Edublogs Challenge-Challenge 1 Activity 7

Week #1

This is my avatar. It looks kind of like me. I was wearing red pants and a blue shirt when I made this so, thats why it has red  pants and a blue shirt. I named him Julian JR. He is almost always happy, except when he gets homework. He likes skiing, playing video games and playing soccer. He also has a Youtube channel that he shares with a few friends. His favorite color is yellow.  He likes Minecraft and thats why he is made out of blocks.

A Day in the Life of Me! By Mira

Blogging Challenge #3

Hi! I am Mira. Do you want to know what it is like in a day like mine? I wake up very early, around 6:30 then I get dressed and have breakfast. I leave my house and get to school around 8:00 a.m. When I get to school I go to my classes. Then after a long day of school I go home and hang out with my friend’s and family . My sister and I also love playing with our dogs. Then my parents come home around 6:00 p.m. and all four of us have dinner. Sometimes we get take-out and sometimes my parents make something at home. Then my family and I watch TV. We like to watch the Food Network and the Voice. Then after that, I go to bed around 9:00. Well I hope you liked learning about my day!

Wait a minute, I forgot  some things that I like to do and some activities I do after school! I love singing, so one day I go to singing after school and also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I play soccer after school. The last thing I do after school is that my sister and I are in a club at our farm and we do fundraisers and we play games and talk. Before I get to any of those activities, I have to drive for almost an hour to get to school and back. On the drive to and from school my sister and I talk and listen to music and it is usually really fun.

The last thing I want to tell you about is the technology at my school. Everybody has a computer and we use them for most of our school work. I like how we get to use computers for most things instead of writing by hand the whole time. We also have smart boards which are really cool. I love all the technology and how we get to use it everyday it is great. I hoped you liked learning about a day in the life of me!


I interviewed my great grandmother for this blogging challenge. She is 86 years old and lived through WWII and the Great Depression. This story is being told from my great grandmother’s point of view. Please enjoy and I hope you learn something about my family.
My name is Charlotte Jean Bauer Jones. I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1925 on May 19. My mother was a housewife who didn’t drive and my father was a tile setter and he worked in a paint manufacturing company as well. My childhood was dull. We didn’t go anywhere unless we walked. I didn’t have many good friends in my neighborhood. There weren’t a lot of girls my age.For birthday parties, my parents asked my sister Barbara and I if we wanted a party or a present. We couldn’t have both. We had 5 dollars that we could spend for a birthday party. That had to cover everything including the food, decorations and other items. There had to be a theme to the party. These were my mothers rules. We’d give out written invitations. I had pretty fun parties. My sister, Barbara, was 3 years younger than I was. We didn’t really play together as she was a whiner and I couldn’t stand it. We weren’t interested in the same things.

During the Great Depression, we had enough food so my family didn’t starve. However, sometimes toward the end of the week we had just tomato soup for dinner. I wasn’t allowed to walk around the neighborhood because it was unsafe. I could go on the sidewalk but that was the only place I could go. I liked rollerskating, but not with those special shoes, there were attachments and you clamped them onto your shoes. I got married in 1943 to MacDonald Hoyle Jones and my son Ken was born in 1947 and I adopted 2 girls named Rosemary and Gina from Mexico in 1970. I went to the California State University at Los Angeles. I also went to USC for my masters degree. I then became a librarian

During WWII I didn’t fear so much although we had rationing, but we were afraid for all the men overseas. There weren’t many young men on the street. If they were young and male and on the street there was something wrong with them. We called them 4F. Which meant that they weren’t fit enough to join the army. If you had flat feet, you weren’t able to be a foot solider. One of my cousins died in the war. I was very sad. He died on the very last years of the war.  I was especially sad because he was an only child. He was in the Air Force. The thing that I am most proud of as an adult is my career as a librarian, The other thing I’m proud of but isn’t something I did, is having a loving family. I personally would like the blog to know that I love to travel and I’m happy I still can.

