Holiday Celebration – Josephine

We all have different celebrations but whatever they are we all love them. So, how about Christmas? Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and also one of the only ones besides Easter that I have never had something bad happen. I just love Christmas and the fact that it is coming up makes me so happy, but also annoyed. I mean it is in seven days and I can’t wait that long. I mean really seven days! Yeah I said I love Christmas but you don’t know why so here it is.  A few days before Christmas we go Christmas shopping. We split up and get presents and I like this because then it is not just people in your family getting one we all do and that means more presents.

There are many reasons I like this holiday and there are many reasons it is one of my favorites. Well yes, there are presents and yes that is fun but I promise you when I say that I don’t want to be too cheesy and I think it is the truth that it is being with your family that really does count and I think I am so lucky because one of the best things about opening presents is your family being there to see what you think and your expressions of happiness, joy etc.

There are many reasons why I love Christmas but one thing and one thing only that you don’t even know is there sometimes well it is those old fashioned snow covered traditions. Don’t you just love them? Well, I least I do. You can have a lot of things, or not but those traditions and you will never forget them. Now some of my traditions are like cutting our own tree down and getting to open one present on Christmas eve that always seems to be pajamas  so we can wear them that night and many more like full waking up my parents before their ten cups of coffee and more, but if I said them all we would be here all day. I don’t know about you but I love Christmas and I hope you do too!

CHALLENGE POST – Week #3 – BY Eamonn

Week#3 Tow and Country

 For me I will always prefer the small town. My main reason is that in the city there is no woods or big spaces to go out and explore. In a small town you can have and do the exact opposite from what you can do in a city. For example, if you live in a small town the houses are a little bit apart which allows you to be a little louder then if you lived right above someone in an apartment building.

 It is important to me that I can have a big place outside to do things that you can’t do in the city. If you were to live in the city for a long time you would learn that you can’t even go out at night in certain parts of the city unless you are with others or in a car. If you live in a small town you can stay outside and just hang out until you get tired, or just feel like going inside. In the city some people think that going to the park is like going out into the forest. If you are like me than you would know that going out to the park is not really being out in the woods. If is pretty much like being at cement piece of ground with things that you can play on.

If you like being part of a community and being surrounded by your neighbors then living in city is pry most ideal. If you like living near people but not being right on top of each other then living in a small town would most likely suit you. Living in the city allows you to have everything that you need in one building like a small laundromat and a small maling section so that all the mal that is delivered to the building. When you live out in small towns you either have to like going to the laundromat or have every thing that you need in your house.

All in all I would never like to live in the city, but I do like to visit the city.

Summer By Quinn

This summer I had a lot of fun.  First, I went to Texas by myself (of course my cousins picked me up at the Dallas Fort Worth airport).  In Texas I watched a lot of movies, and ate Mexican food for six nights, and it was really good.  There were two kids named Ben and Natalie, five grown-ups named Angela, Ryan, Jeffrey, Julia, and Andrew, then there was one toddler named Penelope.  Penelope only behaved when I was around, and when I left she asked me if an airplane was as big as me.  Obviously I said no, and told her it was bigger than her house.  Jeffrey had a lot of medieval legos, and we played with them.  In the game you had an island, a king, and an army.  I had the biggest cavalry of 7 men (equivalent to 700) .  The men were equipped with swords, helmets, 4 lances, a crossbow, and a shield.  I also had three archers, and obviously took over the world (an equivalent to 300.  I also went to Six Flags.  Unfortunately it started raining when we got on the first ride, but we stayed anyway as it was just a drizzle.

My family and I went to Rhode Island for a week in July.  We were joined by two friends, and surprised by three others.  Unfortunately we went there to spread my grandmother’s ashes.  Even though it was very sad we still had a good time.

For Labor Day I went to my favorite Aunt’s house (her name was Theresa).  I had never been there before but I wish I did because it was fabulous . The best thing about the house was either the seventy degree pool or the separated sleeping cottage.

Before I could go to school, I had to have a chicken pox and a tetanus shot.  I used to have a terrible fear of needles.  Right when the nurse put in the tetanus shot, I was about to say Ow when she took it out, and did the next one.  Then I was told to have a blood test.  When I went to get it at Labcorp in Fishkill, I was told I had to be fasting.  Then I went to a Labcorp in Poughkeepsie.  On the door it said Beware Vampire on Duty – my mom is a phlebotomist so my dad took a picture.  As I was inside the lab the phlebotomist told me I needed nine vials.  She put the tourniquet on, and I closed my eyes.  As I felt the needle go in I asked, “Did you get the vein?”  Unfortunately she missed but got it the second time.  When she was done she asked, “Are you okay?” I said “yes”, and left.  Then the receptionist told me that I didn’t need to be fasting.  Unlucky me!   After that my dad and I went to a diner where I got Gluten Free french toast, and sausage.  For dessert I ordered delicious cheesecake. Now I am not afraid of needles.  I made my mom a Vampire on Duty sign.

