Elizabeth’s Nature’s Classroom Post

In the Middle School, there are 3 grades, 6th 7th and 8th. The 6th and 7th grade go to a place in Massachusetts called Nature’s Classroom. Nature’s Classroom is almost like a big fun camp in the woods. You do all sorts of fun activities and learn how to be nice to nature. Since I am in 6th grade I went to Nature’s Classroom this year.  


I had known about this trip since the beginning of the school year.  I remember my brother had gone so I kind of knew what would happen. He told me that it was lots of fun! The 6th and the 7th grade had met a couple of times and talked about what would happen. Since the 7th grade had been the year before they told us what it was like. They had all kinds of crazy fun stories to tell. When they were talking about it they said all these things to do and not to do which was very helpful.


Finally, it was the day to go to Nature’s Classroom! Of course we had had a perfectly warm winter and the night before we were supposed to go we had a huge snow storm. But it did not affect our plans because we went anyway, although we left 3 hours late! When we got there I could already tell I was going to have a fun time! Over the course of 4 days we played awesome games and we had fun outdoor winter activities to do.  At the end of the 4 days I was sad to go but I remembered I would come back next year!!

Annie’s Nature’s Classroom post

April of 2016 we went to Nature’s Classroom for 4 days. Nature’s Classroom is a place where kids come to play outdoors and have fun! It was so much fun! I had a hilarious group of girls in my bunk! In my buck there was Joanie, Olivia, Olive, Eden, Maya, Neha, Elizabeth and me. It was great to have all my really good friends in one bunk.

We were all feeling pretty homesick, but we cheered each other up by telling jokes and putting on little skits. I warmed up to the fact that I was in another state than my parents pretty quickly. If you were to ever go there you have to eat at least one meal there. I loved their food! Nature’s Classroom’s food is way better than ours at PDS  and it was a nice change.

Everyday we would go on a hike with our field group leader. My leader was Kelly. She was so nice. She taught us how to play a game called Camouflage. How the game works is when you least expect it someone would say, “CAMOUFLAGE!” and you would have 10 seconds to find a hiding spot anywhere in the woods. I love Camouflage, and one of the reasons is because I’m undefeated! Kelly also taught us how to make paint out of charcoal, and we got to put it all over our faces!

The best thing I learned there was probably how to make a fire, or how to clean my face with food lying around the house, or how to build and awesome dome! I don’t know what the best part was, but I do know that I learned and ton. You should visit it’s amazing!

Nature’s Classroom – By Bode

Nature’s classroom was AWESOME. At the start of Nature’s Classroom we had to take the long bus ride. It was 4 hours. We got to watch a movie called The Navigator. I was sitting next to my friend, Caidin. We talked for the bus ride mostly. Then we finally got there. I was excited to start.


We got out of the bus and put all our bags in a big line. Then we all circled up with the counselors. They all introduced themselves and I noticed something. They had some weird names! Like one of their names was Bloodhound. Then I realized they were fake names. We got into our bunks and then learned about what we were going to be doing and the schedule. We had breakfast lunch and dinner every day. The food was good, and we were having a great time.
Each day we chose some classes to do. My favorite one was when we went hiking with my counselor Nicky D. We had these things called Field Groups. We went and did activities with them every day too. We had this thing called Wednesday Night Live which was we had to make a skit and perform it. I wasn’t there unfortunately because I had ski nationals and had to leave early. Overall I had a great time and learned a lot of things. I can’t wait till next year!!

Nature’s Classroom – By Isaac

Over the first week of April, my classmates and I went on an adventure to the far off lands of Becket, Massachusetts. We all had different visions of how everything would play out, and I personally thought that NC (an abbreviation for Nature’s Classroom) would be more outdoorsy than it was. I thought that we would be spending pretty much the whole time outside, but we had ½ hour to 1 hour breaks between our classes, and our classes were mostly inside. The journey there was one of the best, and we got to watch movies on the big coach bus and talk with friends. The 7th graders who had already done it last year told us rumors like ghosts that people believed, and that freaked some people out but excited others, like me.


