My Holiday Experience!!!!!! By Elizabeth

In my home we celebrate Christmas. Every Christmas Eve we have a big brunch with our friends. Then we go to church. At church my brother and I perform Christmas songs before the service begins. At the end of the service it is a tradition for my brother to play Silent Night on the violin. All the people hold candles and sing along. At the end of the service we go home and read Twas The Night Before Christmas, and then we go to bed. I can never fall asleep on Christmas Eve because I am so excited. In the morning at around 5:30 a.m my brothers and I wake up and jump on our parents bed. Then we go downstairs as a family and open all of the presents. Then family comes over and we have a big lunch. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

 Here is a great fun thing to do on Christmas day. Click This Link


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Holiday Post By Fiona

Winter holidays are my favorite holidays. Although I only take part in two of them, I enjoy them a lot. I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

I celebrate Hanukkah because my grandmother is Jewish. I celebrate Christmas, even though I am not religious. I celebrate it because my family just enjoys all of the happiness during Christmas. Both of the holidays are quite fun. Although during Hanukkah I don’t receive presents, I enjoy lighting the candles every night. What I enjoy about Christmas is that everybody in my family is generous and gives gifts. I give a gift to everybody in my family but most of all I enjoy my whole family coming over and eating delicious food. Holidays are not about gifts and food, they are about family.

So basically in my opinion, winter holidays are the best!!

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What I do During the Holiday Season! By Olivia

   Holiday blog post

During Christmas , my family goes to NYC. We get there on Christmas eve and sleep at my aunt and uncle’s house.  My aunt Polly makes a wonderful dinner, and we all eat. I love celebrating Christmas because it’s a fun way to get together with family members. After we sleep over at their house, my grandmother and grandfather ( on my mom’s side ) come over. Once my grandparents have arrived we can open our stockings! I love opening stockings because you never know what you’re going to get. We have a big breakfast and then we open presents! I like seeing people’s faces when they open the gift I gave to them. This year I am not only going to go to NYC, but I am going to Florida as well! In Florida I am going to see my grandmother, aunt and uncle ( on my dad’s side), and it will be so much fun. While we’re in Florida, we are going to Universal studios! I really love Christmas and I am excited for this one.

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Holiday Post by Bode

Holiday post: What Does My Family Do For Christmas?

What my family has been doing since I was 7 years old is to go to my best friend’s house because he always has a Christmas Eve party. What we do there is celebrate Christmas, eat a lot of dinner and eat more dessert. Then my best friend’s uncle who is really good at playing the piano and my best friend plays the saxophone. So what they do? They perform a song together in front of everybody. My Aunt, Uncles, Cousin, and Grandma all come to our house before the party and they stay on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas with us.  After the party we go back to my house and go to bed. Whenever I go to bed on Christmas Eve I always stay up in my bed all night because I just want to get out of bed and open all the presents. Then finally when it’s the morning I’m always the first one out of bed and it’s so annoying because my grandma always sleeps in till like 9:30. Then we open all the presents and celebrate.    

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Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 1 by Olive

Soon my grandma and grandpa will sell the house that I lived in for most of my life and move. Luckily, they won’t be too far away but I will miss the old house. I wish I could still go to the  house and climb my favorite tree Boo. In the summer when my brother Sam and I were little we would climb the tree and play pretend spaceship, as the parents and grandparents sat under the big oak tree. This is a picture of my family (most of them aren’t here)

“Me and Michael are moving out of the house because we are getting old and the stairs are too long” -My grandma I have 5 brothers and 4  sisters (They are not all blood) only 1 of my sisters is in the photo.    

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photo of Olive’s Family by Olive

Week #3 Blogging Challenge

Activity #2

My grandfather, Joanie and Corinne’s (Joanie’s cousin) great grandfather, was a Presbyterian minister who spoke 4 languages: English, Italian, Polish, and Latin.  He worked in the coal mines at a very young age, 6 years old. He worked to send his siblings to school.  He started preaching the gospel when he was still in the mines and he “retired” after 20 years (age 26) and went on to graduate from college and theological school. He fell in love Joanie’s great-grandmother, Sarah, who was literally from the wrong side of the tracks in Pittston, PA.  He had a church there during World War II and often preached sermons about making money off of wars (profiteering).  He also preached that Jesus was dark skinned and that all nationalities were brothers.  His name was reverend Oscar Frederick Vitale (in Italian: Oscanio Frederico Vitale).


This was written by Jeanne Vitale, My Mom.  

Week 3 Activity 3

My father, Robert (Bob) Louis Roellke, was born on December 3, 1924.  He was an only child and wanted to have a large family when he was an adult.  That is exactly what he did, having 7 children with his wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Anne Quad Roellke (born, November 30, 1930). Betsy Roellke was also an only child and very much wanted a large family also.  Bob and Betsy had a small rowboat that they named the “Lucky Seven” in honor of their children.  As a young person, Bob Roellke was an excellent athlete who played basketball at Duke University and played minor league baseball in the New York Yankees organization.  Betsy Roellke, now 83 years old, was a stage actress and takes great pride in having 23 grandchildren and a growing number of great grandchildren.

Written by my dad Chris



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Week #3 – Blogging Challenge By Annie

Activity #1: Write a post about a favorite time with your family.

I have many favorite times with my family. I spend a lot of time with them – because they’re my family. If have to pick one memory it would be Pony Finals. It was this summer. Pony Finals was in Kentucky, which meant a 12 hour drive for us. To be honest I slept practically the whole way there, but it was so much fun! We played a bunch of road trip games and stuff like that. When we got there it was just so unreal, because this horse show was so hard to get into so the fact that I qualified was just amazing. This was my first time going and my pony is not as fancy as the other ones, so I wasn’t expecting to do so well. That didn’t bother me this show was just for fun. That all paid off in the end, I was so relaxed that I went from rank 98 to rank 1 in the country! Unfortunately I got bumped down to rank 6 over fences and rank 15 overall out of 120 riders! Which is still so good! The best part is my family supported me the whole way, that’s what made that trip so special!


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Week three Blogging challenge – Justin

Activity #1

One of my favorite memories is when I was 8 years old and I went to Florida.

I went to Stewart airport in New Windsor NY, and I got on the plane and went to Florida. I went with my grandmother, grandfather, and my mom. When we got to Florida my grandparents had a house so we stayed there. The next day we went on the my grandfather’s  boat and caught a mahi mahi. Then we went back to the house and ate it.

This is the mahi that I ate.

Picture by My mom.

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Week 3 Activity 1 by Maya


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This is a photo of my family and I at the Bronx Zoo. It was one of my first memories of a family gathering. On the top left is my uncle and next to him is my aunt next to her are my parents. On the bottom is my cousin, me who is holding his hand and my sister in the stroller. I really liked this family gathering because my cousin and I just ran around and around and around. Also it was really funny because we saw a monkey eating an orange peel and then the monkey threw up the orange peel and then ate the orange peel puke. It was a really fun day and I always think about it every day.