Creepy Crawlies – Week 4 Activity 4 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

Creepy Crawlies are everywhere,

Don’t worry, it’s fine to be scared,

The creepy crawlies will hunt you down,

They’ll search for you up in the air, but also on the ground!


They define a whole class of things,

Things with legs and also with wings,

The most disgusting creatures out there,

They will surely give you a scare!


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Week #7 blogging Challenge By Bella

Mount Warusawa  悪沢岳


This great mountain sits in Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan. You can also say that it is located in the southern part of the Akaishi Mountains (AKA the Southern Alps) This mountain is apart of the Minami Alps National Park(南アルプス).


The mountain is apart of the Akaishi mountains. These mountains are Mount Warusawa on the east side. Mount Arakawa-Naka in the center. and Mount Arakawa-Mae in front. This connects the mountains.



The mountain it’s just known from being in the national park,It’s known for its hight.Mount Warusawa is 3,141 meters tall (10,305 ft). Mount Arakawa-Naka is 3,083 meters (10,115 ft). And Mount Arakawa-Mae is 3,068(10,068 ft) meters tall. From these heights you can tell that Mount Warusawa is taller than its sister mountains.

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Blogging Challenge Week #5 Activity By Adam

One of the foods we here in America like to eat is pizza. Pizza was not created in America but a lot of the people here like to partake in a slice of pepperoni now and then. One of the top pizza suppliers go by the name of Domino’s Pizza or very recently named Dominos.  Domino’s pizza started by Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, purchased DomiNick’s a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near Eastern Michigan University. The deal was secured by a $500 down payment, and the brothers borrowed $900 to pay for the store. The brothers planned to split the work hours evenly, but James didn’t want to quit his job as a mailman to keep up with the new business. Within eight months, James gave Tom his half of the business for the car DomiNick’s was using for deliveries. By 1965, Tom Monaghan had purchased two additional pizzerias; he now had a total of three locations in the same county. Monaghan wanted the stories to share the same branding, but the original owner forbid him from using the DomiNick’s name. One day an employee got back from a pizza delivery and suggested the name Domino’s. Tom immediately loved the name and officially renamed his business to Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965. Domino’s has continued to grow and grow and is now one of the biggest Pizza companies in America



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Last Blogging Challenge – By Zsofi

Last Blogging Challenge

I am sorry to say but this is my last Blogging Challenge post. My favorite post for the Blogging Challenge would be the one I didn’t posted since I got the flu, but wrote, and worked hard on anyway. It was week #7, the post needed to be about a non man-made thing, such as animals, rocks, stars, etc… I decided to make my post about civets. I really enjoyed studying for this post, and at the end making a short stop motion animation of a clay civet climbing a tree. Another post I loved was when I wrote about cupcakes, and I got to find out more about one of my favorite foods, which would probably not have happened if I had not written a post about cupcakes.


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Week #7 What about the clouds? – By Milaura

Do you know the time clouds are covering the sun and the sky is covered as well but it’s not quite “gray” Yet. Well people just call it “gray”. However there are sometimes where it is this angelic white color 


What are clouds? Clouds are little droplets of things like water or ice that are so light that they can float on the air. After trillions of them gather together they turn into a cloud that you can see. I wonder how many exactly does it take to see a tiny bit of a cloud?


The reason I chose clouds is because, I don’t understand why people only use three colors to describe the sky, Blue,  Gray, and Orange  and there are so many more describing colors like Angelic White and Sunsetting pink,  Sunsetting orange , Deep blue and more. Most people don’t really think about the clouds a lot, Unless trying to start a conversation; “The weather is nice today” “Yeah nice and warm and not too many clouds” I think we should pay more attention to all nature. I love clouds


As you know clouds are very high up in the sky that is because those little droplets are so light. It works kind of like a ballon. Why clouds look like they have different colors is because of the light reflecting on it. What do you like the most about clouds


Beautiful clouds #2 Beautiful clouds

Credits: Weather Wiz kids by Crystal Wicker Live science by Joseph Castro  By jobicon via pixabay


Crepuscular rays from wikipedia   


Last Week Challenge- Our Favorite Posts – Bella

I think that my favorite blog post would have to be Week #4 of the Blogging Challenge. This is because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I got to share how fun my Halloween is every year. But it was really hard choosing one post. I loved all of them. Being apart of the Blogging Challenge was an amazing experience. I have learned so much. I’ve learned how to make better comments to people and much more. Over all I have learned to be more self aware when I’m online. I would definitely do this again.



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My Blogging Reflection – By Elizabeth

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During the nine weeks that I’ve been doing the blogging challenge, I earned about many things including Nature, Commenting, Food, and lots more. I especially learned a lot from the food challenge. I learned a lot from this one because when I was reading through them, I learned about lots of traditions. I had never known that some people had traditions about what food they eat. I also learned about different types of food. I never knew that there were so many foods in this world. So overall I think that I learned a lot!

My favorite challenge was the writing about our favorite thing in nature. It was my favorite because I love nature, and it just made the challenge fun writing about something I love. I wrote about Exmoor ponies. I wrote about these ponies because they are something that I love and I thought that I would have a very good time writing about something I love. The challenge said to write about something you knew a lot about, so that is another reason I wrote about them.


