Recap of blogging challenge ~Final challenge~ by Ryanne

I loved the blogging challenge! It was so fun and I learned a lot while doing it. First off I learned that you always need a url to include in comments. This is so the reader can comment back to you. You also should use a complement and a connection with the writer. It is also really nice to have a question for the writer as well, because they will want to write back. You should make as many connections to the writer as possible so they will want to talk to you. My goal was to start a conversation, and I did. I just need to comment back to the school I met. You want to start a conversation so you can possibly Skype whoever you are commenting with . You might even meet a school you’ve never heard of!  Another thing I learned was, you have to make your blog post interesting so people will read it. This might not be the most interesting post you’ve read of mine, but if you read the ones below they are a lot more interesting.

 My favorite challenge was week 7. This was the week we got to write about anything in nature. I wrote about Teddy Bear Puppies (they are real dogs not teddy bears). If you want to learn about them read the blog post named Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne. I liked it because I wrote about my dogs. I have two Teddy Bear Puppies named Layla and Cobey. I loved researching about them, mostly because I learned a lot! I already knew a little bit but now I know a lot more. It was awesome taking pictures and making a picture collage of my puppies!    


Please comment what your favorite challenge was. I would love to hear what you wrote about and please leave a url so I can see the post.  THANK YOU!              


Final Blogging Challenge – By Zach



I have had a lot of fun participating in the blogging challenge. My favorite challenge was the food challenge because I loved that topic and thought that I could use the guidelines in a lot of different ways. I also liked the nature challenge because I love nature and got to involve my personal nature blog in my post. My personal blog is called Penguin Power and it tells people all about penguins and what we can do to help them.

 I thought that Miss. W did a very good job of keeping us updated on the challenges and did a good job of commenting on all of the blogs. I think that this challenge taught me about how to write a good and detailed post and how to attract people to it by writing comments and including good pictures.  I think that these skills will help me write posts on my personal blog and I think that I will use this skill a lot in my life.

This project was a new way of writing for me because we had a specific topic to write about and that made me think differently. The only thing that I would have done differently is give us more time to get it posted because with holidays and weekends we didn’t have a lot of time to do a good job on some challenges.

Final Blogging Challenge – By: Annie

Final Blogging Challenge

By: Annie (Picture by Annie too)



My Favorite blogging challenge was the nature one. I wrote about horses. This one was my favorite one because I got to write about something I’m really passionate about. The blogging challenges helped me learned how to learn used attribution and how to have a lot of fun while I’m writing. I also learned how to use links properly. The best thing I learned was how to give really good comments.  I wish the blogging challenges didn’t have to end!



Week # 7 All About horse breeds – By Olivia

There are many different breeds of horses and each type are used for different types of jobs. Today, I will be talking about a few of the breeds and the kinds of jobs they do. Draft horses usually pull heavy objects, such as buggies, carts, plows and other farm equipment. The draft horse is also known as a cold blood because of their calm temperament. The most common type of draft horse in the USA, is the Belgian. Another type of draft horse is a Shire. The shire is one of the strongest breeds of horse. They are mostly calm and relaxed. Overall they make a great horse for general riding and work.

Here is a picture of Belgian horses below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.28.51 AM




Picture from Pixabay



Another type of horse is a Thoroughbred. A Thoroughbred is a type of horse that is usually used for racing. They are known as a hot blooded breed. The Thoroughbred  is also known for their agility, speed and spirit. Although the Thoroughbred is bred for racing it also does jumping, dressage, fox hunting, etc. Thoroughbreds are much smaller than draft breeds and have finer bones. My mom owns a thoroughbred shire cross mare and her name is Maxine. The Thoroughbred developed in 17th- and 18th-century England, then became very popular.

Here’s a picture below of some thoroughbreds. If you would like to read more here is a link.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.31.36 AM                                                                                                 Picture by Paul    from Flickr


Some breads are also distinguished by color.  For example, Palominos are always golden with a flaxen mane. Appaloosas come in five different colors and may or may not be speckled. The Paint breed has white splotches combined with another color. My own interest in horses has come from my experiences as a horseback rider. I ride Maxine whom I described above and also a Welsh pony, named Dundee, that I lease.

I hope you had fun learning about horses!

WEEK #7 Exmoor Ponies – By Elizabeth

My favorite animals are horses. I have been riding horses since I was four. I love horses because they all have different personalities. I have ridden, nice ponies, bratty ponies/horses, calm ponies/horses, energetic ponies/horses.  Horses are unique and have evolved many times. Horses come from all over and they all have a talent. Jumping,Racing,Dressage, ext…

The pony I presently ide right now is named Chadwick. He is an Exmoor pony. Chadwick is brattiest horse you will ever meet. He bites me and bucks me off, but I still love him. He lives in a pasture with an apple tree and his own barn because he hates other horses. He has a very thick mane that always gets tangled in thorns. His mane looks like a bird nest. He is a bay horse with light dapple spots on his but. His ears are fuzzy and so soft. His eyes are so brown they look like melted chocolate. I love him so much even though he is a very bratty pony. I love him because he is cut and he always makes me laugh with his bratty behaviors.

Just a little history lesson on Exmoor ponies. They are going extinct and there are by 2010 only 800 left worldwide. They come from the British Isles and Devon Somerset Southwest England. Exmoor Ponies are the oldest British breed. The Celts came to Britain and trained them. Exmoor ponies have been with man for at least 30,000 years!

Here is a slide show about Exmoor ponies

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My Slide On Exmoor Ponies



Blogging Challenge Week #5 By Maya


Week#5 Activity#1 -Doughnuts    

IMG_2128Creative Commons License Hillary via Compfight

There are tons of doughnuts here in the USA but this was the first one: Glazed. A sweet sugary doughnut that makes your mouth water. It was first invented when Elizabeth Gregory, who was a captain’s mother made a deep-fry dough with walnuts and almonds in the middle so that he could eat it with his crew so that they wouldn’t get scurvy. When Elizabeth made it it wasn’t called a doughnut. The name doughnut came much later when in World War I Doughboys used to sell doughnuts and got the name from DOUGH-boys back then doughnuts had nuts in the middle. Doughboys stuck holes in the middle where the nuts were so that soldiers were able to hold it better.


Week #5 Blogging Challenge

Activity #1: Write a post on food that is popular in your country.

There are many different foods that are popular in the U.S.A, but if I had to pick just one I would pick a Burger. They come in so many different ways like:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Veggieburger
  • Hamburger
  • Bacon-burger
  • Texas-burger
  • And a lot more


You can also get a lot of toppings on your burger like:

For those of you that have never had a burger they are like sandwiches, but I think they’re better. Also instead of bread they use rolls. Don’t worry there is a lot more than just burgers in America!My Octoberfest CheesburgerChris via Compfight



Week #4 – Activity #2 Halloween Poem – by Ryanne

David Rabbit Wallace via Compfight

The Night with Blair by Ryanne

There was a party on Halloween night

And no one knew they were in for a great fright

The humans were dancing then comes out a scream

The humans thought they were stuck in a dream

Outcomes Blair with drool on his face

He wanted some humans because he loved the taste

Blair saw a knight standing there

He looked at Blair without a care

He walked toward the monster and put down his sword

The monster was pleased when the knight grabbed a cord

“This is for your wounded hand,

Now can you stop ruining my land?”

The monster agreed to stop 

Then the monster went out on the hop

The humans now dance every October in favor of the Knight

Who went up to Blair with out a fright