My Holiday Experience!!!!!! By Elizabeth

In my home we celebrate Christmas. Every Christmas Eve we have a big brunch with our friends. Then we go to church. At church my brother and I perform Christmas songs before the service begins. At the end of the service it is a tradition for my brother to play Silent Night on the violin. All the people hold candles and sing along. At the end of the service we go home and read Twas The Night Before Christmas, and then we go to bed. I can never fall asleep on Christmas Eve because I am so excited. In the morning at around 5:30 a.m my brothers and I wake up and jump on our parents bed. Then we go downstairs as a family and open all of the presents. Then family comes over and we have a big lunch. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!

 Here is a great fun thing to do on Christmas day. Click This Link


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Holiday Post – Annie

My family and I celebrate Christmas even though we’re not Christian. I love Christmas; not just for the presents I like it because it’s a time to see family and give love and many more reasons.

Every year my parents and I put up a tree. We have a fake tree because if we get a real one our cats might eat some of it and get sick. We decorate the tree with many different lights and ornaments. We have special ornaments that we put at the top and just pretty looking ornaments at the bottom. We have a big gold star to go on the very tip of the tree. We also like to decorate the mantel. We have a stocking for me, my mom, my dad, and the dog. Then we put some more lights and pictures up there too.

I get an advent calendar every year so in the morning on every day of December I wake and eat a chocolate!
Usually I get one really big present and the rest are small. This year my big present  is custom riding boots from Argentina. I can’t wait to get them! Every year on Christmas eve I am allowed to open one present, I usually pick the biggest one. Overall Christmas is my favorite holiday!  ©


About My Holidays By Yasmeen

I am a Muslim, which means I don’t celebrate all the American religious holidays. One of the Holidays in my culture that I celebrate is Eid. It is a time where my family and I get together and eat food and then go to the Mausk to pray. We usually have a big feast and we have a great time. I love this holiday because it is the one day that brings my family and friends all together. Just because I don’t celebrate Christmas does not mean I don’t celebrate any holidays. For example: for Halloween I go trick-or-treating, and I celebrate New Years. I cook a Thanksgiving meal with my family, and on Christmas this year I am actually going to NYC to see the tree. But for Christmas, I don’t have a tree in my house. Downstairs though, my dad has this old train set he puts out on Christmas with old lights. We usually make cookies and sometimes my grandmother comes over. So, I don’t do everything some people would normally do, but there are some things I celebrate. During this holiday my parents usually give me presents. I normally get to pick one toy, and my family and I go out for breakfast. Also, I go to my cousins and my uncles give me some money. In the morning my parents give me some money as well. This day is really fun and I would never trade it for anything!

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The Holidays by Tess

I personally love the holidays! I love the food, the presents and all the different cultures that come with it. Every year I celebrate Christmas with my friends and family. We all come down and have a great dinner that includes ham and amazing sides. After the meal most of my family leaves, but my aunt and cousin stay for Christmas morning! Usually my cousin and I come out of our rooms first but sometimes it’s me and my brother. We come to the top of the stairs and look down at the present piled Christmas tree. There is a rule in the house that is no going downstairs on Christmas morning until everyone is ready. So we wait and wait until we try to wake up our parents.  And of course after all of the present ripping and unwrapping, it’s finally time for my aunt and cousin to go home. I think Christmas is my personal favorite holiday. Most people think it’s because of the presents (which it kind of is), but it’s also about the family and the fun you have!


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Holidays By Alex

During the holidays my mom, dad and I celebrate Christmas and New Years. The top three holidays I like to celebrate the best are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Why do you think I picked these celebrations?   I like to eat food and I love to get presents. Some of my friends celebrate Hanukkah which is when you get a presents everyday for eight days and you have eight candles that are lit. Then everyday that passes, a candle is blown out and when all the candles are out Hanukkah is over. That’s the way I celebrate my holidays. I love Christmas Most people should be grateful for what they have because some people are homeless and you can help them and donate some gifts to the homeless so they can open presents too! Christmas is also fun because you get to spend time with family and friends that you know.   Christmas 2007 Diane via Compfight

Holiday Celebration – Anna

The Holidays are my favorite time of year. My family celebrates Christmas.  I just love the smell of cocoa and hearing the Christmas songs in the background as I do my holiday shopping. My dad is friends with a family, the Kanes. We always go to their house for a party on Christmas day. I get a little bored at the party because I am the only kid my age but I still enjoy seeing the people I have known for about seven years.

The food at that party is amazing. They always have salmon, steak and more. The desserts are my favorite. The guests can bring a dessert to the party. It’s so cool trying all of the ones that look good. I can’t wait to see all of the people, eat food and have fun with my friends and family.

I also celebrate Hanukkah. My Mom, Dad and I always light the menorah and give each other gifts. I like celebrating two different holidays because I get to spend more time with my close friends and family. I know the holidays are not about the presents but I really like getting gifts and I think everybody does. I also feel really good when I give gifts to my friends, family and sometimes people who do not have as much. That’s what the holidays are about – family and giving.


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Holiday Celebration Blog Post – By Audrey

It is almost time for winter holidays, and there are lots of holidays of all different religions coming up. There are many different festivities and traditions, and I am going to talk about what I do during this time of year.

Since my parents grew up Christian, my family celebrates Christmas even though we are not very religious. We celebrate Christmas for the giving and the time with family, because almost every year I get together with my family and we all have a big celebration, even if it isn’t exactly on Christmas. This year, before Christmas, I went up to my aunt and uncle’s house for a big party with my grandparents and my cousin. I was very happy to be able to exchange gifts and play games with relatives I don’t get to see all the time.

Even though my family celebrates Christmas, we have some traditions, special only to us. For instance, my family usually has a Christmas Eve dinner of Squid soup,  because it is an italian tradition. Although this year we want something different. It is one of the only times we use the table in the dining room, because usually we don’t all have dinner together. But it is really nice to get together at the table!

Another tradition we have is opening the presents from relatives on Christmas Eve night instead of Christmas morning. We always open one present at a time in a certain order, and we all talk after everyone open’s each present. I love getting to open my presents a day early,and then waking up the next day to Santa’s presents, which are always unwrapped.

I don’t have many plans for New Years this year. I always watch the ball drop on television, even if the time is an hour earlier like it was in Chicago. I always spend time with either friends or family, and most times I stay up until twelve. But some years I’m so tired I fall asleep!

I am so excited for Christmas to come, and I wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


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