Buddies By Matt

The moment I stepped into the preschool room I was trembling, because it had been awhile since I worked with little kids. Basically, I got three kids to do things with. The first, was a little shy and didn’t like a lot of the 6th graders. The second didn’t like a lot of the older boys in the 6th grade. When we played Duck Duck Goose, she refused to get tagged by a boy, so she wasn’t that great for me. Finally the third, LIKED ME FINALLY! I got to play with her a bit.

The first we did was follow around Anna, we went in the forest playing a “magic game,” that was really fun. A little bit after that we ran around a bit with Jane, we played a “fairy” game so we did a lot of running after “getaway pixy dust.” That was all very fun and that was the time I had with the preschool.

Buddies – Shane

I loved being with my buddy. It was really fun and Ross is really cute. I loved playing wall ball with Ross. The little buddies were tiny and funny to watch. We went with Ross on the swing and pushed him really high. He loved it and he was laughing out of his mind. Next we went on the tire swing. Mike my partner pushed Ross and I and it was very fun.

indexWhen we were inside, we played with blocks and made a parking lot and pushed cars on it. Then we made paper airplanes. Mine flew really well  good, and so did Ross’ planes. Then we played with the cars. It was very funny and fun. I had a Nissan GTR rally edition. Then we left to go back to our classes.

It was really fun to play with our buddies and we will have it again on the next F Day. I am looking forward to playing with them again.