Recap of blogging challenge ~Final challenge~ by Ryanne

I loved the blogging challenge! It was so fun and I learned a lot while doing it. First off I learned that you always need a url to include in comments. This is so the reader can comment back to you. You also should use a complement and a connection with the writer. It is also really nice to have a question for the writer as well, because they will want to write back. You should make as many connections to the writer as possible so they will want to talk to you. My goal was to start a conversation, and I did. I just need to comment back to the school I met. You want to start a conversation so you can possibly Skype whoever you are commenting with . You might even meet a school you’ve never heard of!  Another thing I learned was, you have to make your blog post interesting so people will read it. This might not be the most interesting post you’ve read of mine, but if you read the ones below they are a lot more interesting.

 My favorite challenge was week 7. This was the week we got to write about anything in nature. I wrote about Teddy Bear Puppies (they are real dogs not teddy bears). If you want to learn about them read the blog post named Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne. I liked it because I wrote about my dogs. I have two Teddy Bear Puppies named Layla and Cobey. I loved researching about them, mostly because I learned a lot! I already knew a little bit but now I know a lot more. It was awesome taking pictures and making a picture collage of my puppies!    


Please comment what your favorite challenge was. I would love to hear what you wrote about and please leave a url so I can see the post.  THANK YOU!              


Final Blogging Challenge – Yasmeen

Taking part in the 2015 Blogging Challenge was a nice experience. There was always something new to do each week along with learning something new. I got to learn how to use Compfight, I learned how to make an avatar, I also learned a lot of new things from other people’s blogs. I liked visiting blogs because in about a week or two I had a response. My favorite Blogging Challenge was where we got to write a little about ourselves and then we got to make an avatar. I thought it was a nice way to express myself, and for everyone on edublogs to get to know me. This experience is one I will never forget. Hopefully I will get to use the skills I learned from the Blogging Challenge and use them again some day. Here is the link to my favorite post. Also, my class and I got nominated for Best Class Blog and Best Group Blog. Thanks for everyone who nominated us and don’t forget to vote here for Shirley’s 6th Grade Class.7201994-122599800_4-s1-v1

Last Blogging Challenge – Goodbye! – By Isaac

Emoticons: Hand waving face by nicubunu

Picture by nicubunu

via openclipart

The student blogging challenge is where kids write blog posts on their class blog. I thought the blogging challenge was a great way to connect lots of different classrooms around the world. It was fun to write posts about different things because you got to write about things you would normally never write about. I know I met a lot of new friends in many different places in the world. I never would have thought blogging would be fun, but it’s something fun to do if you don’t know what to do! My favorite posts were my nature post and my food post. Overall, I think that it is a great way to meet people and very fun, and I would do it again.

Final blogging challenge – By Olivia

Blogging challenge review

When I think back to my blogging challenges, my favorite one was week 7- The World of Nature.  I liked it because I love nature and all animals. I also liked how you got to choose your topic and do research about it. I liked that you could do research on your topic because my topic was breeds of horses and I already knew a lot about it but now I know much more. It was also good because I learned how to put hyperlinks in and that is a very good thing to know how to do. Something that I really like in a blogging challenge is when you can choose your own topic and have guidelines about how you write about it. I like doing that because you can have passion in your writing.  

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.09.29 PM

Picture from Pixabay


What I learned from blogging was, that you need to have people check over your work before you send it out to the world.  Once you’ve checked once then check one more time just to be sure. I’ve also learned that you should do a lot of research about your topic before writing your post. It is also good to have a picture because that helps your reader understand what you’re trying to say. Something else you might want to do is use a lot of information because some of your readers might know a lot about the topic and others won’t know much at all.  Overall, I really loved these blogging challenges and blogging in general.

Have fun blogging!



Week #7 – Constellations: By Isaac


Stars constellationsCreative Commons License Thomas Bresson via Compfight

Ever wonder about the stars? Well, if you look closely you may see certain shapes. These are called “constellations”, and they were invented by ancient people that looked in the sky and saw shapes in the stars.

 It wasn’t just one race that identified these, it was lots of ancient cultures. The first direct evidence of these occurrences was found in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. Then came astronomers from China, India, the Islamic Empire, Egypt, and Greece (Grecian constellations were mainly based off the ones from Mesopotamia, and we still use those today).

Early Constellations

Timeline Website


Constellations are measured by size in square degrees, and the constellation that takes up the most square degrees is called Hydra. Constellations are categorized by families, and Hydra is a constellation in the Her family, along with Hercules (the main constellation in the family), Centaurus, Ophiuchus, and many others. The sky is divided up into 8 sections, 4 quadrants in the north and 4 quadrants in the south. All constellations fall into 1 of those sections.


