Week 3 Time for a break

Week 3
Games on Time for a break
On Edublogs week 3 – Time for a Break there is a game called Refugees in Sudan. In the game you have to be a member of big family and once you pick that family member and use him/her to get water with a jug but the whole time you being chased by the military you can hide though but you can only hide at certain spots, like behind a bush or behind a rock.

This game really opened up my eyes to what is happening in the world that many innocent communities are always at risk and on the run because of war and other terrible terrible things. I also learned about the community itself like what jobs people had and how they helped the community

In the game you can also take action in the real world sometimes in the middle of the game a little square comes up and in the square it says: Help? if you click that word it shows you how you can help and websites help you help like you can contact president Obama or some other important people. This game is fun but definitely teaches you lot’s of thing I think you should play it.

Shane’s avatar post – challenge one


Week #1

I made an avatar named The Checkered Bandit because it just came to my mind, therefore I did it. I started off with an all green guy and it just went from there. I decided to change the colors a lot.  I had to remake it more than once. That was really hard.

Challenge #2 Activity #13 -Jane

Challenge #2 Activity 13

I chose Activity 13 in Challenge 2. For the activity, I had to write the word thirteen in 13 different languages. I already knew how to say thirteen in Spanish and French, but I still had 11 more languages to go. So that definitely required research. I do admit, I tried Google translate. But I’ve been told it’s not very good and winds up with a not so bad, but not so good outcome. Instead, I went on my dashboard on my computer and looked a program that’s called Translation. I ended up using that for the rest of my list.


  1. Spanish- trece

  2. French- treize

  3. Finnish- kolmetoista

  4. Dutch- dertien

  5. Greek- dekatría

  6. Russian- trinadtsat’

  7. Irish- trí déag

  8. Welsh- tri ar ddeg

  9. Turkish- onüç

  10. Danish- tretten

  11. Italian- tredici

  12. Polish- trzynaście

  13. Portuguese- treze

Challenge #1 – by Quinn

Challenge 1, activity 2

About me

 My name is Quinn.  My mom is training to be a nurse while my dad designs stuff on Vectorworks.  I am in sixth grade and eleven years old.  I have two cats named Huckle and Lowly, and I have nine chickens.  My descendants are from Croatia, Hungary, America, Lithuania, and Russia.

 I love soccer.  I am on one travel team called Northwest United and one school soccer team.  Believe it or not they have been unbeaten for three seasons.  I also play tennis and I skiing.  I play with legos and read in my spare time.  I watch sports and cartoons too.  Often I try to write books but I never seem to get past chapter three.  My chores are undoing the dishwasher, giving the cats food and water, letting the chickens back in their coop, vacuuming, wood stacking (only in winter and fall), and making my bed.

I like school a lot.  My favorite subject is math, humanities, or p.e.  I am dyslexic and dysgraphic as I have been my whole life.  I used to go to Kildonan but now I go to Poughkeepsie Day School.  Those were some facts about me.

Challenge One Activity 4 – By Mike

Challenge one – Activity four

Create an avatar

This weekend I had to pick an Edublog challenge.

The challenge that I decided to pick was challenge one, activity four in which I had to create an avatar or a representative of myself.

 At first I wasn’t quite sure how to make and insert an avatar. After reading the form twice I finally thought I had figured out how to do it. I then went on one of the recommended sites and started to create my avatar.

 After almost twenty minutes I had finally made my avatar. When I got to the blog I just couldn’t insert the picture. Instead of wasting my time on something that I didn’t know how to do; I decided to go on to the next thing that I had to do.


Edublogs Challenge Week 7 (Activity 5) – By Aydin

Edublogs Challenge Week #7 (Activity 5)

 I don’t really think my digital footprint is THAT bad. Of course, there are definitely things that I have done on the internet that I regret, like posting mean comments to people or mean comment replies to someone. Basically everything I do now on the internet is fine. Sometimes I do good things, like leave positive comments on peoples work or videos. I do that mostly with my friends that make stuff like youtube videos to make them feel good/motivated, I feel good after I do that. If I were forced to choose positive over negative over one another, I’d choose positive. Even though as I explained earlier I have done some bad things on the internet, my digital footprint is made up of mostly things that are positive. POSITIVE. Because of this, I think I would be comfortable with my great grand kids looking through it.

