Creepy Crawlies – Week 4 Activity 4 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

Creepy Crawlies are everywhere,

Don’t worry, it’s fine to be scared,

The creepy crawlies will hunt you down,

They’ll search for you up in the air, but also on the ground!


They define a whole class of things,

Things with legs and also with wings,

The most disgusting creatures out there,

They will surely give you a scare!


Another Cricket Iain Tait via Compfight



Blogging Challenge Week #4 by Adam

By Adam

All Hallows eve was the name of this day,

which sometimes would make grown men say,

Ahh you scared me! A child of mine!

Scaring adults is really not fine.

So go on! Get some candy to eat,

and dress up in costumes that look very neat.

But be warned, do not go into the dark,

where ghouls and goblins continue to lark.

Though these activities aren’t very jolly,

they take children like you and ship them to Somali!

On that note I leave you so enjoy this age! Now where did I leave my child size cage? Path / IntoCreative Commons License sszdl via Compfight

Week 4 Blogging Challenge Activity #2 by Zsofi

Halloween Poem:

I do not know what to be for Halloween

Maybe I could be a chocolate tree or a beach flee?

Should I be a misunderstood small southern arrow wood?

Or perhaps should I scare everyone by being terrifyingly good

at acting like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

I think I will just be an art expo conventioneer.

So  many options I have before I veer

And decide to become a Virginia deer   

happy halloween! Nicole G via Compfight


Week #4 Blogging Challenge – by Yasmeen

Hi everyone,

This week for my blogging challenge I decided to write a poem about Halloween hope you enjoy!

Candy Corn

                     Eric via Compfight

Halloween – My Favorite Day in The Year


Halloween it’s my favorite day in the year  

When the ghouls and goblins come out of the wall 

When the ghosts scratch on the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When I trick or treat

And scare them all

And Halloween music blasts through the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When the pumpkins get carved

When the pumpkin pie sits in the oven and into the hall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When you count up all you candy and trade with kids big and small

And you brag to your friends that you got this and that

It is Halloween my favorite day in the year                                                 

You go to haunted houses big and small

And take out the pranks and scare them all

Then laugh once you’ve scared them off It’s Halloween my favorite day in the yearspiders wallpaper

When you scare kids big and small

And tell them stories about ghouls and goblins and more

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

 Don Buciak II via CompfightCreative Commons License

When you dress up as devils vampires and more

ZombieAnd when red oozing slime comes out of the wall

And now we turn the lights off because……………..

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year!                                                                                  


Jelene Morris via CompfightCreative Commons License

Day 298/365 - Glowing Pumpkins

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Observation Poem by Xavier

Cool teens swagger in to the room, looking  tired and bored.
Laughs and jokes come from the teens as they enter.
A student  tells a joke in the middle of class; the teacher is mad.
Seeing the students work hard after the teacher told them to stop fooling around.
Smelling my breakfast sandwich all “baconny” and cheesy.
Ringing of cell phones all  silenced by the students.
Only some know the math problem on the board, the rest try with all their effortsto solve it.
On the tables I see many papers being worked on.
My mother talks with teen after teen and tries to help them with their troubles.