Dark cloud constellations are just dark patches in the Great Rift, which consists of a group of those patches in the galaxy. These are better observed in the southern hemisphere. These can be seen better when the Milky Way is darker, because these can cast shadows on the ground. 


The Aboriginal “Emu in the sky”.

In Western astronomy terms, the Southern Cross is on the right, and Scorpius on the left; the head of the emu is the Coalsack.


There are about 88 well-known constellations out there in the sky, maybe you will see some of them!


Another great site for information



Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity #1

Hamburgers have always been very popular here in New York! Of course you can probably find hamburgers anywhere else in the world, but I think New York sells a lot of them every year. Two places that have become very popular serving burgers are McDonald’s and Burger King. Two of the most known fast food places. Most likely almost everyone who reads this post has heard of them.

McDonaldsCreative Commons License                                                      Straight lines BKCreative Commons License

                      Anupam_ts via Compfight                                                                                       Håkan Dahlström via Compfight

Burgers are sometimes served with Cheese (adding cheese makes the hamburger a cheeseburger), lettuce, tomato and if you like them, onions. The most common side you can get with the burger is french fries. If you would like to see more about the history of burgers and more click here.


Willy Culture AUD9.90 - Burger Culture

Alpha via Compfight

Some ways you can make burgers are better than others. If you have never had a burger (Which most people have), I’d recommend going to a place that serves really good ones. You always want a good first taste!


week #1 Blogging Challenge By Zacharias

Activity #1 I am a pretty quiet person and have a lot of friends but in a blog I am careful not to hit something by mistake. I love to blog stuff that I am proud of. In the media world I love to post stuff and share it with my friends. In a blog I am pretty much wh0 I am in the real world.


 Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 11.52.47 AM

Lego Avatar This is the site I used to build my avatar. I love my avatar because it represents me in a way that I like. The tie-die means I love art, the detector and the hardware on the skull head mean I love technology. The skull head is that way because I LOVE Halloween and the bat is because I love bats!   

Activity #3

I am very athletic and I like to play Lacrosse. One of the most cool places I have been is in my sports activities. I love to play soccer, baseball, and other sports like that. When I play sports I think of it as a way to get all of my steam and energy out.That is why I love to play sports!

Blogging Challenge Week #1by Ryanne

Activity 1:

I am Ryanne. I am not different on the internet because I want people to know the real me, even on the internet. I don’t comment on stuff that I would not say out loud and I only post and comment nice things. I am myself on the internet or talking to my friends.  

Activity 2:


I got this avatar from Bitstrips

I choose this avatar because I am a big softball player. I have brown hair and my hair is usually in a pony tail. I would also wear these clothes if I had them in real life.  


Activity 3:

Sup! I’m an 11 year old girl and my name is Ryanne. I am in 6th grade and I love playing softball and working out at my gym . I am on a travel softball team. I have two dogs. They are called Teddy Bear Puppies ( Teddy Bear’s are a mix of a Shih-tzu and a Bichon). The boy’s name is Cobey and the girls name is Layla. This is my first year in middle school and I like it a lot better then lower school.  

Shane’s avatar post – challenge one


Week #1

I made an avatar named The Checkered Bandit because it just came to my mind, therefore I did it. I started off with an all green guy and it just went from there. I decided to change the colors a lot.  I had to remake it more than once. That was really hard.

Week 3 Time for a Break Art Games-Eden

 Week 3 Time For a break

Game 1 this is sand—One of the games I played is called this is sand. In this game you chose your color of sand and then you click your mouse and the sand falls. This game is really really awesome because of how how you can make so many different designs. The only shape that I have figured out how to make is a triangle but some people can make amazing things like a heart or a apple symbol. This is sand is one of the most awesome art games I have ever played. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who loves playing with sand.

Game 2 mosaics— Another one of the games I played is called make a mosaic. In this game what you have to do is first you pick a color, then you have to start placing them in any pattern you want. If you can not find a pattern you want they have little links on the side that show you different patterns. I actually was not really into this game because when you first start you are having a lot of fun are but once you get to the the middle of your mosaic you kind of get bored and you just want to move onto something else. Mosaics in not actually the best game even though it is really fun in the beginning. I do not really recomend this game for anyone, but if you really get into games and don’t want to stop playing then I think you may like it.

Game 3 matching game— One of the other sites I when to is called  Getty Games. On this site you first pick which game you want to play the one that I picked is called Detail Detective. How you play this game is first a painting or sculpture pops up and next to it are four or five little pieces of pictures, you have to look these pieces and pick the one that you think is part of the painting or sculpture. In this game you have to get hang of it after a while or will not make very much sense, but once you do you don’t want to stop playing. I really like this game and definitely want to play it again. I recomend this game for people who really like to play with puzzles and other things like that.