One for the Murphys – Heroes – Josie

In One for the Murphys one of my heroes is Mrs.Murphy because it feels to me that she saved Carley. I think that Mrs.Murphy is a sweet person in general, but especially to Carley even when she is being sarcastic, rude and heart full.  I know that in the book you can tell that she had a hard past but it still is so hard to have such patience with someone. Now I know that it is pretty easy to see that Carley had her problems in the past but maybe Mrs Murphy knows more. I think that Mrs.Murphy saved Carley by fostering her and making her life so much easier and showing her what a real child’s live is meant to be like. In my opinion, that is why one of my heroes in One for the Murphys is Mrs. Murphy.

One For The Murphys – HEROES! – By Bastien

In One for the Murphys, I believe there are two main heroes for me. They are, Carley and Mrs. Murphy. To me Carley is very brave because she took care of Adam and stayed strong when Michel Erik had a seizure. She was strong when Denis beat her, and there are many other times to be found. Mrs. Murphy is a hero because she stood up for Carley in many ways, like she helped her when the police came over. She trusted Carly when Michel Erik had the seizure, helped her kids stay in good moods and convinced Carley to come home when she ran away. She is very nice too, as she brought Carley to go shopping for school clothes, and gave her an Easter basket filled with things Carley liked. These two characters have big parts to play in this story and will help each other a lot.


One For The Murphys – Heroes – By Julian

I think the heroes in One For The Murphys are Mrs.Murphy and Mr.Murphy because they are taking in Carley. To me that is heroic because they are kind of saving her from growing up with her real parents who are kind of abusive. They are also heroes because they are not only taking her in, they are also trying to make her feel comfortable. They are also buying her clothes and spending a lot of money on her.

Heroes in One for the Murphys -Jane

Who do think are the heroes so far in One For The Murphy’s and why?

I think Mrs. Murphy is a hero because she took Carley into her home even when she had three kids already. She also has a good heart and doesn’t lose patience with her. Mrs. Murphy never gives up on Carley even when she is a handful. Even though it may not seem like it, Carley is a hero as well. She helped get Michael Eric to the hospital when he was having a seizure by calling 911 and answering their questions about the situation. She was very nice to him afterwards when she gave him Mr. Longneck. Even small things like that, can make a difference.

One for the Murphys – Anna

Who do you think the heroes in One for the Murphys are so far?  

I think the hero in One For The Murphys is Carley, because when Michael-Eric went to the hospital she helped Adam go to bed and make him feel comfortable. Carley also washed the dishes and set up the Easter Baskets. She is very mean or sassy sometimes but she is really mature in front of Michael Eric and Adam. These are the reasons I believe that Carley is a hero.

One For The Murphys Post – Shane

I think Jack is a hero in One For The Murphys.  I believe he is a hero because he is a fire an and saves people. He also makes time to be with his family and do things with him. Another person I think is a hero is Carly, because she got her stepfather in jail. Then she took care of her “family.”   I also think that  Julie is a hero because she did the right thing with Michele Eric. She also saved Carley from her bad family.  I think that she is good because she will pull everybody in, even if they have had a bad life. These are the characters I think are heroes in One For The Murphys.

One for the Murphys – Heroes – By Quinn

In One for the Murphys, I think that there are two heroes.  The first one is Mrs. Murphy because she fostered Carley. Another reason I feel that Mrs. Murphy is a hero is because she bought things for Carley and is taking care of her.  The second hero is Carley, because she gave Michael Eric Mr. Longneck when he was at the hospital for his seizure.  In the beginning of the book Michael Eric asked for Mr. Longneck but Carley said no.  Carley also is a hero because when Mrs. Murphy and Michael Eric were at the hospital, Mrs. Murphy told her to put out the Easter baskets, so she was like a substitute Easter Bunny.  Carley also helped Adam by getting Daniel to sleep in Michael Eric’s bed as Adam was missing Michael Eric a lot.  Carley felt that Adam just needed someone to stay with him overnight. These two characters are heroes in my opinion.