Awesome Otters Week #7 Blogging Challenge

I have always liked otters. When I was little I always wanted to be a one. I thought that the idea of being able to dart underwater and catch fish sounded fun! When I was at the pool I would practice holding my breath. These are some things I know about North American river otters. A North American river otter is a mammal that is a part of the weasel  family. The weasel family is full of Mustelids, there are about 65 different animals in the weasel family. Some of the different members of the weasel family are, BADGER, WOLVERINE, FERRET. And more

You can Identify otters for their stout body, short legs, tapered tail and glossy fur. Otters stout body, webbed feet, flat head, and their closable nostrils help them get around and hunt underwater easily. Their eyes, ears, and nose are on the top of their head so they can see, hear, and smell better while the rest of there body is in water. Fur color can range from light brown to black, with a lighter, grayish colored chin and throat. River otters can be found in all watersheds of New York.

Otters eyes are shaped in a way that helps their underwater vision be sharper in situations where the water is murky. They use their ‘motion sensitive’ whiskers that help them cue in on prey location and movement. Although fish comprise the majority of their diet, amphibians and crustaceans and other aquatic invertebrates are also taken when available. They are mainly only social with there the other otters in their family.  These are some pictures of some North American otters! 

Photo on 11-20-15 at 11.52 AM  

Photo by Olive

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Week #7 blogging challenge How to live like a wolf


Week #7 By Fiona, How to live like a wolf


I got out of my car, too excited to go inside the gate. I was going to the wolf sanctuary.

Wolves are my favorite animal, I have my reasons to love them so much. I feel like I am so connected with them. They are amazing animals, also what is so smart is that they travel in packs with a leader.

They do this so that the pack doesn’t go off and do whatever they want. If that happened then the wolves wouldn’t survive. The alpha or the pack leader is usually male because male wolves are bigger, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t female alphas out there. Once the pack hunts the alpha always eats first, to prevent fighting over food. Wolves are loyal, brave, sensitive and fierce. They never leave their pack behind.   

There are probably more breeds than you think.. There are about 39 different breeds of wolves.

There are also different positions of a pack, They include; The alpha(The leader), Beta(The wolves in line that will eventually replace the alpha when dead) and finally the Omega( The lowest position of the pack.) So wolves are pretty much one of the coolest animals in my opinion!!!


Picture drawn by Fiona (Me)Photo on 11-20-15 at 11.27 AM


Dog, Labrador wolf, Honshu wolf, Arctic wolf, Dingo, Mexican wolf, Indian wolf, Manitoba wolf, Eurasian wolf, Tundra wolf, Tibetan wolf, Iberian wolf, Hokkaido wolf, Arabian wolf, Northwestern wolf, Alaskan Tundra wolf, Bernard’s wolf, Greenland wolf, Great plains wolf, Northern rocky mountain wolf, Florida black wolf, Alexander Archipelago wolf, Texas wolf, Kenai Peninsula wolf, New guinea singing dog, Steppe wolf, Yukon wolf, Hudson Bay wolf, Newfoundland wolf, Vancouver island wolf, British Columbia wolf, Cascade mountain wolf, Baffin island wolf, Mogollon mountain wolf, Mackenzie river wolf, Canis lupus dingo, Gregory wolf last but not least the Southern Rocky mountains wolf.

Here are my sources: Source 1 Source 2 Check out my presentation here: Presentation


Week #7 Lurchers Of The Woods BY Tess

I’ve always been interested in foxes. When I was little I always missed seeing them in my backyard. Foxes are beautiful creatures with red, white and black fur. They are found in many places including North America and Asia. Foxes are a part of the Canidae family. Some other animals in the Canidae family are Wolves and Dogs. I have always found foxes around my house in the woods. In researching this was a big question for me. I found out foxes live in an environment with mostly trees and grass. So you’re most likely to see them in a forest or a grassy field. But, you could also see them in other places like mountains and down by Oceans.


Copyright_Sign2Photo taken by Tess

Foxes are about the size of a medium sized dog. So they don’t look as scary as some other creatures. Last time I saw a fox it ran away before I could get a glimpse of its face. So they aren’t too fierce around humans unless you meet the wrong one. But foxes aren’t human eating animals. They mostly eat meat and vegetation. Something’s foxes eat are Mice,Rabbits and Lizards. If a fox lives by the ocean, it can also eat fish and other sea creatures.

Foxes Flesh for Blood via Compfight

Sadly, foxes don’t live that long out in the wild. They only live about 2 years. They can live 6 times longer in captivity. Up to 12 years! When you find foxes in the wild, they don’t look as pretty as you might think. My father told me the last fox he saw was ragged and dirty. But, if you see them in captivity they look great! This really shows the living differences in captivity and in the wild.

'Frodo' (1)Creative Commons License Peter Trimming via Compfight

Foxes usually only have one mate but can have more. They also can have nannies who look over the pups for the mother and father. Nannies are foxes that don’t have mates. So they really devote their time to the pups.They are almost like humans! Another thing that makes foxes like us is they can identify each others voices. They have many different sounds they communicate through. Overall foxes are beautiful creatures that I don’t think should be hunted. Please if you can help, try! I bet foxes would love it!


Here are the two links I got my information from!