Edublogs Challenge #5: Human Rights ~ Bullying

Bullying is a very serious problem around the world. Bullying is when one person (or many people) do something to be mean to a particular person or group. There are many different forms of bullying: Cyber bullying, insulting someone, tormenting someone, teasing, etc. Some people get bullied so bad that they commit suicide (there have been millions of suicides because of bullying). Racism also plays a pretty big role in bullying. For example, someone may get bullied just because they’re black or because they’re Asian. Another common victim of bullies are small/skinny people or “nerds.” The main reason these types of people are bullied is because of their size.


Picture from Schoolwires, inc. Link here


Bullies think because these people are small, they’re easy targets. Bullies will also bully someone out of insecurity. Basically, the bully will do anything they can to make a person feel bad. These are just acts of desperation by the bully. They want so bad to be better than another person that they try everything possible to make themselves feel like they’re better than this person/victim. Sometimes people will pick on someone


Nobody, black, white, Asian, or Latino, should be bullied. Every human has the right to be treated the right way.


This seems to be a strange coincidence, but October (this month) happens to be Bullying prevention month. To learn more about bullying and help to stop it visit this link: http://tinyurl.com/45crwl7

#BAD13 #13stubc




Canstruction – Activity 2 ~~~ Aydin

Edublogs Challenge #4  

My school (PDS) helped hundreds of hungry people in the Hudson Vally by doing something called CanStruction®. CanStruction® Is a fundraiser that feeds the hungry like this: Any school, or organization can enter the contest if they want. The contest is a competition about who can make the best structure out of cans. PDS’s structure last year was a snowman. When finished, all structures will be on display somewhere (Galleria

PDS Canstruction Picture by S Rinaldi
PDS Canstruction
Picture by S Rinaldi

mall last year) and people can vote on which structure is the best. How they vote: With CanStruction®, you have to vote with cans. Each structure has a box beside it that is used for putting cans (votes) in. Whichever structure has the most cans wins a trophy. Then all of the cans from the structures and the cans that were used for voting are donated to the hungry. The builders of the structures always have lots of fun doing it plus  they’re feeding the hungry. I think PDS made a smart choice in choosing to do CanStruction®!

Checkout CanStruction®

A day in the life of: •Aydin•

Edublogs Challenge #3

In the morning, I  get up at 7:00 to go to school. I go downstairs and eat breakfast. I usually have bacon or serial and I then go back upstairs and get dressed. After that, I brush my teeth, and pack my bag. After that, I usually have free time for about 20-30 minutes. During this time, I usually go up to my room and browse the internet play videos games on my TV. I also have to walk the dog in the morning.

When it’s time to go, I get my bag and get into the car to go to school. Getting to school only takes about 5-10 minutes on a normal day. Then of course I get to school.

School starts at 8:15 — at this time I have advisory. In advisory, we usually talk about how the day (or week) is going to be like or just standard school talk. Another thing that the middle school does in the morning (8:15) is middle school meeting. In middle school meeting, we just talk about what the next couple of days will be like for the whole middle school. Usually a school day takes about 7 hours including breaks. There are 45-90 minute academic and arts classes (Math, Science, Spanish, Humanities, etc.), and 25-40 minutes of break/lunch times.

At the 25 minute break, I (and most students) just go to the cafeteria to get some snacks (Cinnamon buns, Muffins, Bagels, etc.) and hangout. After break, I usually have a 90 minute academic class. Next is lunch (40 minutes). At lunch the middle just eat lunch and go outside or stay inside (optional). For lunch I usually have steak or whatever the cafeteria has to offer. Then, it’s common time or a 45 minute academic class.  

Common time is basically a block where we can stay in the middle school learning commons and silently read or do homework. I like this period!!!

Image provided by:


After that, I pack my bag and head to my moms office to drop my stuff off, school is over. After school I have to stay for an extra 1-2 hours because my mom works at the school. During that time I usually go to the after school and play with other kids that are in after, or just stay in my moms office and do homework or play games.

 After that, I go home, do homework and then I just have free time for the rest of the night)(I usually go to sleep).

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