Challenge #9 by Zoe


Challenge #9

Drawing is my favorite thing to do. I like to draw because it’s like “taking a picture” with my eye and “printing it out” when I draw. When I draw it feels like I’m creating a whole new world, and in that world, it can be anything I want it to be. From strange monsters to common cartoon characters that can be seen every day, and they can be anywhere. I can create anything by drawing if I keep practicing, and practicing, and practicing. There’s always something new to learn, so if you think you know everything about drawing your probably way, off.
One particular type of art that I like is Manga. What is Manga you ask? Manga is a popular type of Japanese art. It’s very much like the Japanese version of common cartoon shows such as The Looney Toons are in America. There are various versions of Manga and none of them are easy to draw. One of the styles is called Chibi. Chibi is a tinier version of manga. To describe it better, people are about ¼ the size of their normal sizes but their heads are huge compared to their bodies.
Manga is getting popular all over the world and even people who are not related to Asians are staring to draw using it. There are many books, websites, and videos that tell how to draw manga. One of them is:



                                                                                                                    image by Rainbowcatz flickrcc


Book Talk – By Xavier

The Book Peeled by Joan Bauer is about a girl named Hildy Bilde who solves the case of some killings in her neighborhood. If  you think your life is crazy, you’ll never believe the craziness that happens to Hildy Bidle  at her house and at school. Hildy Bidle is a journalist who has a newspaper at her high school called The Core. Hilde is trying to find the truth about a haunted house where a little girl was killed. The haunted house hasn’t been a problem in Banesville, but lately people are starting to die at the house. Hildy Bidle has a competition with a newspaper called The Bee which says false things about the house just to make money.  Hildy uncovers whats really going with house and also what’s going with her newspaper’s competition The Bee.

Blogging Challenge Week 8 , Activity 7

Challenge week #8



My collage has labels of pictures which are the connections with my life.

  • My first picture is of two friends because I like spending time with my friends.
  • My second picture is of the computer which I use all through school and at home.
  • My third picture is of a basketball because I play lots of sports including: baseball , basketball , football and soccer.
  • The fourth picture is of The Walt Disney’s logo because I like watching movies especially with my family.
  • I also have a picture of a television because I enjoy watching TV.
  • I also have a picture of Barack Obama’s family because I like when my family spends time together.
  • The next picture is of the logo of a really popular video game called Modern Warfare 3 which is my favorite video game.
  •  The eighth picture is of Goofy because I like fooling around a lot.
  • The next picture is of trees and grass because I love climbing and jumping and being physical outside.
  • My last picture is of a school bus because I love to go to school every day



– two little boys by By slightly everything - From Flickr

– Apple mac book pro Img lightning , Desk lamp by Imglightning - From Flickr

– basketbal in motion by Candie_N  – From Flickr

– Nice view of Walt Disney Castle by Mohamad Bareth – From Flickr

– 82/365 by_rokinfree  – From Flickr

– 48-Call Of Duty Modren Warfare 3 Wii Ntsc by dd consle – From Flickr

– fathers Day by merfam – From Flickr 

–  goofy button by Sam Howzits – From Flickr

– Trees on Hardwick Heath by Martin Pettitt – From Flickr

– Whelled School bus-Right Front by Bill Wards Brickpile – From Flickr




No School by Massimo

No School

When I had no school for five days straight (counting the weekend), I had a lot of fun. I had no Internet for most of the time and I was sick during it so I didn’t do much, but it gave me a lot of rest so that was a good thing. I got 18’’ of snow at my house so we could play a lot outside with my cousin who came over.On Saturday, when my mom, my sister and I came back from a party, we tried to get up the hill to our house. My mom was afraid to go up the hill because she saw other people slipping every which way. She decided that she would not drive up, so she called my dad to take us up and leave her car at the bottom of the hill. Finally my dad got to the bottom of the hill ( which felt like hours I might add). When we got to my house I ran to my room and went to bed.

When I woke up, we all went sledding at a friends. It was fun sledding but we had to walk there and it was really cold.  We were walking up two small hills to get to our friend’s house while carrying sleds with snow pants on ( which were not light at all). When we got at the house we had to walk up this really really long and steep driveway. That was where we were sledding,  so we went down and up down and up down and up.

After that it was Monday,  Halloween and I was still sick, so I  just rested  on the sofa the whole time. When it was almost time to go trick-or-treating I didn’t feel much better so I thought that I wouldn’t go, but later on I decided to go. I was really glad I did because a friend was coming with us so that was cool. When we got back, our friend left and I heard from my mom that there was no school the next day, so I stayed up for a long time.