Week 3 Activity 3

My father, Robert (Bob) Louis Roellke, was born on December 3, 1924.  He was an only child and wanted to have a large family when he was an adult.  That is exactly what he did, having 7 children with his wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Anne Quad Roellke (born, November 30, 1930). Betsy Roellke was also an only child and very much wanted a large family also.  Bob and Betsy had a small rowboat that they named the “Lucky Seven” in honor of their children.  As a young person, Bob Roellke was an excellent athlete who played basketball at Duke University and played minor league baseball in the New York Yankees organization.  Betsy Roellke, now 83 years old, was a stage actress and takes great pride in having 23 grandchildren and a growing number of great grandchildren.

Written by my dad Chris



Family picture -Copyright ©

Week 3: Activity 2 by Aidan

Week 3: Activity 2

Family Picture - Copyright
Family Picture – ©

On March 31st, 1923 a man named Robert Leonard Krause was born in Berlin, Germany. Robert is my grandfather on my mother’s side. When he was about one he moved to America on a boat. He moved because his dad wanted to start a picture framing store with an art gallery in America. They settled in the Bronx because it was cheap to live there. When he was about 5 he visited Germany to see family for five months. When he was about 11 they moved to Manhattan. Robert did not like the school in Manhattan so every day he took the subway to the Bronx to go to school because he wanted to be with his friends. When he was about 16 he joined the army because of World War II. His job in the army was interrogating German prisoners. He died January 23, 2014 at the age of 90.

Week #1 Blogging Challenge by Caidan

Activity #1

Online I am Caidin  for more formal websites. But on less formal websites I am Blaster 925 and in real life I am Caidin. So yes I do change if I am on the internet. Online I am kind of secretive because I don’t want people to know who I am. If I am on a blog however I talk about my life because that’s what you do on blogs. In real life as long as I know the person I just talk. Sometimes people tell me to stop talking because I talk for so long!

Activity #2

I chose this avatar, because I do Karate and I thought this was closest to karate. I got this avatar from Bitmoji

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 3.01.04 PM



Activity #3

Hi my name is Caidin. I am 11 and my parents names are Charles or Chuck and Christine. When I am not doing anything I like to go up to my room and play or read. I was born in Manhattan and I lived there till I was 6. Then I moved to  Poughkeepsie.

I have 2 dogs, and the bigger one is called Brew. The second one is named Pudge. I have 2 cats 1 named Cassie and the other is Oscar, 2 birds named Willie and Nillie. and 4 crabs. Buferd, Peat, Pearl, and Rolly.

My favorite instrument is the guitar and I love it. I have been playing since I was four. When I first started, I played Acoustic guitar but last year I started playing electric. I love math and science they are my favorite subjects in school. So that is a little about Me.

Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity 1

I am very careful in general, but more so online. I hear about these crazy things that can happen to your computer if you aren’t safe on the internet.

Activity 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.02.30 AM

I chose this avatar because it looks a lot like me.

Link to my site – Bitmoji

Activity 3

Hello, I’m Isaac and I’m 11. Some things I like to do are to swim, fish, video game, do card tricks, play piano, play soccer, watch sports, and just TV in general. My favorite food is dairy-free ice cream because I’m lactose intolerant. Along with that, I also love school a lot. Ask my friends and they’ll call me smart, but I just listen in class. I have always been intrigued by science, math, and coding (just school and learning in general). And that is a brief summary of me.

Week One Blogging Challenge

Week one blogging challenge


  1. I think that I am a slightly different person online than I am on in real life. In real life I am pretty shy unless I am around people that I know well but on the internet it is more simple because I am not actually talking to people, I’m just writing.


  1. I chose this avatar because I like animals and I thought it was neat.


3.  Hi I’m Cedar, I’m 11 years old. My favorite subjects are art and science. Both my parents have college degrees in art so I like it. Ok here’s some facts about me: I think that snails are awesome( although cats are pretty sweet too). Also, I was home schooled in Honolulu, Hawaii for the past year, now I am on swim team ( no wonder). Well that’s just a little about me.  

Week 1 Blogging challenge

Blogging challenge week 1

Activity 1. Are you a different person online than in real life? How do you change or not? Write a post about being online then compare yourself to your off line real person.

I am a WAY different person from online to real life. I change in real life by stuttering sometimes, which means when I can’t always find the words I want to say. I also express my feelings more in real life than the internet. On the internet I’m more confident with my words. I like talking with friends on IMessage. But I also feel more suspicious  about texting someone because you don’t know if it’s really them or someone else.


Activity 2. 



My avatar represents me because:

  1. I wear hats a lot
  2. I am really crazy and that’s why I put the flames
  3. The reason I am holding a phone is because I have a phone and I like to use it a lot
  4. The shield represents that I have my own shield to protect myself. I don’t want other people to try to protect me/ I want to be independent
  5. The jet pack represents speed and my brain goes about 1 million mph  because I am usually very hyper.
  6. The helmet represents being careful because whenever I do a dangerous sport example skiing is dangerous I always wear a helmet


Activity 3. 

