Christmas By Joanie


My family tradition is, gathering with my family Christmas Eve and hanging out and talking. I get to open one present that night too!  Next morning when I wake up, I call my grandparents and tell them that they can come over now. When they arrive we all gather by the stockings and take down ours then open them! Then we walk to the Christmas tree and we each pick one of our gifts to open first! I always pick the biggest one first. After we open all of the gifts, we hang out by the tree for the rest of the day and have fun!

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Christmas By Justin


                                                                          What I do for Christmas

This year for Christmas, I will go to my grandmother’s house. When my family and I are there, we hang out and relax. For dinner we  have appetizers. We eat bread and dip, sugar cookies, eggnog and veggies. We also eat Cheese, crackers, and grapes. All of that food is usually on the dining room table. When we are  finished  with eating,  we go to the living room and sit down and talk. I’m looking forward to this Christmas because I like spending time with family and getting gifts.    

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My Holiday Experience!!!!!! By Elizabeth

In my home we celebrate Christmas. Every Christmas Eve we have a big brunch with our friends. Then we go to church. At church my brother and I perform Christmas songs before the service begins. At the end of the service it is a tradition for my brother to play Silent Night on the violin. All the people hold candles and sing along. At the end of the service we go home and read Twas The Night Before Christmas, and then we go to bed. I can never fall asleep on Christmas Eve because I am so excited. In the morning at around 5:30 a.m my brothers and I wake up and jump on our parents bed. Then we go downstairs as a family and open all of the presents. Then family comes over and we have a big lunch. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

 Here is a great fun thing to do on Christmas day. Click This Link


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Holiday Post – Annie

My family and I celebrate Christmas even though we’re not Christian. I love Christmas; not just for the presents I like it because it’s a time to see family and give love and many more reasons.

Every year my parents and I put up a tree. We have a fake tree because if we get a real one our cats might eat some of it and get sick. We decorate the tree with many different lights and ornaments. We have special ornaments that we put at the top and just pretty looking ornaments at the bottom. We have a big gold star to go on the very tip of the tree. We also like to decorate the mantel. We have a stocking for me, my mom, my dad, and the dog. Then we put some more lights and pictures up there too.

I get an advent calendar every year so in the morning on every day of December I wake and eat a chocolate!
Usually I get one really big present and the rest are small. This year my big present  is custom riding boots from Argentina. I can’t wait to get them! Every year on Christmas eve I am allowed to open one present, I usually pick the biggest one. Overall Christmas is my favorite holiday!  ©


My Holiday Post By Zsofi

Christmas At My House

My mom is an immigrant from the Czech Republic, and my dad is an immigrant from Hungary. Each of these places have different traditions for Christmas, and for some crazy reason my parents decided to celebrate them all. On December 6th, we celebrate Mikulas (the Czech and Hungarian Santa), who comes and fills your shoes and stockings with gifts. He was a Greek bishop, known as the protector of children. Then on Christmas Eve, I celebrate Jezisek. While writing this post, I just found out that apparently Jezisek is Baby Jesus, and he conjures up presents. Odd, I know. Last but not least, there is Santa. If you do not already know who Santa is, on Christmas morning he comes and gives you presents. Santa is pretty much an Anglicized version of St. Nick/the original Santa. It seems every country has its own version of St. Nick.  

Here is a link to a site where you can find more about different holiday traditions.

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Holiday Fun By Olive

Holiday Post

As you all know probably know, it’s holiday time  this month, with the shopping and all the other stressful things. I am also happy that my whole family is getting together,  eating dinner and opening presents. I used to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, but my brother no longer lives with us, and he was the reason my mom was celebrating Hanukkah. I wish I was still celebrating Hanukkah, I loved playing dreidel, we would normally play for pennies or chocolate coins. Hope you and your family have fun celebrating the holidays!

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 Here is a site I found on how to play a dreidel.