At the end of the summer ,I learned that I had been soy free for nothing (3 ½ years running).  That was at a Thai restaurant thirty minutes from my house.

I had an absurdly absolutely fantastic summer.

Blogging Challenge #1, Activity #2- All About Me – By Audrey

Blogging Challenge #1

Hello, everyone! I am Audrey, a sixth grader at PDS, age eleven, and I live in New York State. I live with my mom, my dad, my sister, and my two cats, Raja and Jinkx. Weird names, I know, but they suit the cats.

If I were to list every single detail about me, you would be reading a novel right now. Seriously. I could write an entire novel just on my favorite animals. So I’ll just say the basics, starting with my hobbies.

Writing is my LIFE. I write a thousand words every day, and I am trying to be able to do this for an entire year. I haven’t missed a day so far, and I’m about a third of the way done, which is exciting for me. And no, I don’t do it for school. It was a personal choice. See? I am invested in writing.

I also participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short), an event that happens every November. National Novel Writing Month is where you try to write as many words of a new novel as you can. You set a goal for yourself and write every day until you reach it, and you have to reach it by the end of the month. Last year was my first year doing it, and I achieved my goal of 30,500 words in November. I continued working on my novel for about three more months, and at the end of February I finished and self published my book on Amazon. I got to do a reading in a bookstore and a radio interview, which was very exciting.

Even though writing is life, I’m still a huge reader. I love reading almost as much as I love writing. I consider myself a bookworm.

I can read a two hundred page book in two or three days if it is really interesting, and if I am really committed I might even be able to read one in only a day. My favorites are The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Egypt Game, Cowboy and Octopus, The Phantom Tollbooth, and a million more. I wish I could name them all, except that would take up all of your time.

Other than writing, I enjoy playing soccer, watching television (I’m a bit obsessed), joking around with my family, drawing, cuddling with my cats, and more.

I am a genuinely hard working person, always trying to do the best I can at school. At home it is a different situation. Let’s just say, if you walk into my house right now, you will probably spot me sitting on the couch watching television. I might also be eating some cookies and spilling spaghetti all over my new white shirt.

I also have very interesting taste in music and television. With music, I’m not a very big fan of the big name artists (Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, etc.). I am more into bands that are a bit more mature for my age, like The White Stripes and Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds. Not many people in my grade know these bands, and the same goes for my favorite TV shows. Even though I am sometimes found watching episodes of Spongebob I am mostly found watching more mature shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother (both incredible, if you like sitcoms and vampires). I’m very emotional when it comes to them as well. Actually, I’m emotional when it comes to any sort of television.

Other than my personality quirks, I have some physical quirks as well.

My style is pretty casual. I dye my hair, and it is currently a light pink-blonde color and comes down to my shoulders. I mostly wear jeans, yoga pants, and regular t-shirts. I wear skirts once in a while, but I sometimes think that I look immature in them, so I stick to jeans. Dresses are only for occasions. I wear earrings sometimes, but I always forget to put them in. I’m also very short for my age, which makes me look younger than I am now.

I can be forgetful sometimes. It can be simple things, like who’s playing what position in soccer, or some school things, like my schedule, or what happened in a movie I just saw. It can be frustrating. Other than that, I’m also kind of bad-tempered and rude and pretty impatient at times. But, beside the bad qualities (which I’m not going to pay too much attention to), I have a great sense of humor, I can be generous, and selfless. But I can be a little weird (in a good way). For instance, I have seven favorite animals, I was interested in magic for a while, I consider my spirit animal an octopus, and my nickname is Psychic Eyeball (long story).

Of course, I could tell you more, but again, I don’t want to drag on until I have an entire novel. So I have to say goodbye. Adios, Au revoir, eeSay ouYay aterLay. To all of my fans, good night! I’ll be here all week! (And for a matter of fact, the whole year too).

Wait! One last thing; my family is thinking of getting a miniature pig, but we still haven’t decided on a name. I think for a girl it should either be Ramona or Ginger or Evelyn or Cosima, and for a boy I want to name it either Clifford or Paul. What do you think?

Now, my readers, I will fly off in my magic bubble! Good bye!