Hello my name is Bode. My age is 11 years old. I Love sports and I do a lot of them. My top three at the moment are probably: 1. Skiing   2. Mountain Biking 3. Baseball. It always gives me this drive to hit the ball or land the jump and it’s a good feeling. They Are awesome. Sometimes I stutter because I can’t find the words I want to say. Most of the week I am really busy with both team and individual sports…and then there’s homework! It is  really hard to fit both of them in one day, seven days a week. School is really fun. I am in 6th grade now and to be honest it’s way better than the lower school because you have more freedom and for each subject you have a different teacher. In lower school it’s different because you have the same teacher for every subject (pretty much.) Middle school is also really cool because you can explore so many things in one day. I am excited for this year.



Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity #1: Are you a different person online than in real life? How do you change or not?

I don’t think I’m all that different. I like to ride horses in real life, online I like to look at pictures of horses, and play horse games. I also like shopping in real life and I tend to shop online in my free time. My favorite color is blue so I mostly use blue when I have to choose a font color, or when I’m playing a game. See, I really am not that different.


Activity #2: Create an avatar.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.39.25 PMI just think looks like me and is so cute! I can’t remember but I know I was just look at websites and I thought this one was cute!


Activity #3: Write a blog post about you.

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that LOVE horses and all animals!

I have 5 horses and their names are Mimi, Tosca, Fancy Feet, Buki, Peach.  I also have 2 cats named Topper Henden and Joe Stummer. They’re named after members of a band my dad and I like called The Clash. The Clash is a band from England.  I have 1 dog as well her name is Bobby. My Full name is Anneliese Eva De Rosaire, but everyone call me Annie. My birthday is 9/19/04. My favorite color is blue. My Favorite subject is math. My favorite meal is Steak and Brussels sprouts! My lucky number is 4 and I am very confident and HAPPY!

Week #1 Blogging Challenge by Maya

Activity 1

Are you a different person online than in real life? Yes I am. I am usually shy when meeting new people but online I make TONS of friends.

How do you change or not? I become more out there and I feel more comfortable in the virtual world instead of the real world.


Activity 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.58.54 AM

  I choose this avatar because it looked like me. I usually wear a sweatshirt and leggings and I have medium long brown hair. I choose all of those in my avatar to look like me so it represents me.   Bitmoji Website


Activity 3

 I have two hamsters, Alfie and Lilac. Alfie is always sleepy and Lilac is always awake. We rescued Alfie. When we bought him he was named Jeffrey and shaking in fear in Petco. He was only five dollars because his past owners didn’t take care of him and returned him. When we got lilac she was so nervous she kept pooping every time we picked her up. (She got over it)

I also Have 6 fish, Elder,George,John,Ringo and Paul,Ali, and Gigi. Elder has lived for 6 years. He’s semi-aggressive and a couple of days ago we found our other fish,Tropical, dead with her throat ripped out of her. Ali and Gigi are algae eaters. They suck the algae of of the side of the fish tank. George and John are two very small and fat fish. ringo is a big bright pink fish.

I love to play Minecraft, Sims, and the occasional Batman game. In Minecraft I have created my own server.

I love music,especially Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, and My Chemical Romance. I usually listen to one of these bands when I’m working.

I like to read a lot, My favorite books include the Twilight Saga, The Maze Runner Series, and Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha is an anime.

I love to write a lot. That’s why my drive has so much stuff. I have written a movie script and it’s really weird.  I’ve written multiple stories.

Week1Blogging Challenge By Justin

Activity 1

Online I’m more careful of what I do because you can be typing to someone on Instagram or something and you could be sending out something that’s hurtful to the person you’re sending it to. I don’t really do that stuff because I’m really never online. When I’m offline I act like my normal self. I really don’t go online ever because it’s kind of boring to me. I’m more of a outdoor person then online person.                                     

Activity 2.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.54.41 AM

I chose this avatar because I like bats,I like swords,I like blue hats, also skeletons,


Activity 3.                                                             Me

One thing about me is I love cars. When I graduate college I want to design cars.  That’s my dream job because ever since I was little I loved to play with my toy cars. Last year when I was in fifth grade I started a story called Flying Cars. It’s about how I start to make a business and make all of these different cars. Like for example I made up this car called the Platinum Pathfinder Rocket. The Platinum Pathfinder is a real car I just added on the Rocket part to make it sound better. Another thing I like to do is write and make stories about cars and animals. Also I’m 11 years old.



Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Week #1 Blog Challenge

 Activity #1

I think that I am not so different online than offline. I try to be myself online without acting like a lunatic. I feel that you should always be yourself because if you become friends with someone who is different online you may not like them in real life. It’s also important though that you don’t go crazy online and post everything that’s going on in your life because that’s weird and also dangerous.


Activity #2 

Here is my avatar.Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.21.24 AM


             This is the website from where I got my avatar (Click here)

I chose this avatar because it looks like me and also she has a smile on and I always try to be happy, and I try to make other people happy. I chose the gift box because It reminds me of Christmas, and I LOVE CHRISTMAS.


Activity #3

My name is Elizabeth, and I am in Shirley’s 6th grade. My hobbies are Singing, acting, horseback riding, and reading. I want to be an actress and singer when I am older. My favorite book of all time is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I have four horses that I ride. Becket,Chadwick,Sundance, and Caspian. Becket is a creamy brown and white paint. Chadwick is a cocoa colored bay. Sundance is just like Becket with that creamy color. Caspian is a light brown and a has a spot on his forehead that looks like a heart. Over the summer I was recording an Ep for the songs I wrote. I am really excited for my album to be done.