I am Passionate About Horseback Riding By Olive

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I am very passionate about a lot of things, but I am most passionate about horseback riding. I love to be able to canter around the ring and have the wind in my hair. There is a camp in Connecticut called SJ Riding Camp that’s a horseback riding camp. It is super fun and where I learned how to canter and jump. There is this part of  horseback riding that makes me feel free and happy. So I started riding when I was about four but then I took a break because I was only four, and then I got into riding again when I was around six or seven. I rode until I was like nine and then I took a very short break, and when I was ten I took up riding again until now.

I was riding at my friends barn, because I wanted to start riding there. I was cantering around and I was had to jump but I was very nervous because I never jumped while cantering and there were a lot of experienced people watching. so I cantered around two times before I jumped, and while I was going around I was remembering all the different things. Keep your heels down, two point (jumping position), releasing (loosening the reins) and soon it was time to jump I went over and forgot to loosen the reins and that makes the horse pop over over the jump. Then that made me pop out of the saddle and on the horse’s butt, we all started laughing and I had a good time.

Sadly I left that barn and now I am going to Southern Dutchess Equestrian Cnter, I like it here and now I am learning how to canter without voice cue. It is harder than with voice cue because when you are riding a horse with voice cue you can just sit back in your saddle while trotting (a gate that a horse uses) and kiss in the air. Also I am now jumping more and taking on more challenges, it is always fun to be able to do things like jumping. And soon I will be leasing a horse from SJ.

Final Blogging Challenge – By: Annie

Final Blogging Challenge

By: Annie (Picture by Annie too)



My Favorite blogging challenge was the nature one. I wrote about horses. This one was my favorite one because I got to write about something I’m really passionate about. The blogging challenges helped me learned how to learn used attribution and how to have a lot of fun while I’m writing. I also learned how to use links properly. The best thing I learned was how to give really good comments.  I wish the blogging challenges didn’t have to end!



My Blogging Reflection – By Elizabeth

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During the nine weeks that I’ve been doing the blogging challenge, I earned about many things including Nature, Commenting, Food, and lots more. I especially learned a lot from the food challenge. I learned a lot from this one because when I was reading through them, I learned about lots of traditions. I had never known that some people had traditions about what food they eat. I also learned about different types of food. I never knew that there were so many foods in this world. So overall I think that I learned a lot!

My favorite challenge was the writing about our favorite thing in nature. It was my favorite because I love nature, and it just made the challenge fun writing about something I love. I wrote about Exmoor ponies. I wrote about these ponies because they are something that I love and I thought that I would have a very good time writing about something I love. The challenge said to write about something you knew a lot about, so that is another reason I wrote about them.


Week # 7 All About horse breeds – By Olivia

There are many different breeds of horses and each type are used for different types of jobs. Today, I will be talking about a few of the breeds and the kinds of jobs they do. Draft horses usually pull heavy objects, such as buggies, carts, plows and other farm equipment. The draft horse is also known as a cold blood because of their calm temperament. The most common type of draft horse in the USA, is the Belgian. Another type of draft horse is a Shire. The shire is one of the strongest breeds of horse. They are mostly calm and relaxed. Overall they make a great horse for general riding and work.

Here is a picture of Belgian horses below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.28.51 AM




Picture from Pixabay



Another type of horse is a Thoroughbred. A Thoroughbred is a type of horse that is usually used for racing. They are known as a hot blooded breed. The Thoroughbred  is also known for their agility, speed and spirit. Although the Thoroughbred is bred for racing it also does jumping, dressage, fox hunting, etc. Thoroughbreds are much smaller than draft breeds and have finer bones. My mom owns a thoroughbred shire cross mare and her name is Maxine. The Thoroughbred developed in 17th- and 18th-century England, then became very popular.

Here’s a picture below of some thoroughbreds. If you would like to read more here is a link.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.31.36 AM                                                                                                 Picture by Paul    from Flickr


Some breads are also distinguished by color.  For example, Palominos are always golden with a flaxen mane. Appaloosas come in five different colors and may or may not be speckled. The Paint breed has white splotches combined with another color. My own interest in horses has come from my experiences as a horseback rider. I ride Maxine whom I described above and also a Welsh pony, named Dundee, that I lease.

I hope you had fun learning about horses!

Week #7 All About Horses – By Annie


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My Topic is about Horses! I love horses, I own four but you’ll learn about them in my presentation. For now my goal is to share most of what I know with you! There are many different colors of horses like, Dun, Chestnut, Dark Bay, Light Bay, Bay, Gray, Dapple grey and many different colors. Here are some fun facts:

  • they have four legs
  • they have 250 bones
  • they are over 350 different breeds
    • Arabians
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Welsh ponies
    • Shires
    • Clydesdales
    • Appaloosa
    • Mustangs
    • Exmoor ponies
    • American Quarter Horses
    • Shetland ponies
    • Miniature ponies
    • and many more

Horses run very early after they are born. A baby female horse is called a filly and a male baby horse is called a colt. Overall a baby horse is called a foal. A grownup female is called a mare. A male grownup horse called a stallion. Horses can sleep standing up and lying down. They like to roll in their pastures to keep cool. The Latin name for horse is “Equus caballus”. They are super loyal and don’t want anything to happen to their riders. They are prey and not predator, which means in the wild they get hunted versus hunting. click here to learn more.

I love all animals, but I especially love Horses ! I want to help horses that are being abused because that’s not right. One of the biggest problem with using horses in cities is carriage horses in cities. The horses are used to pull carriages to carry tourists in many cities.  They have to work many long hours. It’s bad for their feet and it’s very dangerous because the roads are too slippery for their horse shoes.

Thanks for learning with me!


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All About Me – Leah

Hi, I’m Leah! Here are some things I think you should know about me. I live in the beautiful town of Montgomery in New York. I have three dogs, two horses and a cat and I live with my mom, my dad and my twin sister Mira. Some sports that I do are horseback riding, swimming and softball. I also love animals, hanging out with my friends and cooking! This summer and last summer I went to an awesome day camp called Camp Red Wood. I did tubing, knee boarding, swimming, shooting bow and arrows at targets, playing lots of games and having a great time with new and old friends! This year I entered the 6th grade at a new school called Poughkeepsie Day School. I really hope I make new friends and have a great school year :)!

Pictures by Kristi

I think posting picture on your blogs is very fun even although it can sometimes lead to some problems like copyrighted. A lot of people get their pictures from Google Images but they don’t know that doing that is against copyright law. Copyrighting is illegal because you are using someone else’s work and that is like stealing something that is not yours. Instead of using Google Images you always can use a website that’s like Google Images and is called flicker-CC. Flicker-CC is a website you can use for using pictures and it is better to use. Using flicker-CC is a good website for everyone and it isn’t illegal because you can give credit to the person who took and published the picture. Flicker-CC is a lot better and is easier to use for blogs than Google Images is.

I got this picture from flickrcc

You say what?

by sevenbrane

You say what?