After the long journey, we had to stand out in the cold for a long time and play a game in the snow (great time to wear my sneakers, eh?) and we were assigned bunk rooms after that in our grand cabin. Shortly after that, we had our first mealtime where a lot of things were introduced to us, including how our classes and field groups would be working out. It didn’t make so much sense to me. We were introduced to waitronning. Then we did a team building activity after dinner, a “quest”. That night, someone was shining their flashlight a lot and kept everybody up until like 11:00. The next morning was my one and only waitron* shift. That day we were supposed to do an Oregon Trail simulation in real life, where we pretended we were a wagon of people and we were going to Oregon, facing obstacles along our way**. I wasn’t really listening, and I regretted that later because I didn’t know what we were doing for a bit. Sadly, that happened the next day. We had 3 classes where we learned about meditating, rockets, and forest fires in hands-on ways. That night we got to sleep well after our quiet sing along session where we sang some of my favorite songs, such as Riptide and Woody.


The morning after that, we woke up and had a field group*** outing, and rehearsed a play for Wednesday Night Live****. Then we had lunch, and right after we started away on the trail to Oregon City. We portrayed the farmers, the poorest of the groups, and we ended up all freezing to death the stop before Oregon City. We were very mad, but we had fun so we got over it. Later, we had one more class. It was how to eat healthy and live forever by not eating preservatives. We made mini treats for that, and they were fun and yummy. Soon after dinner came Wednesday Night Live, a series of mini plays where each field group performs a skit and that’s what we were planning out before. I ended up getting my shoe thrown across the room by a staff member, but that was fine. Our play was about making a commercial and all the attempts. At the very end when we got it perfect, the cameraman said he wasn’t filming. That was the punchline. We went to sleep for our last night before the day we headed home


In the morning, we had a last field group meeting where we recieved beads of kindness (called IALAC beads*****) We then played a game called Predators vs Prey. I started out as a centipede, the lowest in the food chain, but as I was eaten I ended up becoming a snake, or whatever ate me. That game wasn’t super fun, but it was semi-enjoyable. Then we had to pack up and go home.


*Just so you know, a waitron is like a waiter who helps clear the tables and set them and stuff

**More information coming

***Field group is sort of our group for hikes and stuff

****Which will be explained later

*****Stands for: I am loving and caring, Individuals all learning as [a] community, and other things

Maya Nature’s Classroom

I really liked Nature’s classroom. We were there Monday through Thursday and I say overall, it was pretty fun. I had some homesickness but I got over it. My favorite thing to do was make H20 rockets. My rocket was named BVB (after Black Veil Brides) and I made it with Caidin and Bella (some of my classmates.) It was really fun to make them and to shoot them up into the air. I also watched a squid get dissected.  I also got to see and touch everything in the squid.  


I really liked field groups. Field group is something that you do in the morning, and it’s usually a hike and a game. My field group leader was Garrett  a.k.a. Carrot. He took us off trail and we usually played games instead of hiking. Also he told very good stories and he thought that carrots and celery was dessert. My favorite activity to do was probably free time that we between classes and meals. In my bunk was Olivia, Annie, Olive, Eden and Joanie. We discussed how tired we were and how fun our classes were.


Overall I had a very fun time at Nature’s Classroom. The meals were good, even though you were assigned a table. At my table was Anna, Audrey, Eden and Justin and in my personal opinion that’s a pretty good table. The one bad side is that you can’t contact your parents, or listen to music. When I got home I blasted my music. I was never so happy to hear Andy Biersack’s voice that day. I would rate the trip a 9/10 and it would be a 10/10 if you could listen to music.

Week #7 What about the clouds? – By Milaura

Do you know the time clouds are covering the sun and the sky is covered as well but it’s not quite “gray” Yet. Well people just call it “gray”. However there are sometimes where it is this angelic white color 


What are clouds? Clouds are little droplets of things like water or ice that are so light that they can float on the air. After trillions of them gather together they turn into a cloud that you can see. I wonder how many exactly does it take to see a tiny bit of a cloud?


