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Edublogs Challenge Week 5 Activity 1 By Matt

Today, I watched a video about copyright. Some things I learned were …

You cannot just use a photo off the internet because there could be a copyright licenseon it, that means that you can either (when it is copyright) find the license where you have to give attribution to the creator, or the license where you can not use the photo or video! You can use creative commons to find photos or videos that you can use but you have to give attribution to it’s creator.


Blogging Challenge Week 4 Challenge 1 option 3-Eden

week 4 activity 3


During this challenge you had to install a don’t track me app called ghostery and go to all of your favorite sites. Once you get to one of your favorite websites you have to check how many trackers there are. Next you have to go to another website look how many trackers you have and compare the number you had then to the number from the other site. On the site cool math games before it even loaded I had six trackers. but when I opened Google drive I had zero trackers. I think that happened because nobody other than me can get into my Google account and on cool math games you don’t have an account so anybody can go on it.

Challenge #2 activity 5

Mini-Memphis diary

Challenge 1 activity 5
Day 1 An explanation
Hello diary! My name is Minnie-Memphis and I am here to talk to you about the Land of Smalls. I live in the tiny town of Smallville. In Smallville, everyone is a mini. If you do not know what a mini is then I will tell you. For starters there are two types of worlds – the land of the Bigs and the land of the Smalls. Everyone in the land of Bigs has a smaller version of themselves in the land of Smalls; I am a smaller version of a boy named Memphis. Do you get it now? I hope you do.
Signing off Mini-Memphis

Day 2 About me
Hi diary! I’m back. So where did we leave off last time? Oh yeah, I just finished explaining the land of the Smalls and the land of the Bigs. So now that I finished explaining that I will talk about me.
First, I will tell you what I look like. I have really messy long black hair and brown eyes and brown skin. I love pizza. Now I don’t just love pizza. I live for pizza. Pizza is my life because it is the best thing in the world. I also have some charming qualities and some not so charming qualities. Some of my charming qualities include: I’m smart funny and easy to talk to. Some of my not so charming qualities include: I have a huge ego and I always take the lead so I am kind of bossy. Oh I have to go to bed know.
Bye Memphis

Challenge #4, Activity #4

Challenge #4, activity #4

I think my sister, Fatima can be the coolest older sister in the next twenty galaxies! She is always there for me when I need, even if I am super annoying. She can be a bit cold if she is super tired or frustrated or when we’re at school and I don’t leave her alone. But once you get over the fact that she will become Hulk if she is mad, she’s all baby lover and cute puppy love posters. Fatima’s really funny and loves to talk about almost anything, from homework to the latest hit song, though not in that order. But no matter her faults, Fatima is the greatest older sister a kid can have!

Time For A Break – Simulation Games

Week #3

I played three of the games that were pretty cool! The first one “Ayiti” was about helping a family survive through rough seasons which was a cool way to find out how it was to help your family survive back in the middle ages.

 The second, “Shoe Sweat Shop” was about what it would be like back then in the early 1900’s to work in a sweat shop it was pretty fun but very time consuming at the same time.

 The third, “Refugees in Sudan” was about a tribe who needed to get water for their camp, but, to do that they had to risk their lives because of the enemy chasing them down and killing them.


Week #3, Activity #6

Week #3, Activity #6

If you could live anywhere in the world, universe or world of books, where would it be and why?

I would live on Mount Olympus! I would want to live on Mount Olympus because then I could be raised and witness the power of the 12 Greek Olympians and the other minor gods in Greek mythology.

I would also like to buy an island. I would name it “Ibblestan”. I would name it Ibblestan because my sister Fatima always calls me “Ibbles”. I would like to live there and make everything there by giant Lego bricks. It would the ultimate Lego land! I would also make a program in where people would make things with Legos, and then I would make them real! It would be cool for everyone, because I would make everything for very small kids with plush Lego duplos and everything for older people extremely complex and hard.

In all, I think living on Mount Olympus or in “Ibblestan” would be really fun and cool at the same time! I could also learn about things like the Greek way of thinking about life and creation. I could also learn about problem solving and architecture in “Ibblestan”. It would be really fun and an equally amazing learning experience!

Week 3 Time for a Break Art Games-Eden

 Week 3 Time For a break

Game 1 this is sand—One of the games I played is called this is sand. In this game you chose your color of sand and then you click your mouse and the sand falls. This game is really really awesome because of how how you can make so many different designs. The only shape that I have figured out how to make is a triangle but some people can make amazing things like a heart or a apple symbol. This is sand is one of the most awesome art games I have ever played. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who loves playing with sand.

Game 2 mosaics— Another one of the games I played is called make a mosaic. In this game what you have to do is first you pick a color, then you have to start placing them in any pattern you want. If you can not find a pattern you want they have little links on the side that show you different patterns. I actually was not really into this game because when you first start you are having a lot of fun are but once you get to the the middle of your mosaic you kind of get bored and you just want to move onto something else. Mosaics in not actually the best game even though it is really fun in the beginning. I do not really recomend this game for anyone, but if you really get into games and don’t want to stop playing then I think you may like it.

Game 3 matching game— One of the other sites I when to is called  Getty Games. On this site you first pick which game you want to play the one that I picked is called Detail Detective. How you play this game is first a painting or sculpture pops up and next to it are four or five little pieces of pictures, you have to look these pieces and pick the one that you think is part of the painting or sculpture. In this game you have to get hang of it after a while or will not make very much sense, but once you do you don’t want to stop playing. I really like this game and definitely want to play it again. I recomend this game for people who really like to play with puzzles and other things like that.

Week 3 Town and Country activity 2 by Anna

Town and Country week 3 activity 2 

My name is Anna. I am from The state of New York. The capital of new york is Albany. If you were to go to Albany, NY, I would go to the Capitol building. I don’t know if you can go inside but it is so nice to look at because it is so pretty. It would be so nice to have a picnic there.

Another thing that is so cool is the The State Museum. They have a really cool dinosaur areas that show huge skeletons that blow my mind, and I really like the Native American exhibit. It shows you what they would wear and eat and how they made stuff. When I was younger my favorite part was the carousel, but it is still really fun.

One of the coolest things in Albany is The Egg. The Egg is a really cool building that has concerts, plays, operas and more. I have never been there but I have heard so cool stuff about it. Every time I go by there I take so many pictures.

Challenge #1 -Activity # 2 BY Anna

Challenge #1  -Activity # 2

Hi I’m Anna and I’m from the United States of America. I am a level 4 gymnast and my favorite activity in gymnastics is vault because it’s the easiest. I am in sixth grade and I am really enjoying it. My favorite subject is math because I am very neat in that class. My favorite animals are dogs and cats because you see them the most out of any animal and also they’re really cute.

I am really into art and fashion, but I mostly enjoy drawing cool designs. Going to amusement parks and going on scary rides is one of my favorite things. I love having sleepovers with my friends, especially when we try to stay up all night, but we always fall asleep. Some books I have really enjoyed are The Hunger Games (Series), Divergent (Series) and The fault in Our Stars.

Challenge One Activity 4 – By Mike

Challenge one – Activity four

Create an avatar

This weekend I had to pick an Edublog challenge.

The challenge that I decided to pick was challenge one, activity four in which I had to create an avatar or a representative of myself.

 At first I wasn’t quite sure how to make and insert an avatar. After reading the form twice I finally thought I had figured out how to do it. I then went on one of the recommended sites and started to create my avatar.

 After almost twenty minutes I had finally made my avatar. When I got to the blog I just couldn’t insert the picture. Instead of wasting my time on something that I didn’t know how to do; I decided to go on to the next thing that I had to do.



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