My picture challenge by Leif

Picture challenge My picture was the two kids looking in the hole.

Saint Lenard’s

I looked down the hole with my friend Ellie. In the hole we saw two dim shapes. At first they were blurry like when you are looking through foggy glasses but as we were looking at them they were coming into focus. In the beginning they looked like gray blobs, now I saw there were two kids. I couldn’t discern their features but they might have been grimacing at us.

We waved, they waved just with the other hand. I put my thumbs up, they put their thumbs down. We leaned closer, they leaned backward. I put my head in the hole, they stuck their head back. I leaned backward, they leaned forward. I stuck my hand in the hole and they stuck their hand up throughpicture challenge the hole. I- wait they did the same thing as me!

Then they moved on their own, putting both their hands in the pit. Ghostly hands reached out of the hole then enveloped me. Ellie screamed but her scream was cut short. The next thing I knew, I was ghostly gray, and very angry at my old world.

Picture Story by Genna

Walking home with my best friend Hayden late at night, we spotted a weird ladybug. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of ladybugs but Hayden LOVES them. He made me follow it with him. I was not happy but I didn’t want to stand in the the dark alone while he was off with his little ladybug buddy. We followed it for a while and I got really tired.

“Hayden why are we even doing thi-”
“SHHHHH!!!”  he interrupted.
DID HE JUST SHHH ME?! I thought to myself. I was infuriated! He was going to make me late for dinner and with no doubt being grounded! All because he wants to chase a stupid LADYBUG!! I sat down on a rock..but he got far away. I got up and caught up to him. I saw the ladybug and I let out a quiet shriek.
I looked over to see how far he went with the polka dotted monster and he was not moving. He was just looking at a plank of wood on the ground.   “What are you looking at?” I asked.
“I’m not sure, but by the looks of it, it could be a…a well!”

I went over to look. I looked through a hole in the plank of wood. He pushed the wood to the side and we both looked down in amazement. I stood up and a huge gust of wind hit me on the back of my neck. Not thinking too much about it, I ignored it. Then I felt a cold bony hand on my shoulder. “Stop playing Hayden! You know I’m easily scared!” I look over but he’s no where to be seen. Then I look at my shoulder. I see the bony hand, pitch black and purple from what looked like frost bite. I scream and the grip becomes tighter. It relaxes, and lets go of me. I open my eyes and I’m falling…down..the WELL! I scream, then hear a SPLSHH-

Picture Challenge – Cory

Once upon a time there was a girl named Abbie and her best friend John. They had been best friends since they were six years old and they are now eleven. Every day they would go to in the woods and work on their tree fort. They would spend hours in the woods every day, right after school.

One day they met a girl at school named Julia. Abbie and John seemed a little scared because they heard that Julia was a big bully. Julia said, “All I want is some new friends. I wont hurt you.” So Julia, Abbie and John started being really good friends and they started to hang out all the time.

Abbie and John realized that it was time to show Julia their tree fort. Julia was amazed how cool it was and really wanted to participate in working on it. One day they were walking to the tree fort and Julia fell into a huge hole in the ground and all you could here was screaming. Abbie and John sat there crying. They knew that they would have to make sure that no one could find out.

Soon they came sprinting inside to tell Jake’s mom that Julia had disappeared. They called 911 immediately. The police researched the woods to track any footsteps or anything to find out where Julia went. It took them weeks to find out until they found THE HOLE!!!!

Picture Challenge – Grace

The Tunnel
“I’m not sure about this David,” I said.
“Oh come on Ellie, it will be fine I got your back,” he said reassuringly.
I wasn’t sure why David wanted me to go down a big dark scary hole but all he said was that he told me to go down and find the ring, I still had no idea. “Uh okay, here I go,” I said with a sigh.
I grabbed the rope attached to a near by tree and started to climb down to the bottom of the pit. It was dark and I all I could see was the dim moonlight on my sweaty hands. Once I reached the bottom of the pit I sat down on the dirt ground and started looking around. “DAVID!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, but there was no answer. Was this some kind of joke? Did he really abandon me? I grabbed the rope and started to climb up but before I got even a quarter up to the top I was pulled back down by a blob of goo. I was twisting and pulling, trying to get out but I couldn’t. I was trapped. My mind was spinning, I thought about David. “Did he know something about this?” I asked my self.“Did he plan this whole thing to happen?”
I asked myself these questions over and over again not sure if I answered them before or if I didn’t care. I was covered in head to toe with goo. I felt like I was being watched and looked up. There I saw my other friend Rachel and David looking down at me. I screamed up to them but they didn’t see or hear me. Then I heard David say…….
“Oh come on Rachel, it will be fine.” and then I blacked out.

