No School – Halloween by Cam

No School -Halloween

My experience of this crazy five day weekend started on Saturday when I was invited to go to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Sadly the people who invited me lost power unexpectedly and so I was unable to go. Although I wasn’t having a sleepover my brother, Ethan’s friend Sparky came over to our house to sleepover. It started to snow at about 10:00am at my house. At about noon we had 6-7 inches of snow. I made a snowman and I named him Jimmy, but he fell over when the snow started falling more heavily. By about 6:00pm we had lost power. By that time Ethan was already at my house so we were watching a movie when the power went out. Luckily, we had a generator. So it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be without power.

So Ethan, Sparky and I resorted to playing manhunt in the house in pitch black darkness. It was so fun and so funny and really scary when the hider would come out and surprise us. That night the leaves were still on the trees while it was snowing so the snow clumped up on the branches and that made the branches snap and fall so there were a lot of trees branches and breaking sounds in the yard. It was really frightening to see all the branches break. Some of those trees have been standing since I moved into the house 10 years ago.

The next day we dropped Sparky off at his house and  went out to lunch with my grandparents from Albany. After we had lunch I went back home and watched football and hung out for the rest of the day. We watched the Steelers-Patriots game.

The following morning was Halloween. Ethan and I went over to my friend, Emily’s, house down the street. We played in the snow and played video games. Than Ethan and I went back to our house because my mom came home from a business trip. While we were at our house we made finishing touches on our Halloween costumes. I was a Mutant Bank Robber and Ethan was Oscar the Grouch. Than, my dad came home from work and we drove down back to our friend’s house to go trick or treating.

We were joined by our usual friends who come over every year for Halloween plus Emily’s friends for the first time. The usual people who come overs names are Chris and Sarah. Chris is 12 and Sarah is 14. We have been trick or treating together since before I was born. Altogether, We had a Mutant Bank Robber (Me), Elmo (Chris), Oscar the Grouch (Ethan), a baby (Sarah), The Mad Hatter(Emily), a raccoon(Emily’s friend Ellie) and a Heavenly Devil (Emily’s friend Logan) all trick or treating together. We went around my neighborhood and ding-dong-ditched people. Ding-dong-ditching is when you ring the houses’ doorbell and you run away when they open the door. Then you can come out and scare them if you like.

After Halloween I was pleasantly surprised to find out Ethan and I had no school due to the power outage. We went to my great grandmother’s house and hung out there for the day. We basically played on the computer all day long and went outside. We did the same thing on Tuesday. There were a lot of branches still on the ground after the brutal snow storm so Ethan and I cleaned up most of the debris. And that was my crazy, snowy, sugar high, scary weekend.