Week 3 Time for a break

Week 3
Games on Time for a break
On Edublogs week 3 – Time for a Break there is a game called Refugees in Sudan. In the game you have to be a member of big family and once you pick that family member and use him/her to get water with a jug but the whole time you being chased by the military you can hide though but you can only hide at certain spots, like behind a bush or behind a rock.

This game really opened up my eyes to what is happening in the world that many innocent communities are always at risk and on the run because of war and other terrible terrible things. I also learned about the community itself like what jobs people had and how they helped the community

In the game you can also take action in the real world sometimes in the middle of the game a little square comes up and in the square it says: Help? if you click that word it shows you how you can help and websites help you help like you can contact president Obama or some other important people. This game is fun but definitely teaches you lot’s of thing I think you should play it.

week #3 time for a break

Week #3 Time for a Break

So this year in my school we are doing challenges and right now i am doing a challenge where i write about games i played on the web site the teachers gave us. So this first paragraph is going to be about my first game and my first game was a card game where you flip over a card and you try to make the next card you flip over is the same pitcher as the other one.On this website there are a lot of games but this one is one of my favorites. it is fun and achille inquiries a lot of memory because you have to remember what card was where so you can match it.

So on top of this is a little piece of writing about on of the games i played on a web site but now i am going to tell you about another game.I played a lot of games and i like a lot of them and the ones i like were mostly the switches card games and there were different versions of the game like houres,flowers, drawing. so there are a lot of versions to the switching card game

So when i was on the website i played many games but the one i just told you about is achille probably was one of my favorites.That on is my favorite because of of the guessing and a the end knowing that you completed it .The howl thing and knowing you matched them all up so i guess what i am trying to say is you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Time For A Break – Simulation Games

Week #3

I played three of the games that were pretty cool! The first one “Ayiti” was about helping a family survive through rough seasons which was a cool way to find out how it was to help your family survive back in the middle ages.

 The second, “Shoe Sweat Shop” was about what it would be like back then in the early 1900’s to work in a sweat shop it was pretty fun but very time consuming at the same time.

 The third, “Refugees in Sudan” was about a tribe who needed to get water for their camp, but, to do that they had to risk their lives because of the enemy chasing them down and killing them.


EDUbloging Challenge – Taking a Break

Week #3

I played two games and one of them was called Tune Island. In Tune Island you get roads. With these roads you can make music by putting cars on them. Once you have some roads you can put different things next to the roads which as the cars drive by them they make noises. You can change the pitch of the noises to make melodies.

 I tried to make the song Mary had a little Lamb but it didn’t really work. It sounded sort of like a Christmas song but at the end it kind of sounded like Mary had a little Lamb. It was a bit easier to make the song because I play piano so I sort of know what notes to use.

 After that I played a game where you have a drum set in front of you. Different keys on the keyboard played different drums. It was really fun because it was like being in a band without actually buying a drum set.


Time For A Break – by Jane

Week #3

For the Time For A Break challenge, I played a few games. While I was looking through the different games to play and write about, I saw a game that seemed interesting in the list under Art. It’s a game where you make things with colored sand. It reminded me of a game that I love to play called Sandbox. The sand game I played for the challenge was called This Is Sand. One of the differences between Sandbox and This Is Sand is that in Sandbox you also build with different elements, objects, etc and not just sand. Here is a screenshot of what I created in This Is Sand:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.21.59 PM.png


After I was done playing that, I looked for other games in the art section. I found one that was called Getty Games. When I opened it up, there were different art game options to choose from. I automatically clicked on ‘Match Madness’ because I know I’m good at matching games.


Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.34.30 AM.png


The last game I played was called Refugees In Sudan. It was under the Simulation Games category. My eyes were drawn to it because when I did Montessori Model UN last April, my country was South Sudan. At the start of the game, you pick who you would like to play as. Then you forge for water to bring to your camp and hide from danger. It took a few tries to fully get it, but after a few minutes the goal was accomplished and I brought back water to my family!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.37.13 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.37.44 AM.png

Week 3 Time for a Break Art Games-Eden

 Week 3 Time For a break

Game 1 this is sand—One of the games I played is called this is sand. In this game you chose your color of sand and then you click your mouse and the sand falls. This game is really really awesome because of how how you can make so many different designs. The only shape that I have figured out how to make is a triangle but some people can make amazing things like a heart or a apple symbol. This is sand is one of the most awesome art games I have ever played. I definitely recommend this game for anyone who loves playing with sand.