Challenge #1 – by Quinn

Challenge 1, activity 2

About me

 My name is Quinn.  My mom is training to be a nurse while my dad designs stuff on Vectorworks.  I am in sixth grade and eleven years old.  I have two cats named Huckle and Lowly, and I have nine chickens.  My descendants are from Croatia, Hungary, America, Lithuania, and Russia.

 I love soccer.  I am on one travel team called Northwest United and one school soccer team.  Believe it or not they have been unbeaten for three seasons.  I also play tennis and I skiing.  I play with legos and read in my spare time.  I watch sports and cartoons too.  Often I try to write books but I never seem to get past chapter three.  My chores are undoing the dishwasher, giving the cats food and water, letting the chickens back in their coop, vacuuming, wood stacking (only in winter and fall), and making my bed.

I like school a lot.  My favorite subject is math, humanities, or p.e.  I am dyslexic and dysgraphic as I have been my whole life.  I used to go to Kildonan but now I go to Poughkeepsie Day School.  Those were some facts about me.

Week #1 CHALLENGE POST!!! By: Eamonn



My name is Eamonn and I live in New York in the United States of America. One thing that a lot of people know me for is my running. I have been competing in adult road and cross country races since I was four years old. The first real road race that I did was called the Midnight Run in New York City . It was four miles long and went around the perimeter of Central Park. I did it with my dad and mom. That race was nine years ago and my running has improved a lot since then.

Nowadays I am running 5ks in about eighteen minutes . The longest race that I have done is seven miles long and completely in the woods. It is called the Leatherman’s Loop and takes place in Pound Ridge, New York. It is one of my favorite courses to run and it all happens in April. That race usually  starts at nine in the morning and most of the time takes me about 48 minutes to finish. The course has three river crossings in it and goes through some of the most awesome pine forests I have ever seen.

One of the things that I do when I am not running  is going out into the woods. When I go out into the woods I usually build forts. It is exciting to build forts because I get to use nature, not man made materials to build things. At the school that I previously went to, we had actually created a village out of little huts, on our own, without any tools. I had made my fort on the edge of our village which allowed me to get the most business. It was really cool mostly because we had thought of and created everything including a small government ( I had gotten the job of town sheriff).

I also take karate and kickboxing. A lot of the time I do both. In karate I am about to become a green belt which is pretty high in ranking. The kickboxing a little harder to do because it is made for grown ups but they always let some kids in. On Saturdays I can even do three workouts in two hours. I start by going to karate for forty five minutes, then I go to the kick boxing class for another forty five minutes, and then to finish it all off my dad and I run about two miles back to our house.

My final hobby is Legos. At home if I have nothing else to do I will just sit there and build these amazing creations. My method for building with them is to get sets, build them, destroy them, and then use those parts to build parts to build other awesome things that just pop out of my mind. I build mostly twelve inch sets. It is cool to let my imagination create different things and then for my hands to build them. The main reason that I like building with Legos is that it lets me escape the real world and go into one of my own creation.

That was just a little about me and what my hobbies are.

All about me by Diego

About me

Hi, my name is Diego. I’m 12 years old, and I”m the oldest in my class. I go to Poughkeepsie Day school and started in 5th grade and I just want to say this is the best school ever!!! I’m fun and active and always ready to play. I love sports, and playing baseball, basketball and soccer. I’m also on a few teams. I like hanging out with my friends whenever I can. I try and play in my neighborhood but I usually have homework. My bus ride is an hour so I don’t get home until 5pm and by then there’s only time for dinner and homework. I like to find funny pictures or videos whenever I have free time online. I live with my mom my dad and my little sister and I have a nice house with a nice backyard in the city of Newburgh. I also have lots of pets including: two fish, a snappingturtle, two guinea pigs, and a VERY CUTE PUPPY.

Also FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. 🙂 and do what you want………… unless you’re told otherwise I mean… should.. try….

My puppy, Esther.






All About Mira

Hi, my name is Mira and I live in Montgomery, NY.  I live with my mom, dad, twin sister, three dogs, one cat and two horses.  I love horseback riding and swimming and I am on a swim team called VAC (Viking aquatic club ). I love to sing, go shopping and hang out with my friends. This summer and last summer I went to a day camp called Camp Redwood \. I had the best summer ever ! I got to hang out with so many of my old friends and I made new friends – it was probably the best summer of my life. I also love cooking and baking. Right now I am at my first year at my new school, Poughkeepsie Day School. I am in 6th grade and I am loving it . I am having so much fun meeting new people and getting to know them and becoming friends with them. I hope the rest of this year is as great as it is now!!!

asgreat as it is now!!!!