The Epic Journey Of The Cupcakes By Leah

The Epic Journey Of The Cupcakes  

Once upon a time on a cool evening there were three girls, Dakota the oldest  sister, Mira the second oldest and Leah the youngest. They  were making cupcakes and that’s when they saw a flash of lighting and I came to life, ( evil laughing in the background, Moohaha)… with my cupcake friends of course.

This is how it all began…

When they were making our cupcake batter, they were acting so nice to each other, which is very unusual. We were so disgusted by their kindness that we came to life. So now we are making a plan to attack them, take over their household, and then the whole neighborhood!!!!

As the King of the Cupcakes, I gathered all of my minions and together we planned our epic attack. All of my little cupcake warriors were making the war supplies.

We made  things like spoons catapults. We found  pink, red and blue frosting that we could use to glue our enemies together and toppings like sprinkles cherries and candy. Once they were done making all the war supplies, we showed them the plane. Once we were done cooling we would get are war supplies and start moving towards them and lasso them up with the candy and right before they surrender ten of the toughest cupcakes would be launched up in to the air by spoons and then they would surrender.

Before we could attack, Sasha the dog, took one of the cupcake leaders and ate him!! Everybody was shocked but before we could move, Nila, Sasha’s older sister jumped up and ate another cupcake leader, and then the oldest of the dogs Dahlia ate one cupcake leader and two soldiers !!!

There was no way they could fight knowing there were five cupcakes down and the sisters were about to frost them!! After the cupcakes were frosted, the sisters  left them alone. They wanted to try to attack them again but there were too few of them.  There were only forty soldiers and cupcake leaders all together!

The next day, everybody was eating us! The day after that, I was the last cupcake! Then the worst part happened. I was eaten by little Leah!! Now I am telling you the story of my life. Don’t  worry,  I will get my revenge some day!


The Senses by Alex

Thanksgiving is one of the most majestic times of the year

Especially when there is an abundance of love and cheer

I can see the glorious food cooking

Everyone is looking


Waiting for the food

Is so very crude

It has an astonishing flavor


It’s food I really want to savor                                                                                                                                                                             All of these desserts are making me drool

I’m delighted that I don’t have to go back to school

I can hear the most ear-splitting sound ever

Of my sister and cousin running up and down

The stairs not making them look very clever

All of my family’s Christmas decorations are up in their house

 They did it as quick as a mouse

People  are talking and chatting everywhere I go

I know that the snow will come very slow

Am I not clear

That Thanksgiving is one of the most magnificent times of year

Ice Versus Fire – By Cole

Ice Versus Fire

I reach up to my shelf and grab a piece of orbit spearmint gum. After I quickly shove it into my mouth, I put on my suit. Then I become SUPER FLAME!

I dart outside my house to see the notorious Dr. Ice. He jumps at me. Instantly a wave of cold crosses my entire body, especially affecting my fingers. Quickly, I jump back and I almost get hit by a speeding car. I leap back at him and I smell my gum very distinctly. *FLASH* As I leap backwards, and land on my porch I notice a piece of furniture. I light it on fire and throw it at Dr. Ice. Then I am startled by the loud sound of a plane overhead, and Dr. Ice leaps at me and his amazing strength helps him as he throws me into the air, putting me feet away from the engine of the plane. Scared, I crash back down to earth with a large thud. I see an unnatural swarm of bugs around me and I flick them all away. Another bug flies into my face and I swat it away and lose my balance. I crash into my hot tub which immediately comes to a boil. If I don’t get out of the water FAST I will die!

I jump out of the water and hurl a log at Dr Ice. He falls down and throws it back at me. Along with the log he grabs a laptop from a terrified passerby and throws it at me. The log zooms by me blowing my hair aside with a cold breeze. I then get hit by the laptop flat in my thighs. Dr Ice’s cold is starting to crack the ground beneath me, so I jump over to a different place. I look at my blank fingers completely frostbitten. My nose is runny and my mouth is cold all because of Dr Ice. He pulls all of the water out of my well and throws it at me freezing it in the air. I dodge it and run at Dr Ice. I tackle him into my hot tub and I watch as he slowly melts away in the boiling water….

