The Day I Fell In love – Free Choice – Fiona

It was a nice summer day and I had been thinking about my 2 sweet old dogs. I decided I wanted the responsibility to raise a puppy and take care of it. I had been asking my mom since I was six but I thought that it was my eleventh birthday soon and I was ready.

I had been researching rescue puppies. My eyes came across one though, a brown and black bloodhound mutt with giant paws the size of my hand. He was 8 weeks old and looked sweet. But the problem was, I did not know where he was. The day had come, I went to the Beacon Rescue Shelter to look for puppies. I looked and looked but I couldn’t find the one my heart desired. It had been 25 minutes of looking and my mom came up to me and said she found him. She found the puppy that I loved so deeply. I rushed over to him and I knew he was perfect for me. The only problem was, he had a sister and they were together their whole lives. We couldn’t just separate them..  As we drove back with brother and sister bloodhounds, I was hugging my dog tight and kissing him all over. We were his new home. I took a while to think of a perfect name, but I did, Ozzie. (But Zooey for short)

Now it has been almost a year and my puppy and his sister are doing great. They have gotten bigger and love us as much as we love them. I love him more than anything in the world and would do anything for that dog.




Ozzie 9 months                                  Ozzie 8 weeks -Pictures by Me

Holiday Celebrations – Jane

My Holiday Celebration

My family and I celebrate Christmas. Every year we have a Christmas tree and lights up outside. This year my mom and I put up multi colored lights across the railings of the steps outside, and light up candy canes on the ground next to it! The Christmas tree has mostly red and gold ball ornaments, but a lot of the special memory ones too. Ever since I’ve remembered, I’ve had a chocolate advent countdown calendar. Every day of december I get a chocolate. The chocolates never taste good (usually stale), but it’s still fun anyways!

Over the winter break I love to go skiing at Catamount. My brother also works at the Catamount Ski School so we go every weekend. Last year, my family rented a house in Great Barrington for a week. Catamount was less than 5 minutes from the house. I had different friends over for the days and we all went skiing. When my friend Anna came over, we also went to the town. We got TONS of candy, so much that later that night I threw up. But the candy shop was awesome there, so can you blame me? We also went to the movies and saw Saving Mr. Banks. It was really awesome.

One of my favorite things to do during this time is watch Christmas movies. Especially Home Alone and Elf. They’re both really funny and cheerful. Ice skating is also another great part of winter. I definitely love playing in the snow with my dog. He’s white so he blends in with the snow and it’s hard to find him most of the time. Anyway, my family always goes to church on Christmas. It’s nice to sing all those Christmas carols. And over the winter break I have a lot of fun. Doing all the seasonal activities is the best part. I look forward to Christmas all year! It’s such a happy time filled with love and joy.

cutexmastree.gif Blinking Christmas Tree by Natalia-Factory