative everybody is when it comes to blogging and i would like to thank you all for the comments on our blog.

  16. Hi I would like to know some more about your school like when was it built? and my teacher told us that were skyping with your class again.
    I am really looking forward to it. I thought your story was excellent.

    Hyrstmount Junior School

  17. Dear Shirley


    Actually the blog is perfect. The students’ eagerness has been shown completely and that shows your tries have been successful.

    By my idea may be there are a few technical make up revisions in the blog to be more user friendly. for example using categories and archive in Drip-Drop window mode will be simply to use OR ….

    I hope you be the 2012 challenge’s winner as same as 2010 : )

    Be good


  18. Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog, I’m getting a lot of new ideas. Thank you for sharing details of your quadblogging, I am interested in doing this with my students. I would also really like to Skype with a class. We will be back to check out your blog again soon!

  19. Hi, we are from Morriston Comprehensive school in wales which is in the UK. In Wales it never really snows so we were wondering how much snow do u get in Poughkeepsie? Speak soon and don’t forget to look at our blog.

  20. Hi I’m from Morriston Comprehensive School in Wales, UK. My school are QuadBlogging with you. I really like your blog. I was wandering when does your school year start and when does your school year finish? Also don’t forget to visit my classes blog.

  21. Hey I’m Rhys a pupil at Morrison comprehensive school. I really like your blog and I am really excited about quad blogging. A quick question, we have 5 lessons a day but how many do you have?

  22. Hi I’m from Morrison Comp from Wales in the UK. I really like your blog and was wondering if you play a lot of rugby and soccer as I’m really into my sport.

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