How To Play A Dreidel

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Holiday Post – By Adam

 My family celebrates the holiday of Christmas around this time of year. A few days after Thanksgiving, we go to pick out a Christmas tree. We bring the tree home after and decorate it as a family. Since my sisters are both in college, the holidays are nice because everyone comes home and we all get to be together. My mom sits my sisters and I down at a table to write our lists to Santa a few weeks before Christmas. On Christmas Eve my mom reads The Night Before Christmas before we go to bed. The next morning, the first person that’s awake has to wake up everyone else so we can all open the presents together…even if they wake up at 5 in the morning. Around noon on Christmas Day we go to Church. We spend the rest of the day making our Christmas dinner all together. After dinner we go to bed and that’s the end of our Christmas celebration. If you would like to learn more about Christmas just visit this link. Happy holidays everybody!


Celebrating The Holidays by Ryanne

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Every year I celebrate Christmas with my family. I have three sisters and one brother; I also have my nephew, niece, and parents to spend christmas with. My family always decorates the christmas tree together a little earlier than others. Every Christmas Eve my family (dad’s side) has a party. I see cousins, aunts, and uncles I only see once a year. I love this because we have dinner with them and celebrate together. At the end of dinner we exchange gifts. The kids put out cookies and put all the presents under the tree for the morning. We go to bed and wait for Christmas morning to come. When I get up, I wake everyone else up and we all go down stairs. I find the presents that are mine and open all of them. We then go to breakfast at my aunt’s (mom’s side) house with my family. We enjoy the breakfast and all day we enjoy family and friends. A week later we celebrate New Year’s and go to my mom’s friends house. We count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- HAPPY NEW YEARS! After this, it’s the end of all the holidays this year. That is how I celebrate my holidays at the end of the year!


Please comment how you celebrate. Do you celebrate the same holidays? If not what holiday do you celebrate? Do you even celebrate a holiday during this time? If you don’t, what is your biggest holiday during the whole year? I would love to hear what you have to say. Please leave a url to your blog so I can comment back. Thanks!



Holiday Post by Bella

Christmas is my favorite holiday. We always go to my Grandpa’s house. But this year we are going to my cousins. My birthday is a week before Christmas so I get extra presents! When we get to the house we put baby Jesus in the manger. Then we have a big celebration. After that, before we go to bed we check the Santa Finder to see where Santa is and when he is coming. I remember once that my grandfather dressed up as Santa! We usually eat chicken and mashed potatoes and then  I make desert. This year I am making monkey bread and stuffing it with chocolate.  


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Holiday Post – By Isaac

Every year my family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. For Christmas, all of my family comes to my house in the morning to exchange gifts, and there’s never been a time where it wasn’t fun! My uncle always makes us amazing pancakes, but that’s kind of annoying because we have to wait for him to get here (he lives a long way away). I make a Christmas list every year, but my brother doesn’t and gets really amazing stuff. I tried that once, and I got nothing I really liked. My family hasn’t gotten their Christmas tree yet, and I’m getting a little worried!

Hanukkah my family just does by ourselves. I love using the dreidel, but my family doesn’t do the thing where you win chocolate coins. We used to do the thing where you gave people gifts on each day of Hanukkah, but now we just light the menorah and eat latkes.

My parents don’t encourage staying up very late, but this year they are letting me stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. I have never seen the “ball dropping” in New York City, but I have always wanted to go. Maybe I will someday!



Hanukkah – A Jewish holiday where people celebrate the oil that burned for eight days

Christmas – A Christian holiday where people write lists and “Santa” gives them presents under a tree

Dreidel – A four sided top that you spin and you win something

Menorah – A candle holder with 8 candle spots and a spot for the Shamash, which lights all the other candles

New Year’s Eve – The American new year falls on January first, and the day prior, people have all sorts of parties at midnight.

Ball Dropping – At midnight, a giant ball falls in a building in Times Square, New York City, signifying the switch to the new year.

Still don’t understand what Christmas is about? – Christmas Website

Still don’t understand what Hanukkah is about? – Hanukkah