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Edublogs Challenge Week 7 (Activity 5) – By Aydin

Edublogs Challenge Week #7 (Activity 5)  I don’t really think my digital footprint is THAT bad. Of course, there are definitely things that I have done on the internet that I regret, like posting mean comments to people or mean comment replies to someone. Basically everything I do now on the internet is fine. Sometimes […]


Edublogs Challenge #5: Human Rights ~ Bullying

Bullying is a very serious problem around the world. Bullying is when one person (or many people) do something to be mean to a particular person or group. There are many different forms of bullying: Cyber bullying, insulting someone, tormenting someone, teasing, etc. Some people get bullied so bad that they commit suicide (there have […]


Challenge 5 Where is the Water? – Cole

Challenge 5- Where is the water?-Cole   In the entire world 11% of humans do not have enough clean drinking water and therefore will have a high chance of early death. We don’t want that, which is why we need to change that.  As you probably know in places like Africa and Asia people are […]


Canstruction – Activity 2 ~~~ Aydin

Edublogs Challenge #4   My school (PDS) helped hundreds of hungry people in the Hudson Vally by doing something called CanStruction®. CanStruction® Is a fundraiser that feeds the hungry like this: Any school, or organization can enter the contest if they want. The contest is a competition about who can make the best structure out […]

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About Me – Jade

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Picture Challenge by Aidan

                                                                                                   Tintin Explorer On The Moon “Prepare […]


Picture Challenge – Tin Tin – By Erik

Five, four, three, two, one, lift off! The rocket blasted right off the ground. My heart was pounding so hard that I felt like it was going to come flying right out of my chest. Captain Crawford looked super calm and Buster was yapping loud. I tried to shut him up but I really couldn’t […]

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I interviewed my great grandmother for this blogging challenge. She is 86 years old and lived through WWII and the Great Depression. This story is being told from my great grandmother’s point of view. Please enjoy and I hope you learn something about my family. My name is Charlotte Jean Bauer Jones. I was born […]



Challenge #10 From the point of view of an adult- How many posts did you write? I wrote a lot of posts, about 7-10 How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? Most were school based, pretty much all of them. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers […]


Blogging Challenge #9- Elizabeth

Blogging Challenge #9 There is a heron who comes to our pond and eats our fish. Five years ago my dad created a pond to control the water that was flowing down our hill. We put 12 koi into the pond and now we have more than 50. The heron has been coming to our […]


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