The Day I Fell In love – Free Choice – Fiona

It was a nice summer day and I had been thinking about my 2 sweet old dogs. I decided I wanted the responsibility to raise a puppy and take care of it. I had been asking my mom since I was six but I thought that it was my eleventh birthday soon and I was ready.

I had been researching rescue puppies. My eyes came across one though, a brown and black bloodhound mutt with giant paws the size of my hand. He was 8 weeks old and looked sweet. But the problem was, I did not know where he was. The day had come, I went to the Beacon Rescue Shelter to look for puppies. I looked and looked but I couldn’t find the one my heart desired. It had been 25 minutes of looking and my mom came up to me and said she found him. She found the puppy that I loved so deeply. I rushed over to him and I knew he was perfect for me. The only problem was, he had a sister and they were together their whole lives. We couldn’t just separate them..  As we drove back with brother and sister bloodhounds, I was hugging my dog tight and kissing him all over. We were his new home. I took a while to think of a perfect name, but I did, Ozzie. (But Zooey for short)

Now it has been almost a year and my puppy and his sister are doing great. They have gotten bigger and love us as much as we love them. I love him more than anything in the world and would do anything for that dog.




Ozzie 9 months                                  Ozzie 8 weeks -Pictures by Me