Game 2 mosaics— Another one of the games I played is called make a mosaic. In this game what you have to do is first you pick a color, then you have to start placing them in any pattern you want. If you can not find a pattern you want they have little links on the side that show you different patterns. I actually was not really into this game because when you first start you are having a lot of fun are but once you get to the the middle of your mosaic you kind of get bored and you just want to move onto something else. Mosaics in not actually the best game even though it is really fun in the beginning. I do not really recomend this game for anyone, but if you really get into games and don’t want to stop playing then I think you may like it.

Game 3 matching game— One of the other sites I when to is called  Getty Games. On this site you first pick which game you want to play the one that I picked is called Detail Detective. How you play this game is first a painting or sculpture pops up and next to it are four or five little pieces of pictures, you have to look these pieces and pick the one that you think is part of the painting or sculpture. In this game you have to get hang of it after a while or will not make very much sense, but once you do you don’t want to stop playing. I really like this game and definitely want to play it again. I recomend this game for people who really like to play with puzzles and other things like that.

Good Games and Websites- Alex

For my blog post I choose Activity  #9 , which was to choose a few games or websites and write about them in a blog post. I looked at three different websites or games.

The first website I looked at was How big is your global footprint? This game/website had a quiz to see how much you care about the world. The smaller footprint the better. When I took the quiz I got a -40, which was pretty good. This website had information about saving and protecting the world. There are lots of cool and different things that you can check out on this site.

The next site I looked at was  Roots and shoots. This website was about Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall was a woman who protected animals.   Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots provides people with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to improve the environment and the greatness of spending time with animals. On this website you are able to join Roots and shoots. Check out this site.

The last website I looked at was Geography games. This site is for us to learn about the world that we live in. You can learn about the geography of different places around the world. You can also play map match. Choose a place and match them up. This is a good way to practice where each place in your continent is. You can also play capital catch. You choose either worldwide or U.S.A. Then match up each capital. The last game is called latitude and longitude map game. Practice latitude and longitude in this game.  You should check out this site.

These were the three websites that I checked out. If you want to see more go to this site. Go down to activity #9. Hopefully you visit these three very cool sites. Enjoy!

A Day In The Life Of: Cormac

I get up at about 5:30 in the morning, which is kind of annoying.

For breakfast, I have cereal, or eggs and toast.  For lunch, I have a sandwich, or whatever is for lunch at school. Usually, it’s something very interesting, and we probably haven’t had it before.  For dinner, it’s never very definite.

Whenever I have a break, I like to read a good book, or maybe play computer games.  Speaking of breaks, I like all the breaks we have at school, snack, lunch and common time, where we hang out and study, or help with small jobs around the school.

Another annoying thing about timing, related to school, is that the ride to school can take 45-60 minutes. If the traffic’s bad then it’s more like 60minutes, although, school is totally worth it.  I love school, because of all the choices we have, like which electives we want to do.

Our electives  are our arts classes.  Right now, for this trimester, I have Foundations In Theater.  Foundations In Theater is all about acting games, that develop our acting skills, like our boat game.  The stage is the boat, and if the captain yells “Port!” then we run left.  If they yell “Starboard!” we run to the right.  There are lots of other fun games to.  I have Fabrication Lab, which most people call Fab Lab.  In Fab Lab, we have lots of fun programming and building circuits.  My partner and I, made two lights alternately flash!  Pretty beginner, but then again, that’s exactly what we are!  Then for my third and and final elective, I have Percussion Instrument Building, where we are going to build percussion instruments.  So far, all we have done is experiment with different rhythms, and come up with some of our own.  It’s really fun!

Challenge 3