Joanie’s Nature’s Classroom Post

Nature’s Classroom is something like a retreat for all ages.  It was so much fun. We played a bunch of fun games and my favorite game was Camouflage. Camouflage is a game where your field group leader said the word camouflage then we all had to go hide and we had 10  seconds to hide. Once we were all hidden, Sassafras our field group leader would try to find us but she could not take any steps. I really like Sassafras, because she was really nice!


I also really liked hanging out in our bunk. I don’t really know why but it was just really fun. We had so much fun, and Eden having her spaz at 5 in the morning Maya saying, “Eden are you ok?!” Then she woke me up so we all got up on Olive’s top bunk and started to sing “Do you want to Build  a Snowman?” Then at about 5:30 we all  got up and took showers. I can’t wait to go back next year!
My favorite memory from the trip was probably singing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” At 5 in the morning. I think I really got to better know the people in my bunk. We also played a lot of fun do you know me game and stuff like that! Over all I had a really great time at Nature’s Classroom and I can’t wait to go back next year!

My Passion ~ Skiing – By Bella

I’d say that one of my passions is skiing. I know that I have just started, but it has really made an impact on me.

The first time I went skiing I didn’t really think much of it. I got on the bus with my friends and sat down. We talked about skiing and they told me their horror stories. Sure I was scared but I knew I was with experienced skiers and I would be fine. To be honest, I really didn’t think I was going to be good. I’ve been told before that I’m a fast learner and that I would have fun and be fine. The ride on the bus felt very long, but I was excited and so were other people. The bus stopped and everyone piled to the front. I got my things and waited for my friend Olive. Together we walked to the rentals. It was a breeze getting through and gathering our things. We sat down and put our gear on. Now I didn’t think it was THAT hard to get on ski boots. There were so many buckles and my foot was stuck once it was in. Then there was walking. Walking in ski boots is NOT fun. Especially  when you have to carry skis and poles. But I managed. Olive and I finished up in the rentals and headed outside. I walked up to the bunny hill. To Olive the bunny hill was the flattest thing you could go down on, but to me it was like going down a mountain. We met up with more friends. Then I saw my friends taking a lesson. A lesson that I never signed up for. They were surprised when I turned around and told them that I never signed up. Then I went up the magic carpet. I learned stopping and turning fairly easy. By learning this I gained the confidence to go on the lift. I got off at the midway section. My friend Joanie and I went down together. Joanie made me think we went down a green ( a easy trail) But instead we went down a blue (A intermediate trail). The trail was ok. I gained speed and stopped as soon as I did. But then came a drop. I was stopping and my foot gave out on me. I started going down fast. Then I made the mistake of learning forward. By leaning forward I gained even more speed. I couldn’t stop. But while this was happening I felt a type of rush. It was amazing. The time came where I just crashed. Everyone came skiing down behind me to check on me. I was ok. I knew that this would happen in the future.

The second time we went skiing I spent about three runs on the bunny hill. Then I went on the lift. I decided to go down the blue again. Turns out that the trail started as a blue and ends as a green. My friends and I went down until we got to the mid way section of the trail. Here you could go down two different ways. Now one of our friends wasn’t the best at skiing. We waited for him and I snapped this picture below. Our friend came down and we continued. We then went down it again. I didn’t really like going on the ski lift. I always thought that something bad was going to happen to me and I ended up being right. The second time going up the ski lift was fine until we got off. What happen was that because of the way my ski poles were, I couldn’t get them out in time. So I continued going up. I could not go to the top of the mountain, NO WAY!!! So I jumped off. It was a bad decision and I now know never to do it again. I fell down and my friends surrounded me. I was fine.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.27.49 PM

The third and last time I’ve been skiing was really when everything set in. I realized that I’m a pretty ok skier. I went on the bunny hill only once or twice. We finally went to the top of the mountain. When we did we went to the terrain park. It was very icy and I fell a lot. But this didn’t stop me from going again. I felt almost unstoppable. I could really go on anything now. My friends were proud of me and so was I. But I realized this whole time that they opened another trail. I took this picture right before we went down( Picture below). 

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 7.28.02 PM                       

I know now that skiing is something I enjoy. I love the rush you get when you’re going down a trail and pleasure skiing. The way my eyes get when I forget to put my goggles on. I’m always looking forward for Friday so we can go skiing. I love everything about it and hope to get better.

I’m on the web!!! By Eamonn

Week#4 Challenge#2

When I looked up my name on google I found that I have left a small but real digital footprint. Most of my digital footprint is based on my running. I think that so far my digital footprint is a positive one. I guess the reason that I do not have a big digital footprint is because I have not been using the computer for very long. So far I am only known for running professionally in all sorts of cross  country races that take place all over the United States of America. I think that by the end of the year I will have expanded my digital footprint with school and just by running even harder this year.

This is the website that I where I can be found:

Sunday Runs



Challenge #4, Activity #4

Challenge #4, activity #4

I think my sister, Fatima can be the coolest older sister in the next twenty galaxies! She is always there for me when I need, even if I am super annoying. She can be a bit cold if she is super tired or frustrated or when we’re at school and I don’t leave her alone. But once you get over the fact that she will become Hulk if she is mad, she’s all baby lover and cute puppy love posters. Fatima’s really funny and loves to talk about almost anything, from homework to the latest hit song, though not in that order. But no matter her faults, Fatima is the greatest older sister a kid can have!

