Shirley's 6th Grade

Challenge #2 activity 5

Mini-Memphis diary Challenge 1 activity 5 Day 1 An explanation Hello diary! My name is Minnie-Memphis and I am here to talk to you about the Land of Smalls. I live in the tiny town of Smallville. In Smallville, everyone is a mini. If you do not know what a mini is then I will […]


Time For A Break – Simulation Games

Week #3 I played three of the games that were pretty cool! The first one “Ayiti” was about helping a family survive through rough seasons which was a cool way to find out how it was to help your family survive back in the middle ages.  The second, “Shoe Sweat Shop” was about what it […]

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Week #3, Activity #6

Week #3, Activity #6 If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why? I would live on Mount Olympus! I would want to live on Mount Olympus because then I could be raised and witness the power of the 12 Greek Olympians and the other […]

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Week 3 Time for a Break Art Games-Eden

 Week 3 Time For a break Game 1 this is sand—One of the games I played is called this is sand. In this game you chose your color of sand and then you click your mouse and the sand falls. This game is really really awesome because of how how you can make so many […]


Week 3 Town and Country activity 2 by Anna

Town and Country week 3 activity 2  My name is Anna. I am from The state of New York. The capital of new york is Albany. If you were to go to Albany, NY, I would go to the Capitol building. I don’t know if you can go inside but it is so nice to […]


Challenge #1 -Activity # 2 BY Anna

Challenge #1  -Activity # 2 Hi I’m Anna and I’m from the United States of America. I am a level 4 gymnast and my favorite activity in gymnastics is vault because it’s the easiest. I am in sixth grade and I am really enjoying it. My favorite subject is math because I am very neat […]


Challenge One Activity 4 – By Mike

Challenge one – Activity four Create an avatar This weekend I had to pick an Edublog challenge. The challenge that I decided to pick was challenge one, activity four in which I had to create an avatar or a representative of myself.  At first I wasn’t quite sure how to make and insert an avatar. […]

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Challenge 1 – Activity 4 By Matt

Challenge 1 Activity 4   Well, this is me. (in minecraft form)  I guess I could say why I chose this. I chose it because I really like minecraft, and I really like my “minecraft skin.”  The Diaries Day 1. I have been in this world for about a day now and I have started […]

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Blogging Challange #1, Activity 13 By Ibrahim

Challenge #1 Activity 13 The answer is 13. What is the question? There are 9 students in a class. The teachers brings in a certain amount of candy to divide evenly amongst the class. Each student ends up with 4 pieces of candy. How much candy do the teachers bring in for the students? The […]

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Edublogs Challenge Week 7 (Activity 5) – By Aydin

Edublogs Challenge Week #7 (Activity 5)  I don’t really think my digital footprint is THAT bad. Of course, there are definitely things that I have done on the internet that I regret, like posting mean comments to people or mean comment replies to someone. Basically everything I do now on the internet is fine. Sometimes […]


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