The reason I chose clouds is because, I don’t understand why people only use three colors to describe the sky, Blue,  Gray, and Orange  and there are so many more describing colors like Angelic White and Sunsetting pink,  Sunsetting orange , Deep blue and more. Most people don’t really think about the clouds a lot, Unless trying to start a conversation; “The weather is nice today” “Yeah nice and warm and not too many clouds” I think we should pay more attention to all nature. I love clouds


As you know clouds are very high up in the sky that is because those little droplets are so light. It works kind of like a ballon. Why clouds look like they have different colors is because of the light reflecting on it. What do you like the most about clouds


Beautiful clouds #2 Beautiful clouds


http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-clouds.htm Weather Wiz kids by Crystal Wicker


http://www.livescience.com/44785-how-do-clouds-form.html Live science by Joseph Castro


https://pixabay.com/en/cloudy-sunset-vertical-sunset-sky-785804/  By jobicon via pixabay


Crepuscular rays from wikipedia   


Week #7 Lurchers Of The Woods BY Tess

I’ve always been interested in foxes. When I was little I always missed seeing them in my backyard. Foxes are beautiful creatures with red, white and black fur. They are found in many places including North America and Asia. Foxes are a part of the Canidae family. Some other animals in the Canidae family are Wolves and Dogs. I have always found foxes around my house in the woods. In researching this was a big question for me. I found out foxes live in an environment with mostly trees and grass. So you’re most likely to see them in a forest or a grassy field. But, you could also see them in other places like mountains and down by Oceans.


Copyright_Sign2Photo taken by Tess

Foxes are about the size of a medium sized dog. So they don’t look as scary as some other creatures. Last time I saw a fox it ran away before I could get a glimpse of its face. So they aren’t too fierce around humans unless you meet the wrong one. But foxes aren’t human eating animals. They mostly eat meat and vegetation. Something’s foxes eat are Mice,Rabbits and Lizards. If a fox lives by the ocean, it can also eat fish and other sea creatures.

Foxes Flesh for Blood via Compfight

Sadly, foxes don’t live that long out in the wild. They only live about 2 years. They can live 6 times longer in captivity. Up to 12 years! When you find foxes in the wild, they don’t look as pretty as you might think. My father told me the last fox he saw was ragged and dirty. But, if you see them in captivity they look great! This really shows the living differences in captivity and in the wild.

'Frodo' (1)Creative Commons License Peter Trimming via Compfight

Foxes usually only have one mate but can have more. They also can have nannies who look over the pups for the mother and father. Nannies are foxes that don’t have mates. So they really devote their time to the pups.They are almost like humans! Another thing that makes foxes like us is they can identify each others voices. They have many different sounds they communicate through. Overall foxes are beautiful creatures that I don’t think should be hunted. Please if you can help, try! I bet foxes would love it!


Here are the two links I got my information from!

December Sky – By Nachman

December Sky

The sky,

misty grays and white,

woven together,

a blanket, resting gently over the child.


Across the dark blue oceans,

the water swaying, side to side, to its own rhythm,

across continents,

green tree tops, and yellow-white sand


Below the blanket of sky,

one patch,

once green,

but is now many shades of gray.


Looking up,

from the ground,

from the mud and leaves,

and from brambles and branches,


To the right,

a brilliant patch of white,

and back,

the tiniest strands of brave, new, fresh blue


While the rest of the sky,

the rest of the blanket,

smothering the earth,

is gray, and white, with a hint of steely silver.


In front,

the stream sits,

the water unmoving, still,

a dam of leaves blocks its motion


It has no current,

It has no life.


Ice nibbles away at the edges,

not strong enough to penetrate,

not weak enough to finally lose its hold


Spanning the dead stream,

a once mighty tree lies,

its trunk crusted with mold,

plants growing through the cracks of the remaining bark,


Its mighty trunk,

so sturdy, strong, impenetrable,

yet fallen,

sprouts into branches,


Started as a great trunk,

Ended in a meaningless twig.


Then past the still,

past the dead river, and the once mighty tree,


Life emerges.


A small bird breaks into flight,

its wings a blur,

and the first birdcalls ring out through the peace.


A flit of movement,

brown, grey, black, chestnut,

its tail wags,

as it darts onto the log,


The first call from the bird is joined,

one that trills, in powerful bursts of sound,

one that tweets, again and again,

and from somewhere, a putting noise



a flash of yellow

a car honks

a door slams


The peace

the silence

the serenity is broken


The forest is different.


The trees are the same,

still silver-gray-brown,

monuments reaching to touch the sky,

to break through the white-gray blanket.


The placid stream is still itself,

the ice still nibbles at its edges,


The once mighty tree still



across the stream


But the life is gone.


No darting squirrel,

no flitting bird,

and no more song.


The chorus of the birds is gone.


Only a small, putting, sound remains



one bird calls

and the air is pierced

pierced by the brave, blue, strands of sky

and pierced by the chorus of the birds.


Life has returned.