Picture Story by Lukas


The day I found a hole in my basement was not the best day. I woke up, got breakfast and then I heard a clunk. That clunk was my dog hitting the house again. I had to take the dog on a walk so he would stop banging the house. I told my dog Whiskers, “It’s time to come in boy.” Whiskers jumped up and ran into the house. He ran into the basement and fell in the hole .

The hole had never been there as far as I knew, but in that hole was over 10,000 dollars in cash. After I stuffed 100 in my pocket I fainted.

When I woke the police were all around my friend’s house. His Dad stepped out in hand cuffs. I wondered what was going on so I went to his house that afternoon and asked what was up. Billy said that his dad was arrested for stealing food to give to other people on the street. He said,“I think that he should not have been arrested and he should just have to pay for the food.”

That night I thought about all the money I found and I came to a decision that I would donate all the money I found to the poor. The next morning I asked my mom to help me find a homeless shelter so I could make a donation. My mother asked why we had to donate, as we were already poor enough without giving all are money away. I quickly explained about all the money I found yesterday. My mom said it was okay and we left to find a shelter.

Beach Picture Challenge -Claire

It was the end of the day and we were assigned to help the environment by cleaning up different areas of our town. I was assigned to the beach. My parents and I strolled around to find garbage to clean up. We found a lot of garbage. Mostly was water and soda bottless and potato chip bags

I looked on the ground and found a camera that someone must have dropped. I didn’t know what to do with it so I decided to pick it up and take a bunch of pictures. I took many pictures of seagulls, people and the ocean. Then something dropped out of the camera!
I couldn’t tell what it was but my dad said it was a weird looking battery from a long time ago. I looked at it more closely and decided that it was not right for me to keep it so I gave the camera to the life guard. The life guard put it in the lost-and-found.

The next day I came back to see if it was still there. It was. I really wanted to keep it but I knew I couldn’t so I just looked at it thinking, “Is it so bad if I take it?” If it was really important to anyone, then they would have came back for it. Before I could stop my self, I grabbed it and ran home. I really loved having that camera. I felt so guilty though that I gave it to my friend.

The Hole – Picture Challenge by Massimo

“Where does that hole go to?” I thought out loud. I looked down and it kept going and going. I went to get my mom and dad and asked them to come with me and see the hole. When we got there there was nothing left but mud. “That’s impossible!” I said.
My parents left really annoyed and said, “Jack you have to tell the truth or else you wont make a living.”
“But it was there before!” I yelled to my parents. After they left, the hole was back. If the hole wasn’t there before but now it was, it had to be fake so I stepped into the hole. I fell down down down and down.

I woke up to what seemed to be a maze. There were colors everywhere and it was very confusing. I kept thinking I was walking in a circle. There were the weirdest things everything I saw and I didn’t even know how to explain. When I got to what seemed like the center, I found an elevator. The only thing that didn’t seem right about it was that it felt like it was going forward and not up and down.

When the elevator stopped, the maze wasn’t a maze anymore but more like a paradise. Everybody there was mumbling weird things that I couldn’t quiet make out, but there was one word I heard which was, “leave now.” I got really frightened, then out of nowhere I heard loud foot steps. Every body started running and screaming. I didn’t know what else to do but run so I got back on the elevator. I was running through the maze looking for the exit, but I heard the footsteps of the beast on my trail. Everywhere I went, there was a dead end. Then I saw light. “ Could it be?” I said. I thought I found the exit but it was a dead end. The beast had trapped me and I was caught……

Picture Challenge – Tin Tin – By Erik

Five, four, three, two, one, lift off! The rocket blasted right off the ground. My heart was pounding so hard that I felt like it was going to come flying right out of my chest. Captain Crawford looked super calm and Buster was yapping loud. I tried to shut him up but I really couldn’t do anything so we had to live with the barking. I decided to take a nap or at least try to.“Hey kid we’re here.” I looked up only to see Captain Crawford’s face and Buster laying on top of me. I pushed Buster off my chest and got straight up. I walked over to the window and looked out of it. It was a beautiful view even though it was all just rock.