Summer Blog Post by Ibrahim

My trip to California
On Friday, August 1st I left for the best vacation of my life! After a year of begging my parents to take a trip to California, they finally gave in. At last the big day was here, and my mom, sister, and I were sitting outside the gate waiting for the announcer to say the words that would be like candy to my sweet tooth! After a few minutes, we were safely on the aircraft and the pilot kick started the engines.

Two hours later, we had reached our crossover in Dallas, Texas. A stopover is the airport you stay in between between flights. After an hour of waiting, we boarded the plane to Orange County, California! We had reached the lit up city safe and sound. After a long car ride and a Malik Sisters (my mom and her sisters) reunion we reached our first final destination. We arrived at my aunt Samina’s house and it was great! After our first day, they threw a party to celebrate my cousin Naveen’s sweet 16. That same night (after the party) we set out for my uncle Tariq’s house in Corona, which is about an hour away. We finally reached his house at about 12 a.m. in the morning!

At uncle T’s house we had so much fun, I don’t even know where to start! My cousin, Rayan, and I had so much fun together. On the first day, we went to the beach. Aaaahhhhh! I have hydrophobia and have had really bad experiences at beaches. This time I was almost washed away with the waves but got up on my feet at the last second. That was a close one! I didn’t go near the water after that for the whole time at the beach. After a while we started playing cricket and I must say I was pretty good at it! As night fell, we left and ate at an amazing chinese restaurant.

After a few days we did something was really fun! We went to a place called Pole Position. It was the most awesome thing I had ever done… indoor go-kart racing! Halfway onto the track, it was me and my aunt Maliha, head to head! In the end, she won. But only because she had a faster kart. Another few days and a real birthday cakes candles were lit. They were my younger cousin Musa’s. He was turning 6 years old. We went to Chuck E. Cheeses to celebrate the occasion. We had so much fun even though most of us were way too old for this sort of stuff. We kept on rotating who’s house we were going to. One time at aunt M’s (everyone calls her ‘Meenu’) house, my sister and cousin Muhammad were watering plants when I walked out. I was immediately met with a wave of water in my face. I got real mad and by the time the plants were watered, our moms had to deal with three extremely wet kids! After a week, the best week of my life, my worst day broke out. It was Thursday, August 19. And Thursday, August 19 was the day I left California and set forth for New York…

Scary Story – By Eamonn

It was just another day at school for Willy, with nothing out of the ordinary…for now. Everyone had gotten to Narrow Falls Public School on time and was heading to their first classes. All the students were passing the same “out of order” bathroom that was there everyday without so much as a glance. For some reason, on that day, Willy glanced over and saw the bathroom. No one had gone in there for ten years because it was supposedly haunted. Willy always loved to be the one to do things that no one else would do. He decided to go into the room. Little did he know that these were going to be his last few hours living the life he knew so well.

Willy had decided to do the stunt during the lunch hour and it was 11:59. As he was getting closer to the bathroom he could feel his heart beating faster with each step that he took and he was having second thoughts. But as he came around the corner and saw the door all that was replaced by thoughts of being the first to go in for ten years, and how popular he would be. He stopped at the door of the bathroom. He opened it and slipped through the crack not knowing what to expect.

It was just an ordinary bathroom. Nothing creepy or scary. But then he heard something in the very last stall. He walked over to it and stopped looking at the door not knowing what to do. He thought about it for a minute then braced himself for the worst. He opened the door to see his best friend’s body lying on the floor. He was about to run when the body jumped up and yelled “ APRIL FOOLS!”

Challenge 1 Activity 2- by Eden

Challenge 1 Activity 2

This is my avatar. I chose this avatar because it is a type of drawing called manga and I love drawing manga cartoons because they are fun and easy to draw. These are some things that are part of manga drawing  large eyes ,round head, tiny mouth, very detailed hair and if you look close you can see that she has very simple hands with no fingers. Another reason I chose this avatar is because I have blue hair and her skin is blue (don’t worry I do not have blue skin), also one of my new favorite movies is called guardians of the galaxy in it everyone has colored skin. I also liked her because she has a musical instrument, a guitar, and I play the violin. I really like this avatar. I tried another avatar also but I liked this one a lot better.Bwc9__8C6Q7NRpK8Ou6lTIvT9YEbjcPYyuIh9DiR5FVDiF5PJ_6eLzUeGf_vJNBHr28jiqF0x4nC8LGkEtmuLtUal0492fzvaMp3I73RYs1WqOjjHRyquMkVy6b0kqgGrw

Observation Poem by Xavier

Cool teens swagger in to the room, looking  tired and bored.
Laughs and jokes come from the teens as they enter.
A student  tells a joke in the middle of class; the teacher is mad.
Seeing the students work hard after the teacher told them to stop fooling around.
Smelling my breakfast sandwich all “baconny” and cheesy.
Ringing of cell phones all  silenced by the students.
Only some know the math problem on the board, the rest try with all their effortsto solve it.
On the tables I see many papers being worked on.
My mother talks with teen after teen and tries to help them with their troubles.