Ski House – By Cormac

Ski House

One day, I was sitting on a couch reading a comic book. The couch was surprisingly comfortable, and I was really relaxed.  I was up in Copake, only 10 or 20 minutes from Catamount Mountain.  If you don’t know, Catamount is a wonderful ski area that my family loves.  My family had rented a ski house, so we would be able to ski all the time.

As I was sitting, the fire suddenly started to crackle and pop.  I love the way the air smells faintly of smoke, reminding me strangely of summer!… As I looked up, my dad was eagerly playing on his iPad.  I knew my sister was in the loft, reading as well.  My mom was cooking.  Right then and there it smelled a little bit like charcoal, but it was starting to smell like homemade cooking.

I looked out through the porch towards the pretty immense lake, sitting behind the house.  The lake had been partly drained because people wanted the get the invasive species taking home in the lake out.  So, of course, our dock hovered four feet out in the air.  Which I thought was pretty cool.  My dad looked up as the ladder to the loft creaked.  My sister came down the ladder.  It was warm, and I felt the pillow under my back as I layed back down.  For some reason, I’ve always had a soft spot for pillows.  I really liked this house. It smelled like new house-whatever that actually smells like.

The fire was starting to die, and it was almost time to leave for dinner. My mom had started to cook chili. Unfortunately, we couldn’t eat it, because the house we were staying at had everything other than a can opener.  Otherwise, it was really fun, and I had a good time!  I can’t wait to go this coming weekend.  So yeah, we’re going to Otto’s Hillsdale Country Diner.

Thanksgiving Day at 56 New Ninja Rd – By Bud

Thanksgiving Day at 56 New Ninja Rd

 It was Thanksgiving day at 56 New Ninja Rd., and a family was in a crowded and hot kitchen. The people were laughing and smiling as someone opened the oven and took out the delicious turkey. Everyone could smell the turkey and all the delicious food.  The aroma of fresh herbs and spices were intoxicating.

The music and the family laughing could be heard, as well as the little girls running throughout the house. The dogs were running around, as their nails were scratching the floor and their tails were hitting the tables and chairs. Often, someone would open the door and let the heat out. Then someone would open the oven and the heat would come back again. And so it went on – that circle that went around lots of times.

After dinner, there was a choice of three types of pie, pumpkin, pecan and apple. After all the people had finished desert, They were overstuffed and tired.

Three people went to the living room and started goofing off on the guitar. The whole family chimed in and pulled out the banjo and the ukulele and had an exciting time. From outside, it seemed that someone had turned up the music really loud.

This year thanksgiving was great! I think that all of the family had a great time.

That Fun Day – By Jade

That Fun Day

It is a cold, crisp evening at the Baratta household. There are guests arriving with cold, red noses and lots of sniffling. They give a welcome with a loud yell, “Hello guys!” As they enter, they smell the warm delicious food, and walk to the kitchen to greet the chefs, who are my mom, Grandma, and Papa. They give a quick hug then say ‘hi’ to everyone else.

I hear pitter patter, running through the house. My baby cousin’s little laugh fills the room with happiness. Zoe walks over to the drum set that is almost twice her size. She tries to climb it and struggles but she makes it. Then she finds the drum sticks. “BANG!” “CRASH!” “BOOM!” She starts to play, and the loudness is overwhelming. I clap when she is done to make her feel proud of her drumming. But I almost feel that it was a mistake. Now she won’t stop playing…

More guests arrive surprised by the banging. They give a welcome with a loud yell, “Hello guys!” As they enter, they smell the warm delicious food. They go to the kitchen to great the chefs.

After everyone filed in, they sang, danced, talked, and ate the appetizers and then… it was time to eat. The aroma of the food filled the air. Everybody walked into the dining room found their sticky name tag and sat down. The plates were full with amazing food and we stuffed our mouths talking about what was going on in our lives. We  then asked each other “Would you rather questions.”

When the meal was over we watched a football game. Half of my family was rooting for one team and the other half was rooting for the other team. Then they set up the dessert table. Yum, I could smell all of the pies, cupcakes and little apple tarts. My family was waiting. Finally we were called to the table.

After dessert my brother and uncle went over to play the drums and guitar. They were really good the music lasted for about thirty minutes. We then had some singers, which were my mom and two aunts. Thanksgiving was fun!  I can’t wait for next year.