The space suit was pretty hard to get on but after maybe twenty minutes I finally got it on. The real problem was getting Buster’s space suit on. Since he was a dog ,Captain Crawford and I had to put it on for him.

Our job was to find some moon rocks for the scientist to study. It was pretty easy since the whole place was one giant rock. Once during this adventure Buster got his paw stuck in a tiny crater so we had help him get out.  The rest of the trip was really fun. I bounced all over the place. I felt like a little kid again. Of course Captain Party-Pooper had to stop me.

After walking around for awhile we decided to head back to our ship. We walked around for hours trying to find the ship but we couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally we saw it. The only problem was that we saw foot prints going into the ship. We quickly ran down towards it.

When we went inside we saw maps on the ground and dog and human food everywhere. Now I  was really scared. Then all of a sudden a giants pickle-like thing came flying at me! I didn’t have anytime to see who (or what) it was because I was punching it like there was no tomorrow. I tried to get away but it kept on grabbing me. Finally I got it off me and ran into the space ship. “GO, GO, GO,” I screamed. The door closed and we blasted right off of the moon. I was glad that we were leaving. That was definitely the scariest thing ever when that thing attacked me. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone back on earth.

Picture Challenge – Caroline- By Cam

I was walking down the cobblestone road with my good friend, Frederik. It was night time and the moon was full. I noticed a small hole that lead down about 15 ft by a tree. Frederik and I walked cautiously over to the peculiar cavity in the earth. We gazed down the hole. Frederik stared down and his eyes widened. His jaw dropped and as I looked down, I did the same.My eyes caught the sharp, black eyes of a very small but cute dinosaur. He had grey wings and a small, pointy, yellow snout. He had pink splotches all over his mostly yellow body. The creatures eyes widened and his wings fluttered at the sight of Frederik. He jumped out of the hole and latched onto Frederik’s neck with his razor sharp fangs.

I screamed in horror as I watched Frederik’s corpse fall into the pit. As soon as the body touched the pit it immediately morphed into another one of the creatures. “ Frederik!” I screamed. I caught one last glimpse of Frederik’s cold body when I felt the sharp teeth of the other beast. As I fell into the pit, I looked back up at the creature and regretted what I had done.

Picture Challenge – Tunnel – Raiyaan

I grabbed my bag and drove for what seemed like hours. I was headed to the airport to catch my plane. I wanted to relax and take an adventure to an island that was recently discovered and had no particular name yet. Not many people were on the plane. I figured not everyone has heard about this island. I fell asleep…When the plane landed the lights blinded my eyes. It was about seven in the morning. I took a bus to a hotel and unpacked. As I looked out the window I saw the beach on one side and the ocean on the other. I decided to go back to sleep…I woke up at around 2.00 p.m. I had nothing else to do so I took a stroll on the beach. As I was walking I, spotted a hole in the ground. It was hard to tell if it was deep or not because of all the trees. I decided to explore it. I ran back to the hotel, “borrowed” a ladder, took a rope and brought a jacket. I rethought my plan. I was about to enter a cave which could lead to death or make me the greatest explorer ever. I decided to go in.

I entered the cave which was once used for waste in the 1980’s. As I grabbed my ladder and climbed my way down it seemed as if entering a theater. It was pitch black with only a dim of light from above. As I was about to turn on my flashlight I began to hear grumbling and chewing. Since I was the adventurous type of man I didn’t want to miss this moment. I decided to keep my flashlight off and listen. Stupidly I stepped on a leaf and the chewing stopped. I felt my heart beating rapidly. I heard footsteps, and the last thing I saw was a bone being flung at me.